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LAST POST new year forum game.
  • KPT at 2006-12-24

    okey guys

    wins…the guy who make the LAST POST

    before 2007 hehehe

    ..lets start…

  • KPT at 2006-12-24


    im winning

  • Ed Collins at 2006-12-24

    Not anymore.

  • KPT at 2006-12-24

    not so fast eddddd

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2006-12-25

    You have too much spare time.

  • Robin at 2006-12-25

    Which timezone?

  • KPT at 2006-12-25

    mmm doesnt mather because

    the forum

    says what time we POST


    “19 minutes ago

    Robin Which timezone? "

    and then..that transform to


  • ypercube ★ at 2006-12-25

    kpato means: the server's time zone.

  • Andrey at 2006-12-25

    Kpato as always with his spam ideas! Frankly what a stupid game!

  • KPT at 2006-12-25

    sorry to take your leadering andrey

  • MichaeI X at 2006-12-26

    I won't be online during the last minutes of this year. My wife had a good reason to be angry (or worry about my mental health) otherwise.

    I understand the servers's time is CET = UTC (or GMT) +1 .

    For kpato this should be easy to catch, in his early evening of 31-Dec.

    I don't have a problem to allow him win this “spam” game.

  • KPT at 2006-12-26

    hehe naaa

    thats the fun of the game..

    because..all of the players of LG have a life

    we have go make other things in that days


  • Judy at 2006-12-29

    Well, I have no life, so as soon as I figure out the server's time zone as it relates to here…I will win this!


  • alneyan at 2006-12-29

    Careful! Someone is bound to use an automated procedure, so it shouldn't be too hard to come very close to midnight… without having to be in front of a computer, of course.

    Well, where did I put my crontab again…

  • KPT at 2006-12-30

    sorry judy

    im winning now (H)

  • Judy at 2006-12-30

    It's not over yet……

  • KPT at 2006-12-30

    now we are more close to…

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2006-12-30

    hehe :P I'm winning now :P

    But there is still more then one day ;)

    Save your posts to last seconds ;)

  • Gregorlo at 2006-12-30

    I have discovered the server time, but I won't be at home to post :(

  • anwi at 2006-12-30

    We can play such game each midnight, but what for?

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2006-12-30

    It will be last midnight before next Year :D Special one ;)

    Then why not :D

  • Ed Collins at 2006-12-30


    Only ONE posting allowed in this topic after 11:30 pm, server time!

    This will prevent people from clicking their mouse a few dozen times, attempting to get in the last post. Anyone posting more than once after 11:30 pm automatically loses.

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2006-12-30

    Nice idea :D I like it :D

  • ondik at 2006-12-30

    u guys should better be somewhere out celebrating with friends, not infront of a monitor watching time and writing last post into LG phorum. No offence.

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2006-12-30

    exactly ;) Who said that I won't be :P

  • KPT at 2006-12-30

    let me .see if i understand

    …after 23:30

    of december 31

    1 post per player.

    thats it?

    PD: (im winning)

  • KPT at 2006-12-31

    where i can find the SERVER TIME?

  • hubbie_c at 2006-12-31

    Server time is CET = +1 releated to greenwich-meantime

    The probem I see is, : The posting-time is not displayed.


  • hubbie_c at 2006-12-31

    Now it is 23:17 pm

  • KPT at 2006-12-31


    what is that formule :S

    some link…where i can see the SERVER TIME

  • hubbie_c at 2006-12-31

    Best whishes to new year too all. Best whishes to new year too all. Best whishe

    est whishes to new year too all. Best whishes to new year too all. Best whishes

    st whishes to new year too all. Best whishes to new year too all. Best whishes

    t whishes to new year too all. Best whishes to new year too all. Best whishes

    whishes to new year too all. Best whishes to new year too all. Best whishes

    whishes to new year too all. Best whishes to new year too all. Best whishes

    I hope this ist he first posting in the time-window : last 30 min. in 2006.


  • KPT at 2006-12-31

    OKEY !!!

    I WIN

    if my calcules are good :)

    Happy new year…

    …kpato , get a life!

  • Jonny at 2006-12-31

    23:58… God, the father of Jesus Christ bless you in the new year 2007!!!

  • KPT at 2006-12-31

    CONGRATS Jonny

    okey…i lose


    i have the FIRST POST of the year

    WELCOME 2007

    greets to all the LG players

  • hubbie_c at 2006-12-31

    Many light and power in the new year too all.

    Good healthy and happyness.


  • ondik at 2007-01-01

    i guess it's quite late haha

  • ypercube ★ at 2007-01-01

    Feliz Ano to all the little golemers :)

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2007-01-01

    Darn ;P I miss last post ;P

    Happy New Year all :D

  • Hjallti at 2007-01-12

    technically I'm now leading the 2007 game. :-)

  • Andrey at 2007-01-12

    OMG, Good Luck! ;))

  • Hjallti at 2007-01-12

    By the way… chinese new year is about to pop up…

  • KPT at 2007-01-12

    im winning now (H)

  • Hjallti at 2007-12-13

    I hope kpato is not planning to play this game again. As usual I probably won't play between Xmas and New year…

  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-13

    i will not be online, neither… But, hey! i'm now winning :P

  • Ruben Berenguel at 2007-12-13

    My few seconds of glory

  • Eduard at 2007-12-13

    wrong again :)

  • KPT at 2007-12-14


  • Ruben Berenguel at 2007-12-14


  • Eduard at 2007-12-18

    did you miss me?

  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-26

    i'll try…

  • Jordi at 2007-12-26


  • Ruben Berenguel at 2007-12-26

    Got you!

  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-26


  • Jordi at 2007-12-26


  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-26


  • Daniel Sepczuk at 2007-12-26


  • Jordi at 2007-12-27


  • Eduard at 2007-12-27


  • ondik at 2007-12-27


  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-27


  • tigas3000 at 2007-12-27

    eheh. I'm winning…

  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-27


  • tigas3000 at 2007-12-27

    ahahaah I'm winning!!!

    :S What is the premium? :S xD

  • Jordi at 2007-12-27

    tiki taka

  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-27


  • ondik at 2007-12-27


  • Gregorlo at 2007-12-27

    i guess i won't win :(

  • KPT at 2007-12-27

    pq no te callas??!!!!

  • Jordi at 2007-12-28


  • KPT at 2007-12-30

    somebody can tell me where is the time of this web now?

    to make my calculates

  • tigas3000 at 2007-12-30

    and what is the premium!!…

  • Jordi at 2007-12-30


  • Tasmanian Devil at 2007-12-30

    Current time: 19:46

    tigas, do you mean prize?? (There no prize.)

  • tigas3000 at 2007-12-30

    yes, prize. I'm portuguese and sometimes my english is a little badly…

    Ohhhhh, there's no prize… xD

  • KPT at 2007-12-30

    30 dic?

  • Jordi at 2007-12-30

    yes, 30 dic

  • mungo ★ at 2007-12-31

    Happy new year!

  • Looser at 2007-12-31


  • Ruben Berenguel at 2007-12-31

    HNY everybbody!

  • Jordi at 2007-12-31

    tic tac tic tac

  • KPT at 2007-12-31

    i cant wait anymore

    i have to go , to see the firework to the ENTEL TOWER.

    greets to everybody

    and congrats to the winner.

    it was a funny year here on LG

    cheers to all my playermates :D

  • dj at 2007-12-31

    happy new years

  • euhuang at 2007-12-31

    Happy New Year 2008, to all the players on Little Golem.

  • KPT at 2008-01-01

    so the winner is?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2008-01-01

    It seems that you won your own stupid game.

  • ypercube ★ at 2008-01-01

    Happy New Year to all :)

  • KPT at 2008-01-01

    i think dj won.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2008-01-01

    21:11 minus (20 hours + 1/2 hour margin) = posted 00:41 or later.

  • KPT at 2008-12-22

    im winning!!!

    After Tasmanian devil leadering of 11 months.

  • Ed Collins at 2008-12-22

    What would Little Golem be without this annual tradition?

  • furbolero at 2008-12-23

    ok,,,, now nobody post until 2009 :P

  • ypercube ★ at 2008-12-23

    I was starting to feel worried that kpato was sick or something :)

  • Hjallti at 2008-12-23

    oh no not again this game. Please don't reply because it will keep popping up otherwise

  • MichaeI X at 2008-12-23

    What a simple trick, Hjallti. You can't win this way.

    BTW: for me, last year's result looks like





    Is this my local time? If anyone else sees the same result (because it's either the server's local time or UTC or whatever), then this game makes some sense.

    Congrats to kpato, for winning the 2007 Final Forum Post Championship ;)

  • ypercube ★ at 2008-12-23

    Dates and times are server's local time (GMT+1 if i'm not wrong).

    (Oh, this can go possibly to the FAQ)

  • Hjallti at 2008-12-23

    …as an additional game?

    By the way, I can't win, I know, because I won't log on the 31st, certainly not close to midnight

  • Michal Piszczalka(piszczyk) at 2008-12-24

    Maybe 1 day before will be enough ;D

  • Gregorlo at 2008-12-25

    how can i play this? :P

  • KPT at 2008-12-30


  • Ed Collins at 2008-12-30

    You're too early kpato!

  • KPT at 2008-12-30

    just in case.

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2008-12-30

    Any rule this year about how many posts? How about only one post the last hour, i.e. after 23:00 CET?

  • KPT at 2008-12-30

    that rule already exist.

    is the last halfhour.

  • mungo ★ at 2008-12-31

    Is it good or bad to win this game?

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2008-12-31

    What is good or bad this last day is also what was good or bad in the year 2008…

  • Interface tester at 2008-12-31

    Are the LG bots allowed to play in this game?

  • ypercube ★ at 2008-12-31

    There is neither human nor machine discrimination in the golem community :)

  • furbolero at 2008-12-31

    i'm not human, nor machine, but i hope i'm allowed to play :)

  • Bernhard Herwig at 2008-12-31

    I will not play that silly game!

  • KPT at 2008-12-31

    yeah…better ..lets close this Thread.

    DO NOT POST anymore.

  • Gregorlo at 2008-12-31

    there's a rule no to play more than once today

  • KPT at 2008-12-31

    there's a rule no to play if your name starts with G

  • Micco at 2008-12-31

    Am I too late? What is the server's timezone?

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2008-12-31

    This is as good or bad as it gets… HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009


  • tasuki at 2008-12-31


  • Micco at 2008-12-31


  • Ed Collins at 2008-12-31

    It's only 3:00 pm in my time zone, but… Happy New Year!

  • tasuki at 2008-12-31

    so now how do we know who won?

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2008-12-31

    Happy New Year

  • isometry at 2008-12-31

    Little golem's clock is 18 minutes late. So long, suckers :D

  • TUMRAK at 2008-12-31

    happy new year

  • KPT at 2008-12-31

    seems i lose or loose.

    any way. HYN 2 Every LGplayer. :)

  • KPT at 2008-12-31

    seems i lose or loose.

    any way. HYN 2 Every LGplayer. :)

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2008-12-31

    I guess Ed got this one… :) New chance next year (or this year) Who is the last to go into 2009 on Little Golem?

  • KPT at 2008-12-31

    ahhhhhhhhh perdi por salir a andar en bici!!!

    Y el proximo juego es en 365 dias!!!!!!!!

  • isometry at 2009-01-02

    Now the dates are visible :D

  • KPT at 2009-01-02

    yeah..that was checking right now.

    Congrats Isometry.

  • Gregorlo at 2009-01-02


  • isometry at 2009-01-02

    Thanks…such a proud moment for me…

  • isometry at 2009-01-02

    I want to thank my parents…God…Satan…

  • KPT at 2009-01-02

    but im not going to let u to lead the 2010 competition.

  • isometry at 2009-01-02

    Let's do 2009 first.

  • FatPhil at 2009-01-02

    Pah, if Isometry can use his smarts to win this one, I may have to use more underhanded means to win next year's…

  • Hjallti at 2009-02-24

    bumping for those who don't know this.

  • KPT at 2009-02-24

    yeah sure…

  • Hjallti at 2009-02-25

    yeah sure!

  • Gregorlo at 2009-02-25


  • Hjallti at 2009-02-26

    Yes, since I linked otapk to this.

  • KPT at 2009-11-27

    okey , lets play the 4th version of one of my games.


    i will remember the winners:

    2007: Jonny

    2008: dj

    2009: isometry

    donot post. it was just some info…

  • Gregorlo at 2009-11-28

    thanks for the reminder!

  • Hjallti at 2009-12-02

    Damn you, kpt,

    I was already playing and winning the game. As organizer you should interfere with that your post was really an 'organizing' post and should therefor not have been. I have leading this version now for 9 months, which is 3 quarters of the year and probably be loosing again. I feel like a chase away group in cycling who is taken back before the real final began. And note that I tooke the lead again… in December… in the final so to say.

  • Gregorlo at 2009-12-04

    I think Kpato was just trying to play and take the lead whistling somehow ;)

  • Bernhard Herwig at 2009-12-05

    Who will ever know?

  • Hjallti at 2009-12-05

    Anyways, My tactic to win was to make the last post of the postgame sequence in february and hope somehow everyone forgot. I don't blaiù kpato, I just wanted to win and now my chances are gone, all gone… unless out of compassion with me nobody replies anymore.

    It would be so nice of you all to let me win


  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2009-12-05

    Yes, I support that, let's all not post to this thread anymore from this moment on, so Hjallti can win. After all he is such a nice guy!

  • Bernhard Herwig at 2009-12-05

    whatever you do, please keep in mind: It does not make any sense to post anything in this thread before the 31st of december. There is bound to be somebody to post on that very day.

  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2009-12-05

    A good point you are making there, Bernhard!

  • MichaeI X at 2009-12-05

    I don't understand the rules, obviously:

    For me, currently there are those winners up to now:

    Last post

    2006 hubbie_c (Many light and power in the new year too all.)

    2007 euhuang

    2008 Ricardo (Santos)

    According to my post from 2008-12-23, it looked different one year ago

    Seems Richard now displays UTC time for the posts?

    My time is now 22:30 CET = 21:30 UTC on 05-Dec-2009

    Can somebody post in about 3 hours how things look for him?

  • MichaeI X at 2009-12-05

    Or rather in 2 hours ? good night ;)

  • Hjallti at 2009-12-05

    22:36 CET here dec 5th

  • MichaeI X at 2009-12-06

    I'm pretty sure this will be visible as 6-Dec, as it is 9:20 UTC now.

    Bad luck for isometry, that his excellent 2008 victory (even taking the wrong server time into account) is withdrawn now.

    Anyway, I won't participate in the “2009 last post” contest.

  • isometry at 2009-12-06

    Objection Your Honour!

  • MichaeI X at 2009-12-06


    Witnesses may be wrong, let's face the evidence:


    Just scroll up a bit and see yourself. Fame vanishes quickly.

  • KPT at 2009-12-06

    okey , anyway…this investigation have no sense.

    because this thread is cancelled.

    so do not post anymore.

  • Hjallti at 2009-12-07

    Kpt, I join your request to cancel the game, as the result of last year is not longer correct. isometry of course is the winner. Otherwise in real life soccer all games where a player scored after receiving a pass on the same line as the last defender and was called off side (very old rule) should be counted and maybe another team would have won the world cup.

    In volleyball it would be even worse. Old game had longer sets. If you would recount than a game at 8-6 for ages would suddenly be over.

    I agree that Michael X has showed us this game is totally useless!

    to end with the same words as kpato:

    “so do not post anymore. "

  • Gregorlo at 2009-12-07

    i agree!

  • isometry at 2009-12-07

    You conveniently cut off the “evidence” just before I was congratulated for winning.

  • MichaeI X at 2009-12-08

    I hope you don't take my “rejection” too serious, isometry ;)

    Sure, things looked different some time ago.

    And I think, Ricardo does not claim the “last post 2008” victory.

    (Perhaps your vanishing fame was refreshed, effectively)

    “so do not post anymore. "

  • KPT at 2009-12-08

    the history its clear and fair.

    these are the past winners.

    2007: Jonny

    2008: dj

    2009: isometry

    any complain???

  • Hjallti at 2009-12-08

    Michael X pointed out that the midnight has changed, and that was in fact not so smart of him, as we might all have been focused wrong!

  • MichaeI X at 2009-12-11

    oops, did I reveal some secret information?

    General Rule 1: “don't talk about ongoing games” also applies to this everlasting (?) one.

    General Rule 2: “There's no way to enforce rules” I beg your pardon, anyway.

    To KPT (any complain???): Yes: the last post 2009 is not decided yet.

    But in general I agree : " do not post anymore. "

  • Hjallti at 2009-12-11

    Yes you influenced the game very dramatically, and now you did again… and kpt wanted to keep this a simple game…

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2009-12-21

    ok :)

  • Hjallti at 2009-12-22

    The newest rule is that you must have leaded the game at least 10 days to be able to win. :-)

  • klaashaas at 2009-12-31

    I know I am not going to win, but that does not stop me from wishing all my gaming friends here a happy new year and all the best for 2010 :-)

  • mikabast at 2009-12-31

    Happy new year golemers

  • juane at 2009-12-31

    Happy 2010 to all

  • TUMRAK at 2009-12-31

    Happy new year to all

  • Aganju at 2009-12-31

    Happy new year!

  • Jonny at 2009-12-31

    Happy new year

  • Jonny at 2009-12-31

    happy new year again…


  • KPT at 2009-12-31

    ahhhhh I FORGOT



  • tjader at 2009-12-31

    Happy new year!

  • Gregorlo at 2009-12-31

    i wish you a happy new year and good luck in 2010's Last Post Game ;)

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2009-12-31


  • Aganju at 2009-12-31

    Happy new year!!! And I hope I'm the winner for 2009!

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2009-12-31

    happy new year everyone!

  • Julius Sneezer at 2010-01-01

    this is an early entry for 2010-11. happy new year!!

  • Gregorlo at 2010-01-01

    while I take the lead for 2010's, let me share the tension of waiting two days to know who won 2009's :)

  • MarleysGhost at 2010-01-01

    Happy New Year!

  • Gregorlo at 2010-01-03

    Congrats Elisa!!! You won!!

  • Bernhard Herwig at 2010-01-03

    Elisa won with just one post in the whole thread!

    People, learn from this! Just make one post at the right moment!

    By the way: I hope I will lead for a while now ;-)

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2010-01-03


    But this is my second post. Last year I missed a win by 1 minut.

  • KPT at 2010-01-03

    Congrats Elisa , good job.

  • Hjallti at 2010-08-30


  • muggel_b at 2010-12-14

    Hjallti had the lead definitely too long ;)

  • Hjallti at 2010-12-14

    Damn, again my plan failed… each year this happens in December…

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-19

    I'm ready ;)

  • Aganju at 2010-12-19

    12.32558206 days left…

  • somar96 at 2010-12-20

    how did you count that?

  • Foul Ole Ron at 2010-12-20

    Using Excel, for example… (11.4693256944447000 days here)

  • erratic at 2010-12-20

    Just one silly try. (Trying to display the server's time.)

    Excuses if it shows error or whatever.

  • erratic at 2010-12-20

    It displays nothing. No php.

  • Gregorlo at 2010-12-20


  • KPT at 2010-12-24

    The player of the bottom in this thread.

    Is an stupid.

  • ypercube ★ at 2010-12-25

    Not more than the one above him though :)

  • Gregorlo at 2010-12-26

    I agree!

  • KPT at 2010-12-26

    in january 7th of the 2009

    this game , was cancelled.

  • mungo ★ at 2010-12-26

    Too bad, I was going to participate this year… :(

  • Hjallti at 2010-12-26

    Kpato, you announced a 4th edition at the end of 2009.

    Let's just cancel it with this post then…

  • KPT at 2010-12-26

    okey, Hjallti. lol

  • Hjallti at 2010-12-27


  • Gregorlo at 2010-12-27

    so, is it cancelled?

  • Crelo at 2010-12-27

    Well Gregorlo, you can compete without prize.

  • Gregorlo at 2010-12-27

    ah ok, thanks!

  • KPT at 2010-12-27


  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-28

    Cancelled or not… I'm ready ;)

  • Hjallti at 2010-12-28




    There is no competition whatsoever so it is also untrue you could compete without prize

  • Gregorlo at 2010-12-28

    it's a pity :(

  • erratic at 2010-12-28

    The new rule is:

    Nobody can post in this thread until 12am of the 1st Jan.

    From now on!

  • FatPhil at 2010-12-28

    Is that 'can', 'may', or 'should'?

  • erratic at 2010-12-28

    Good point!

    In Spanish “nadie puede” should be translated as “nobody is allowed” in this context. (No matter how much I read or write in English every day, my subconscious forces these mistakes.)

  • Gregorlo at 2010-12-28

    ah ok, now I understand. So let nobody post!!

  • KPT at 2010-12-28


  • mungo ★ at 2010-12-29

    I don't understand…

  • Crelo at 2010-12-29

    There is no competition, no prize but there are rules and referees :-)

    As I understand the game on 12am 1s Jan you already lost. By the way, 12am on what time zone?

  • Gregorlo at 2010-12-29

    i'm not sure :P

  • erratic at 2010-12-29

    “As I understand the game on 12am 1s Jan you already lost”

    That's the idea.

    “on what time zone?”

    .. somewhere in Europe with maybe hours of time shift from official time. The whole game is about guessing (or if you really want to win, finding out) the server's time. 12 hours are enough to lose.

    “.. are rules and referees”

    It wouldn't be funny without that. This is the game where everybody talks and finally Elisa Kabiljo wins with only one post. ;-)

  • Aganju at 2010-12-29

    the trick is to find out when the server has midnight. PHP and javascript of course don't work.

    So you need to find a way to get a timestamp from the server, and do some math, and then post so that your post will get the timestamp 23:59:59.999 on Dec/31, or as near as you can manage. There will be many similar posts, as others try too.

    … I have it nailed down to about 30 seconds… :-P

  • Hjallti at 2010-12-29

    That is a good reason to cancel this game it would over stress this server…

    so don't post here anymore!!!!

  • mungo ★ at 2010-12-29

    As I understand it this game is cancelled, so there is no need to worry about server time or time zones. Just celebrate the New Year and leave this thread alone.

  • wanderer_bot at 2010-12-29

    Definitely one of the most amusing threads I've read in quite some time! Thanks for the laughs. It's just too bad it's been canceled now.

  • Tommah at 2010-12-29


  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-30

    Yes, I'm preparing for the New Year now, so no more posts, Please!

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-30

    Yes, I'm preparing for the New Year now, so no more posts, Please!

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-30

    Yes, I'm preparing for the New Year now, so no more posts, Please!

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-30

    That I'd call a hattrick :)

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-30

    That I'd call a hattrick :)

  • luft at 2010-12-30

    Boy, it's a good thing we all understand that we shouldn't post in this thread. :)

  • Aganju at 2010-12-30

    yes, I agree

  • pfafulous at 2010-12-30

    Damn, and I was going to play this year. Oh well, lock it up.

  • Aganju at 2010-12-30

    ok, joke's getting old now.

    I propose the following rule:

    If you make more than two posts in sequence, they don't count for winning.

    Reason: You could just catch the 'send' post, and put it in a browser and hold the refresh key down, which would result in multiple posts per second. That is too easy and should be discounted.

  • MarleysGhost at 2010-12-30

    I think Aganju's proposed rule is good. The winner is the poster of the last message of 2010 that is both preceded and followed by a post from someone else.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2010-12-30

    It's not too easy; the lot of you are gonna be too drunk to compete and I will win this as easily as in 2008.

  • Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-30


  • Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-30

    …er … just practicing …

  • Aganju at 2010-12-30

    drunk? It depends on where you are… In NewZealand, it will be like New Years Day lunch time when the server strikes midnight. And in Hawaii, it will be New Year's Eve lunch time. They should be recovered/not yet started with the drinking respectively.

  • kingofthebesI at 2010-12-31

    congratulations aganju and happy new year

  • slaapgraag at 2010-12-31

    well, my first post…. I guess i Won't win this game. ANyway, happy new year to you all!

  • klaashaas at 2010-12-31

    You lead the game for almost 20 minutes, slaapgraag. I doubt I will… Anyway, happy new year to all!

  • Aganju at 2010-12-31

    no, you led actually for 84 minutes!

  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2010-12-31

    Obviously only complete jerks post to this thread.

  • Avalokitesvara at 2010-12-31

    I take that as an invitation.

  • KPT at 2010-12-31

    I created a monster…

  • luft at 2010-12-31

    what about half-jerks? can I play too?

  • Astana at 2010-12-31

    what time-zone counts ?

  • Aganju at 2010-12-31

    the server's display here (meaning the servers time zone, which is UNKNOWN, which is the whole point of the thread). After 48 hours, the display changes from 'xx seconds/minutes/hours ago' to a date. The last entry showing 2010-12-31 wins!

    Last year, the server was about 19 minutes early of Ireland time. This year - who knows…

  • ypercube ★ at 2010-12-31

    And who knows who knows ?

  • Oakmoss at 2010-12-31

    Even if I don't win, I can still say I played!

  • TUMRAK at 2010-12-31

    Happy New Year everyone

  • klaashaas at 2010-12-31

    You too!

  • bennok at 2010-12-31

    Happy new year !!

  • Aganju at 2010-12-31

    Happy new year to everybody in the MEZ time zone!

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-31

    Now :)

  • KPT at 2010-12-31

    GG this year

    Happy new year and have fun!

  • Mojmir Hanes ★ at 2010-12-31

    Happy new year to everybody :-)

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-31

    Feliz ano novo, happy new year everyone!

  • MRFvR at 2010-12-31

    Happy 2011 yo u all! 8-)

  • Aganju at 2010-12-31

    Happy new year!

  • Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-31

    Once, there was NO fun… This was before MENU planning FASHION statements or NAUTILUS equipment… Then, in 1985… FUN was completely encoded in this tiny MICROCHIP. It contains 14,768 vaguely amusing SIT-COM pilots! We had to wait FOUR BILLION years but we finally got JERRY LEWIS, MTV and a large selection of creme-filled snack cakes!


  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2010-12-31


  • Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-31


  • kingofthebesI at 2010-12-31

    Happy new year everyone

  • Oakmoss at 2010-12-31


  • Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-31

    what is a besl anyway?

  • Oakmoss at 2010-12-31

    Happy new year!

  • Tommah at 2010-12-31

    Buon anno!

  • kingofthebesI at 2010-12-31

    king-of-thebes and the numeral 1

  • pfafulous at 2011-01-01

    Did I win?

  • Hjallti at 2011-01-02

    Another 5 hours before we really know

    this section contains the winner, but who will be clear when 2011-01-01 appears for the first time…


    Aganju the server's display here (meaning the servers time zone, which is UNKNOWN, which is the whole point of the thread). After 48 hours, the display changes from 'xx seconds/minutes/hours ago' to a date. The last entry showing 2010-12-31 wins!

    Last year, the server was about 19 minutes early of Ireland time. This year - who knows…

    47 hours ago

    ypercube And who knows who knows ?

    47 hours ago

    blargdragon Even if I don't win, I can still say I played!

    46 hours ago

    TUMRAK Happy New Year everyone

    45 hours ago

    klaashaas You too!

    45 hours ago

    bennok Happy new year !!

    45 hours ago

    Aganju Happy new year to everybody in the MEZ time zone!

    45 hours ago

    Ricardo (Santos) Now :)

    44 hours ago

    kp4to GG this year

    Happy new year and have fun!

    44 hours ago

    Mojmir Hanes Happy new year to everybody :-)

    44 hours ago

    Ricardo (Santos) Feliz ano novo, happy new year everyone!

    43 hours ago

    Marius Rombout van Riemsdijk Happy 2011 yo u all! 8-)

  • Aganju at 2011-01-02

    Hjallti, you lost doubly! Even your prediction on which group of posts will contain the winner was wrong by four!


    Congrats stickman!

  • Julius Sneezer at 2011-01-02

    i'd like t thank th academy …

  • KPT at 2011-01-02

    mmm stickman, did u made multiple post, between 23.30 hrs and 00.00 hrs. (Ed Collins rule)

    thats get you out of the contest, and convert Elisa a Winner again.

  • Julius Sneezer at 2011-01-03

    Sorry, I went according to Aganju's rule. I didn't know about Ed Collins' rule. My bad.

  • Hjallti at 2011-01-04

    I even took more than I expected to be needed to be sure and I failed miserably. I also lost a totally won dots game in the same 5 minutes… i should log in when I am tired…

  • KPT at 2011-01-07

    Congrtas to Elisa!

  • Ed Collins at 2011-01-08

    The “Ed Collins” rule. That's pretty funny. I had to scroll back (four years!) to even remember what kp4to was talking about.

  • mungo ★ at 2011-01-08

    What about the game being cancelled rule..?

    Or the don't post anymore rule?

    I'd say stickman won, but since it is kp4to's game I guess he is the referee.

  • KPT at 2011-01-08

    im not the referre.

    Any one can jugde the winner.

    And i think that even if i want to cancel

    This game… i couldn't.

    in fact.

    im very confused about the past winners of every year.

  • ypercube ★ at 2011-01-08

    I'm confused about the future winners. Of every year.

  • mungo ★ at 2011-01-09

    Actually, it may be Gregorio who is the winner. He did the last post 2010-12-26 before kp4to cancelled the game ;).

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2011-01-09

    Well, I guess I'm in the lead now for 2011, since the game is not cancelled yet… But, I agree, it is a little confusing, anyway congrats to stickman for winning the 2010 game!

  • KPT at 2011-01-09

    Elisa won the 2010 game.

  • MichaeI X at 2011-01-10


    Do you consider “2011-01-01 stickman: what is a besl anyway?” as a failed last post, or do you punish stickman's multiple entries before?

    I agree, Elisa plays a very clean LAST POST game, congratulations.

    Assuming s/he lives in Central Europe, should have better things to do at that time and leave this game to Americans or Bots.

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2011-01-10

    This game have to be fun. But without precise rules and referee, it is not fun for me anymore. There is no winner accepted by all because there is no rules accepted by all. Every new rule proposed can be interpreted as attempt to win a game. I really don't know who have to be winner.

    For me clue to win this game is to guess exact server time, and send one message at correct time. For this I used 'Remaining time' in Game of Empathy. This didn't work perfectly for me this year: I expected to send a message at 23:59:55, but it seem that I send it a little bit earlier.

    And I'm 'he'.

  • Gregorlo at 2011-01-10

    It's just a silly game. Fun to play, fun to win and fun to lose ;)

    I guess everybody know if he won or not.

    If I were Elisa I'd know who's won this year ;)

  • KPT at 2011-01-10

    Greg , u are right.

    This game is fun to play, fun to win and fun to lose.

    Just have fun.

    But for me, the winnear its clear.

  • ypercube ★ at 2011-02-07

    just testing kpato's reflects.

  • Hjallti at 2011-02-08

    You mean reflexes? I don't think he will reply now.

  • mario_p at 2011-12-05

    i bring myself in position

  • lorentz at 2011-12-16

    Who won last year?

  • mungo ★ at 2011-12-17

    Hard to say. Now, it looks like Mojmir Hanes won, but from the discussions it was either Elisa Kabiljo or k man (stickman at the time). The last post was k man's but some think he was disqualified due to some obscure rule addition (one of many) from four years ago. So, in my opinion it was k man who won.

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-12-17

    It certainly appears that Mojmir won last year….were times adjusted in the recent littlegolem crash, perhaps? did littlegolem go through a wormhole? Maybe it was Kman or Elisa before, but a time warp has altered destiny….and now Mojmir is last year's champ!

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-12-17

    And it also looks like Jonny has usurped Elisa for the last post of 2009…

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-12-17

    although Jonny posted twice at the end, so does that mean Aganju won 2009?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-17

    Alarm: Richard seems to intend to change the

    server (and server time zone) on December 31, 2011.

    This will make this game extremely difficult.

  • erratic at 2011-12-17

    The clue was mentioned by Richard himself, the server is now in a kitchen. Usually kitchen clocking devices are not nanosecond calibrated, so the time the light takes from your location to Bratislava is not really an issue. It is just a game, I will give it one try for the fun of just wishing everybody a happy new year.

  • Hjallti at 2011-12-18

    My tactic is to post as last in january february and then everyone forgets about it… but no, every year someone brings it back…

    I have and idea now to win 2012…

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-12-18

    I predict a rush of posts on Dec 21, 2012….the winner may well be the last person who posts before the world ends…what time of day will the world end, I wonder? Will the winner of such a contest be exalted on high?

  • BiscuitDoughHandsMan at 2011-12-19

    Wouldn't it be more fun to be with friends or family on new years eve rather than trying to get the last post in some online thread?

  • KPT at 2011-12-19

    “that's why I'm not playing” , RIGHT????

  • Julius Sneezer at 2011-12-19

    why doesn't someone clarify the rules this time…?

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2011-12-20

    This is the main problem with this game, if you want to play seriously: no one can specify the exact rules, since they do not exist. All references to rules can be understood as an attempt to win the game.

    Another problem is that the winner depends on the system time, which can be changed, and was changed over time. Therefore, it is impossible to check who was the winner in previous years by simply looking this thread. In addition, to know the winner we have to wait two days, and during this time it is possible to change the system time.

    Therefore, it is impossible to play this game seriously, play it just for fun (if that is fun for you).

    And of course this message can be interpreted as my attempt to win this year.

  • mungo ★ at 2011-12-20

    I agree, so I propose a rule that whoever introduces a new rule is automatically disqualified.

  • Elisa Kabiljo at 2011-12-20

    I suggest even better rule: whoever writes in this thread will be automatically disqualified. The rule applies retroactively. :-)

  • Hjallti at 2011-12-20


  • Hjallti at 2011-12-20

    Unwritten posts typically displayed with


    are not considered to be written and therefor not to be disqualified.

  • Mirko Rahn at 2011-12-20


  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2011-12-20

    This thread is loading very slowly, it is getting too long. Please open a new one.

  • KPT at 2011-12-20

    im not having any problems with this thread.

    the game of “the related word” its bigger and nobody says nothing.

    by the way.

    THE ONLY RULE of this game is the “Ed Collins rule”

    the others rules of courses are jokes. u don't need to be too smart for knowing that.

    And i know that the time it is screw up now.

    but i think that it will be fair. to not change the past winners.

    i promise, in january i will post the past winners.


  • unique at 2011-12-20

    locks thread

  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2011-12-20

    Thanks, unique!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-20


  • Hjallti at 2011-12-21

    Here it is: (I guess it lacks that this applies to the date of December 31st)


    Only ONE posting allowed in this topic after 11:30 pm, server time!

    This will prevent people from clicking their mouse a few dozen times, attempting to get in the last post. Anyone posting more than once after 11:30 pm automatically loses

  • Micco at 2011-12-21
  • Aganju at 2011-12-21

    Members can delete their not-winning posts, though, down to one.

  • Ed Collins at 2011-12-22

    You guys are just too funny.

    I wonder if I should ad the “Ed Collins” rule to the FAQ.

    :) (Just kidding.)

  • ypercube ★ at 2011-12-22

    Ed, just don't delete your rule from this thread :)

  • KPT at 2011-12-22

    to the FAQ!

    do it.

  • Hjallti at 2011-12-23

    He can't remove that rule from the forum…

  • KPT at 2011-12-23

    i can remove the whole thread

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-23

    kpato, you will by lynched when you do that.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-23

    “be” instead of “by”

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2011-12-27

    It is getting closer… ;)

  • lorentz at 2011-12-29

    All forums seem rather quiet. I guess I'll just have to step in and making the winning post here.

  • Hjallti at 2011-12-29

    51 hours and 28 minutes remaining

  • Mirko Rahn at 2011-12-29


  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-30

    I have an idea for modifying the game by relativation:

    Not the last post of the year in this thread is winning,

    but the last post in this thread (in this year) that is

    posted before any other post in any other thread (!= this

    one) of the LG forum (in this year).

    One naive strategy for going for this trophy would be to make

    a double shot: First one message here and immediately later a second

    one in another thread. Of course this is not what I want to

    encourage. So, an analogue of the Ed-Collins-rule has to be

    incorported: Only those will be considered who have at most one

    posting in the last 30 minutes of 2011.

    Gentlemen, start your brains!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-30

    To make it more clear:

    Only those will be considered who have at most one

    LG-posting in the last 30 minutes of 2011.


  • Hjallti at 2011-12-30

    This is not an analogue but a turn around of Ed's rule. At this moment you can win without posting in the last 30 minutes and there is a restriction to late posting. Now you create a obligation for late posting.

    I don't think this is advisable.

    Of course I am not really a player because I live in the same time zone as the server and celebrate new year

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-30

    We may have two categories in the game:

    (i) the classical one (including Ed Collins rule)

    (ii) my advanced league (including the Ed Collins “turn around analogue”)

    So far, the winners were

    \\\* Classical end of the year game ***

    2004 —-

    2005 —-

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 **** to come ****

    \\\* Advanced end of the year game ***

    2004 —-

    2005 —-

    2006 ????

    2007 ????

    2008 ????

    2009 ????

    2010 ????

    2011 **** to come ****

    Question marks mean that there must have been

    a winner, but in retrospective it is not possible

    to determine that person.

    Or, does Richard keep server protocols?

    Richard, could you have a look or two, please?


  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-30

    Did I shock everybody, or is it just the

    silence before the storm?

  • kingofthebesI at 2011-12-30

    What time zone is the game?

    Is it just posts in this thread that are considered for the victory?

  • MichaeI X at 2011-12-30

    > What time zone is the game?

    That's the game.

    (And for “advanced participants”: Is there a clock drift on the server?)

    To spoil the game a bit: Richard moved to a different server, recently, and plans to move again, “soon”. Seems this server shows dates UTC based, but the old one showed them as UTC+1. Thus, the old winners are not visible any more.

    Others feel the game is to argue with kpato (the starter of this thread) about the rules. And about the winners, of course.

    IMO, whoever wins this round, must be a strange fellow, or live in a time zone very far away.

    Happy New Year, to all of you. CU next year.

  • lorentz at 2011-12-30

    “IMO, whoever wins this round, must be a strange fellow….”

    Spoken like a true sandbagger. :)

    “Happy New Year, to all of you.”


  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2011-12-30

    Has there ever been a shortness of strange fellows on Littlegolem?

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2011-12-30

    IMO: whoever writes in this thread, at any time, is a strange fellow ;)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2011-12-31

    Here comes my last posting for this year:

    I just finished an EinStein game against TUMRAK,

    achieving a lucky win. This pushes my rating up

    to 1759, means rank 26, and one point ahead

    of Luiser.

    What a pleasant moment for turning to the new year.

    My best wishes to all of you, Ingo!

  • TheTible ★ at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year from Dublin! :)

  • Marius Halsor at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year from Oslo!

  • MRFvR at 2011-12-31

    Happy 2012 to everyone! 8-)

  • Talizess at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year from Basel,Bale,Basle !

  • Ruben Berenguel at 2011-12-31

    Happy new year from Barcelona!

  • OneStone_c at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year from Los Angeles. 9 hours to go, but this seemed like a good time to post. :)

  • bennok at 2011-12-31

    Happy new year to all!

  • erratic at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year!!

  • kingofthebesI at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year and congratulations to the winner

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year 2012

  • MarleysGhost at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year!

  • ypercube ★ at 2011-12-31

    Happy New Year from Athens!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2012-01-01


    Ricardo (Santos) hs been winning the advanced league.

    His posting was 40 hours before the writing of this message.

    39 hours before the writing of my message was a Street Soccer

    posting by Duke of Prunes.

    And 21 hours before this writing was the next message

    in this thread,

    Congratulations to Ricardo!

  • OneStone_c at 2012-01-02

    Congratulations bennok. You must have just edged me out. When I clicked “send message” my clock showed about 5 seconds before the hour. :)

  • ypercube ★ at 2012-01-03

    Congrats to bennok!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2012-01-03

    For the records:

    \\\* Classical end of the year game ***

    2004 —-

    2005 —-

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 **** to come ****

    \\\* Advanced end of the year game ***

    2004 —-

    2005 —-

    2006 ????

    2007 ????

    2008 ????

    2009 ????

    2010 ????

    2011 Ricardo (Santos)

    2012 **** to come ****

    Congratulations to all winners and participants”


  • MarleysGhost at 2012-01-03

    @OneStone_c > my clock showed about 5 seconds before the hour

    But to win you need to match the error of LG's clock.

  • KPT at 2012-01-08

    great research Prof Ingo.

    Those are the real winners of the past games.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2012-01-09

    This game is not only fun on LG. Instead participants,

    silent observers, and analysts can learn a lot for more

    serious applications, for instance for

    \* high speed trading at the stock markets (especially for the

    seconds directly before closure of the daily sessions)

    \* auctions at Ebay which have a fixed deadline.


  • Paulzz at 2012-04-05


  • Hjallti at 2012-05-18

    It is a pity the time shift is undone… It was my chance to win this game, without having to be online during the newyearsparty !

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2012-12-20

    In case the world ends tomorrow, I think I will make my post early this year…

  • KPT at 2012-12-20

    thats really wise

  • Christian K at 2012-12-20

    could someone clarify the basic and advanced rules?

  • Thomas Werner at 2012-12-21

    Nice try, Thnikkaman.

    You thought that you could prevent any new posts by posing a tricky question nobody would dare to answer. Ha ha ha. Now I have taken the lead from you.

    Maybe Ingo can clarify the rules of the variants. Something is described in this thread, but I do not understand it 100% myself.

    @all: Enjoy the upcoming days and the new year.


  • unique at 2012-12-21

    locks thread :)

  • Christian K at 2012-12-21

    please don't go off topic, I only want someone to reply if they answer the question at hand

  • Hjallti at 2012-12-21

    Very simple: we look at the tread on 3th of january. By then it will be clear who has posted as latest on the 2012-12-31. That player is the winner.
    There is one restriction: you are not allowed to post twice in the last half hour.

    There is one additional winner: the player have leaded most during the last year. This is won by 7 months by Hjallti.

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2012-12-21

    I think the only rules that should be taken seriously are the rules for “the advanced end of the year game”… ;)

  • KPT at 2012-12-21

    Sorry guys. The game was cancelled this year due to the end of the world.
    Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Christian K at 2012-12-21

    What are the rules for “the advanced end of the year game”?

  • mungo ★ at 2012-12-21

    Advanced rules:
    Your post has to be the last post of the year.
    You have to stand on one leg and write the post with your left hand.
    Your post must contain the words “Happy New Year”
    You have to be part of the discussion of who won the game and what the rules should be.

  • Hjallti at 2012-12-23

    I thought the message should on a AZERTY keyboard to be legal.

    anyway Happy NewYear

  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2012-12-30

    I'm pretty sure I have the original text of the real advanced rules (not the nonsense suggested here recently) somewhere on my old computer. I'll try to spot them. Stay tuned!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2012-12-30

    Is it allowed to manipulate the “internal” clock(s) of LG with the
    purpose to win this game?

  • Hjallti at 2012-12-30

    Do you mean by delaying the earth rotation in some sense?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2012-12-30

    No, I mean hacking.

  • KPT at 2012-12-30

    i like it.
    i guess using that kind of rules, richard had some advantage.

  • Hjallti at 2012-12-31


    I hoped he would re inforce the time shift that was happening some time ago :)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2012-12-31

    Currently we have these slow response times on LG.
    Perhaps this is a first hint that something clock-related
    is in Richard's pipeline. Who knows ?!

    All the best for the new year to all of you.

  • mungo ★ at 2012-12-31

    Consider this post to be posted in exactly 12 hours 47 minutes and 30 seconds:

    Happy New Year!

  • Hjallti at 2012-12-31

    happy new year

    you can stop playing since this is the winning post

  • Ingo Althofer at 2012-12-31

    Nice try, Hjallti, but we are more clever ;-)

  • unique at 2012-12-31

    buuuuuuuuuuuuuurp. you're welcome oh and happy new year :)

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2012-12-31

    Since it is already clear who wins the advanced game this year, I'll give it a try in the master game now… ;)

  • christian freeling at 2012-12-31

    Have the official 2013 'End of the World' dates been released yet?

  • Martyn Hamer at 2012-12-31

    Just in case the server is about to go down I'll get my effort in now. Happy New Year everyone :o)

  • Maurizio De Leo at 2012-12-31

    Being sick at home, I may have a shot at winning this. Happy new Year to everybody anyway.

  • kingofthebesI at 2012-12-31

    Happy New Year everyone

  • isometry at 2012-12-31


  • wanderer_bot at 2012-12-31

    Happy New Year from Los Angeles! I wonder what time it is right now…?

  • bennok at 2012-12-31

    I am at the exact same spot as last year and I'll try try to have the same good luck this time with this same stupid challenge! I love you all foolish little golemners! My wife says “va te f'…”

  • Carroll ★ at 2012-12-31


  • KPT at 2012-12-31

    Happy new year!
    I FORGOT IT!!!

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2012-12-31

    Happy 2013

  • ypercube ★ at 2012-12-31

    Have a New Year!

  • MisterCat at 2012-12-31

    'meow-meow, meow, meow'

  • MarleysGhost at 2013-01-01

    Happy New Year!

  • isometry at 2013-01-02

    Congratulations to wanderer_c. It would appear that he (it) posted exactly at 23:59:59, while I was 1 second earlier. bennok was way off at 00:00:07. :-D

  • KPT at 2013-01-02

    wanderer_C isn't a bot?

    Maybe we should create a “bot category”. So, Isometry seems to be the new champion in the
    “human category”

  • lorentz at 2013-01-02

    My bad. The Wanderer account is used for my Wanderer bot. But Wanderer is not programmed to play the Last Post game. I was logged in as Wanderer, noticed the time seemed right, so jumped right in.

    Come to think of it, it would be an interesting challenge to write such a Last Post bot. E.g., would it have to take into account the number of other bots (and humans) trying to get in at just before midnight?

    @isometry: Thanks and my numbers pretty much matched what you reported.

  • KPT at 2013-01-02

    i think is a good idea.

  • ypercube ★ at 2013-01-03

    Congrats to @wanderer_c and to @isometry for 2nd place!

    @kpato: You were disqualified anyway, it's allowed to use the word “forget” (in any tense).

  • ypercube ★ at 2013-01-03

    I meant: it's not allowed.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-01-03

    For the records:
    For the records

    \\\* Classical end of the year game ***
    2004 —-
    2005 —-
    2006 Jonny
    2007 kpato
    2008 Isometry
    2009 Elisa Kabiljo
    2010 Elisa Kabiljo
    2011 bennok
    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)
    2013 **** to come ****

    Question to Richard: What did you wife say concerning your
    activities in the last hours of the year?


  • kingofthebesI at 2013-01-03

    3rd place :D

    Congratulation to Richard L

  • KPT at 2013-01-03

    This year there will be a new category:

    “Bot's Category”
    Any user can program just 1 Bot for the propose of this game.
    The bot profile must say in the info , who is the programmer.
    They run with all the others rules of the game
    (not multiposting the last 30 minutes)

  • lorentz at 2013-01-03

    @Ingo: Yes, that is indeed a significant issue. However, midnight LG time is 3:00 p.m. Los Angeles time. Miki was busy preparing for our evening adventures while I attended to equally important matters on the computer. P.S. Nevertheless, she will remain unaware of my glorious victory. :)

  • KPT at 2013-01-03

    tell her!

  • ypercube ★ at 2013-01-03

    @kpato: Then we'll have a separate Alien competition, then a separate Dolphin competiton, an Alien Bot competition, a Dolphin Bot, …

    You see where this discrimination against bots is leading us? It's destroying the game.

    And maybe bots have been already playing, who knows.

  • KPT at 2013-01-03


  • Hjallti at 2013-01-09

    a pity I do life in the same time zone as the server, and the wife issue is the same…

  • erratic at 2013-01-09

    You could divorce. ,-)

    I thought that could be the silliest cause of divorce, but then I googled and it is, at best, the 11-th silliest cause of divorce.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-09-22

    We should warm up for the 2013 leg of the game…

  • KPT at 2013-09-22

    i disagree. Is too early.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-09-23

    Ok. It was a naive try: Writing now in the hope that everybody
    else would have forgotten the competition when it becomes


  • Hjallti at 2013-10-09

    erratic got the longest lead this year. congrats!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-10-09

    When I were Richard, I would close this thread immediately!

  • lorentz at 2013-10-10

    It is very difficult to respond without contradicting your advice!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-10-10

    Pah, wait until the end of the year.
    You all will see your blue miracle!

  • Paulzz at 2013-10-10

    This is my favourite thread of the whole internet.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-10-10

    My, too. However, there is an analogy in sports.
    There was an olympic discipline in cycling,
    where the two combattants did nothing but lurking
    for an opportunity… and then, at some point out of
    the nothing the race started (typically 200 meters
    before the goal).

  • mungo ★ at 2013-11-05

    I am lurking…

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-01

    thread closed!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2013-12-01

    hahahahaha! ;-)

  • KPT at 2013-12-02

    don't forget to register in the Happy new years tournaments by euhuang

  • Paul Wiselius at 2013-12-12

    Hm, was hoping everybody would forget this thread, so I could be The One! ;-)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-12

    I guess a Californian guy will win again …

  • lorentz at 2013-12-12


  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-12

    Urgent message to our Master Richard:
    Please, transfer the server to another time zone (for instance Australian
    or to California).


  • lorentz at 2013-12-12


    I better spam this topic with a bunch of messages so yours scrolls off the page and doesn't get seen.

  • Ed Collins at 2013-12-26

    This is a test.

  • unique at 2013-12-26

    Go Packers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slaapgraag at 2013-12-27

    this is not a test but an attempt

  • Hjallti at 2013-12-28

    Happy newyear!

  • klaashaas at 2013-12-28

    Ik wens al mijn Littlegolem vrienden een gelukkig nieuwjaar!

  • lorentz at 2013-12-29

    Where will you be this time tomorrow?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-30


  • christian freeling at 2013-12-30

    lattitude: 52.2400478
    longitude: 6.8991458

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-30

    dutch precision !

  • mtbikesman at 2013-12-30

    According to my calculations the time is 23:59:59 December 31st on the Klingon planet. Therefore, I win!

  • Hjallti at 2013-12-30

    If I remember well Klingon has days of 26 hours, therefor, I win! :-)

  • mtbikesman at 2013-12-30

    Sorry Hjallti, its leap day over there this year and they had to cut two hours off the year this time. Won't happen again in your lifetime.

    Note: On Klingon leap day women may ask a man to marry them. If he refuses they are allowed to kill him. So be careful when you visit.

  • lorentz at 2013-12-30

    Uh oh. Somebody else from Southern California seems to be interested in this game. This could prove interesting….

  • mtbikesman at 2013-12-30

    Richard, I'll be dining and dancing to the big band sounds New Year's Eve so don't worry about me. I'll be nowhere near a computer at the stroke of midnight.

  • Hjallti at 2013-12-31

    We have guests over, and I don't want to be asocial when counting down. and I am in the same time zone as the server…

    see you all next year!

  • lorentz at 2013-12-31

    We may be heading out early today, but, of course, this could be the winning post. Re mtbikesman: I am not so easily fooled by your gambit!

  • gamesorry at 2013-12-31

    Already new year here in China:)

  • erratic at 2013-12-31

    Happy new year and power down your computers NOW!!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-31

    Aren't you on vacation?

    Anyway, Happy new year!
    And good luck with your moon rover.

  • kfas2 at 2013-12-31

    Happy New Year to all littlegolems.

  • mtbikesman at 2013-12-31

    HNY to everyone

  • romei at 2013-12-31

    Happy New Year!!!

  • dougforte at 2013-12-31

    Happy new year all!

  • Art Duval at 2013-12-31

    Happy New Year!

    (7 hours early in the time zone where I am, but still.)

  • isometry at 2013-12-31

    Happy 2x19x53

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-31

    Happy new year from Jena
    to all little Golems!


  • bennok at 2013-12-31

    Happy new year to all my favorite opponents!

  • Art Duval at 2013-12-31

    Do I get any points for predicting that Ingo won?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-31

    We will have to wait another 24 hours, but
    likely Isometry or I are winner.

    @Art: You get a bonus for the tiebreak score
    in the 2014 competition ;-)

  • Marius Halsor at 2013-12-31

    Happy new year from Oslo!

  • lorentz at 2013-12-31

    A late Happy New Year from Los Angeles.

    I had every intention of winning again this year, but when I tried to access the forum 35 minutes agoe, I seemed to be locked out. A very clever DoS by somebody!

  • mtbikesman at 2013-12-31

    I also found the forum totally locked at midnight your time. 3:00 pm my time.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2013-12-31

    Allthough i'm 1 hour late: happy new year everybody, especially some regular einstein opponents! :-)

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2013-12-31

    Happy New Year to all in Little Golem City!

  • KPT at 2014-01-01

    First time that i forgot about my “STUPID game” (As Andrey called it 8 years ago…)

    HNY to the complete Littlegolem fellowship.

  • ypercube ★ at 2014-01-01

    Happy New Year!

  • mungo ★ at 2014-01-01

    Gott nytt år!

  • gamesorry at 2014-01-01

    @Ingo Althofer:

    Yes, I'm on vacation now and wish I won't use up the days too early in 2014.

    Good luck with your research and look forward to new games from you:)

  • pfafulous at 2014-01-01

    Happy new hear from Vancouver!

  • pfafulous at 2014-01-01

    Also year.

  • Tommah at 2014-01-02

    Happy new year, everyone!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2014-01-03

    Indeed, my end-of-the-year posting was successful.
    I am very happy, in particular because the runner up
    (or better the pre-runner ?!) is one of my co-authors
    of a mathematical paper.

    “Second Champagne” for all of you!

  • isometry at 2014-01-03

    It may not be good PR for the paper that two of the authors engage in this sort of activity. Anyway, congrats. ;-)

  • mungo ★ at 2014-01-04

    A clean win. Congratulations. I can't find any rule you might have violated, except for the rule against posting in this thread…

  • KPT at 2014-01-04

    For the records:

    Classical “End of the year game”

    2006 Jonny
    2007 kpato
    2008 Isometry
    2009 Elisa Kabiljo
    2010 Elisa Kabiljo
    2011 bennok
    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)
    2013 Ingo Althofer
    2014 …to come…


  • Carroll ★ at 2014-01-04

    Yes congrats!

  • Luis BolaNos at 2014-01-05


  • KPT at 2014-01-05

    ! !

  • KPT at 2014-01-05


  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2014-01-05

    Congrats Ingo! Time to start the fine tuning…

  • Luis BolaNos at 2014-01-05

    kpato, yes, you caught me! XD

  • mtbikesman at 2014-01-05

    OK, I may have lost this game but it was over 80 here today and the rest of you were freezing your buns off. Revenge is sweet :P

  • Ingo Althofer at 2014-01-06

    Thanks for all the congrats. To tell you from my chamber:
    Until 23:40 on December 31, I was very optimistic to have
    good winning chances. I had scrutinized the exact discrepancy
    (in the subsecond range) between LG server time and the time
    on the German clock page .

    But suddenly was no longer available (due to heavy
    traffic by all thoses guys who wanted to know exact time before
    I found two other websites with “exact” time. However, they
    differed by about 4 seconds - and I could not check, which one
    of them was how wrong. I tried with “common sense” reasoning
    - and was lucky.

    Next year I am willing to play referee in the following way:
    “Shortly before” 23:30 h on December 2014 I will give the official
    signal that from that moment on participants are allowed to post
    at most once when they want to win. That official signal does not
    count as a message after 23:30 h.

    Gentlemen (and gentle girls): the game for 2014 is open!


  • Thomas Werner at 2014-04-28

    Taking the lead for now.


  • Hjallti at 2014-04-28

    Good luck with your attempt to keep this thread the longest time in 2014.

  • Thomas Werner at 2014-04-30

    Thanks, and nice try. :-)

  • Gregorlo at 2014-05-13

    I think I won't play this game this year…

  • Thomas Werner at 2014-05-13

    Yes, neither will I, I suppose.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-05-13

    Nor me, unless no-one answers ;-)

  • klaashaas at 2014-09-15

    Your turn, Paul.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-09-15

    Ok then, it's the only game we can play here right now…

  • KPT at 2014-09-15

    warming up? that early?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2014-09-16


    after fruitful discussions with my wife I got green light

    for participation. But likely, I will start warming up not

    before November.

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • lorentz at 2014-09-16

    And so far I have been able to conceal my participation from my wife (even after my spectacular win a few years ago) so I, too, have the green light – as long as nobody squeals on me.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-09-16

    I'm afraid my wife is not that flexible… So I will try to do it without her knowing ;). But a good chance that I will totally forget it (champagne!). But right now I am in winning position! :D

  • mungo ★ at 2014-12-03

    This is a boring thread….

  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2014-12-04

    Won't be played this year.

  • 68 Zebras at 2014-12-04

    Happy 4th

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-05

    So I am the first on the fifth ;-)

  • Hjallti at 2014-12-09

    I won't play either

  • Ingo Althofer at 2014-12-10

    Believe it or not, guys: things will heat up soon.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-11

    I'm happy with this leading position for now ;-)

  • Carroll ★ at 2014-12-11

    I'm impressed and amused that some people even think of discussing such trivial matters with there wives.

    Then, second thought, this is not the right place to start trolling, so please don't feed the trolls.

  • 68 Zebras at 2014-12-11

    Happy 11th

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-11

    @Carroll: In our country a wife is often called “the better half of me” ;-)

  • mtbikesman at 2014-12-13

    I live in a weird time zone and in exactly one second it will be the New Year.  Therefore I win.

    Happy New Year 2015 Hot Colors On Black Backgrounds

  • lorentz at 2014-12-13

    @Paul Wiselius: Pretty much the same here, too. We say “my better half”. And I'm not sure I've ever heard a woman say it!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-14

    @Richard Lorentz: I can't remember that either! :-)

  • mtbikesman at 2014-12-14

    My better half is an ex-research scientist and a current college administrator.   And she is cute and sexy and rides a mountain bike well.  She really is a better half.

  • Hjallti at 2014-12-17

    I never played against mtbikeswoman here…

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-18

    Yeah! How better is she with EWN? ;-)

  • 68 Zebras at 2014-12-18

    Happy 18th

  • 68 Zebras at 2014-12-18

    Happy 18th

  • 68 Zebras at 2014-12-19

    was trying to colour text and background, either the mix for the 18th don't work, or it's not allowed, so that could put an end to the game of guess the colours

  • 68 Zebras at 2014-12-19

    Happy 19th

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-24

    Merry Christmas!

  • wanderer_bot at 2014-12-29

    Where will you be in 46 hours?

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-30

    At home, and probably completely forgotten about this game ;-)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2014-12-30

    Hi Paul,

    > At home, and probably completely forgotten about this game ;-)

    the same with me.

    All who want to bridge the time bysomething funny, may watch

    an old report in Swedish culture TV (Kobra). For about 5 minutes

    it is shown and discussed how and why I put LEGO®-bricks in

    the washing machine. It starts at about 17m:55s in

    There are Swedish subtitles, but most of the speaking

    is in English.

    Have fun (and forget the game). Ingo.

    PS. Likely the video will be online only until the end of 2014.

  • 68 Zebras at 2014-12-30

    Happy 30th

  • Hjallti at 2014-12-30

    see you all next year

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-30

    or even tomorrow ;-)

  • mtbikesman at 2014-12-30

    So who plans to lock up the system a few minutes before 4:00 pm my time (Pacific coast)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2014-12-31

    I can block only those machines which run

    Win XP  ;-)

  • shinnosuke at 2014-12-31

    I run XP

  • Ingo Althofer at 2014-12-31

    Hmm, my “eraser tool” is blocked in Andorra ;-)

    - lucky you

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-31

    So the last post that has an LG date in 2014 wins? In what timezone lives Richard?

  • mungo ★ at 2014-12-31

    Central european time. And there is an old rule of only one post per person allowed half an hour before midnight. Good luck and happy new year!!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-31

    Hm, I guess you just now invented this rule :-P

  • mungo ★ at 2014-12-31

    I can invent more rules. User name has to start with m. ;-)

  • William Fraser at 2014-12-31

    Actually, the “only one post” rule was implemented several years ago.

  • mtbikesman at 2014-12-31

    William is that your ONE POST?  But then is this my ONE POST?  And if anyone comments is that their ONE POST?

  • William Fraser at 2014-12-31

    Only one post during the last 30 minutes.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-12-31

    I guess I'm too late, but Happy New Year everybody! Have a good playing year in 2015 ;-)

  • bennok at 2014-12-31

    I just wanted to tell every one I won't participate in this foolish competition this year ! But nevertheless I still want to wish you all a wonderful new year !!

  • mtbikesman at 2014-12-31

    Happy New Year from southern California

    2:59 PST or midnight central European time

  • William Fraser at 2014-12-31


  • Art Duval at 2014-12-31

    happy new year!

  • lorentz at 2014-12-31

    @Paul Wiselius: I think you were too early. But I agree with the sentiment: Happy New Year!

  • mtbikesman at 2014-12-31

    What time is the Little Golem web server set at?  I thought it was central European time

  • shinnosuke at 2014-12-31

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  • erratic at 2014-12-31

    Happy New Year!! (18 min too late)

  • Tommah at 2014-12-31

    Happy New Year to all!

  • 68 Zebras at 2014-12-31

    40 time zones, so maximum of 40 winners

  • Tommah at 2014-12-31

    mtbikesman: I think the server is in Central European Time.  According to Wikipedia, CET is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich, and PST is 8 hours behind Greenwich.  So midnight CET was 3 PM PST.  I made this move a few minutes ago:  Notice that the time says 00:33.

  • mtbikesman at 2014-12-31

    One more time

    It is 3:59 California time or midnight GMT

    Happy New Year

  • KPT at 2014-12-31

    daaamn, i FORGOT!!

    Happy new years my fellows.

    @William fraser, you mean: the “Ed Collins” rule? haha

    Happy games!

  • gamesorry at 2015-01-01

    Happy New Year!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2015-01-01

    Happy new year to all of you!

    Did the dust settle already - or will it take

    a full day until we know the winner?

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2015-01-01

    I think we have to wait until LG shows the date instead of “xx hours ago”…

  • Paul Wiselius at 2015-01-01

    But I think Richard Lorentz is close to winning. And mtbikesman may have broken the 30 minutes rule?

  • lorentz at 2015-01-01

    I felt like I was a little late. I'm betting either Bill or Art got it.

    @Ingo: We were disappointed not to see a competitive entry from you. I believe nobody has ever won twice in a row.

    P.S. My wife is starting to get suspicious….   :)

  • Paul Wiselius at 2015-01-01

    As my wife was not feeling well, I could hide my LG activities for her ;-). Otherwise I even may not have entered a post…

    Now she thinks I'm just playing EWN, which is true for 95% of the time…

  • William Fraser at 2015-01-01

    mtbikesman did not break the 30 minute rule.

    I think the only possible winners are bennok, mtbikesman, myself, Art Duval, and Richard Lorentz

  • Art Duval at 2015-01-01

    I think it's most likely that Richard Lorentz won.  I hit send just about when my computer said midnight in LG time zone (Central Europe), and then Richard's post appeared right after mine.  A few minutes later, when the times of the posts were still being reported as “xx minutes ago”, his number of minutes was always the same as my number of minutes.

  • Art Duval at 2015-01-02

    And the winner is…mtbikesman!

  • KPT at 2015-01-02

    As each year, we will wait the decision of your tradicional judge: Prof. Ingo

  • mtbikesman at 2015-01-03

    Can anybody tell me where to collect my cash prize?  How much is it anyway?

  • Tommah at 2015-01-03

    I just noticed that your Twixt rating is 2016!  You were so close!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2015-01-03

    For the records:

    Classical “End of the year game”

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer

    2014 mtbikesman


    The prize money… If I remember correctly, it was not

    a cash prize. But: when I should get the prize for 2013, I will ask the donor not to forget mtbikesman.

    Cheers, Ingo.

    PS. It seems some participants were not fully aware of Little Golem's exact server time.

    Guys: you have to work harder on this!

  • bennok at 2015-01-03

    @mtbikesman.  If you like, I can repay my reward of 2011 ? … done!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2015-01-03

    Congrats to mtbikesman ;-). I'm satisfied with my 3rd place. Not too bad at my first attempt. And the prize for mt of course is the everlasting honor of being first!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2015-11-23

    Hi, simply want to communicate that chances are low for

    my participation in the 2015 issue: My wife and me had

    a discussion - and as a consequence certain plans for

    December 31 were fixed. Sorry, guys.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2015-11-26

    Sorry to hear that. We will not play the game this year. So this will be the last post, and I win! ;-)

  • mungo ★ at 2015-11-28

    Any new rules this year?

  • 68 Zebras at 2015-11-29

    maybe start a new post called “LAST POST before the new year forum game”

    or “LAST POST in the last year forum game”

    because the way it is the the will never be a winner,

    because we will still be waiting for the last post in the “new year”

  • Paul Wiselius at 2015-11-30

    Ok, so this will be the last post in this thread. Now I have two chances to win, allthough my wife will not allow me to…

  • Art Duval at 2015-11-30

    This seems like the right forum to mention the following fact/question: Is it my imagination, or is the LG clock now set to US/Eastern time (i.e., 6 hours earlier than it used to be)?

  • wanderer_bot at 2015-12-01

    That's what I see, effectively taking me out of the running this year. Might be time to start thinking about the LastPostNewYearForumGame-bot.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2015-12-28

    Here we go.

    Remaining sleeping - and the win is mine.


  • wanderer_bot at 2015-12-28

    In your dreams!  :)

  • 68 Zebras at 2015-12-29

    It's getting close !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KPT at 2015-12-31

    This week my stupid game has turn 9 years. (is that right? “turn”?)

  • christian freeling at 2015-12-31

    Next year it'll be the last post of the decade.

  • wanderer_bot at 2015-12-31

    @kpato: “turned”. Will be interesting to see how the new time zone changes things.

  • christian freeling at 2015-12-31

    I don't know of any time zone changes but I've read something about making time 'rational'. Considering its effect on me, I've always felt time to be very irrational.

    Proposed new calendar would make time rational

  • shinnosuke at 2015-12-31

    Here we go

  • mtbikesman at 2015-12-31

    I read an article about having 13 months of 28 days or 4 weeks exactly.  The 365th day would be “World Peace Day” forbidding any conflict on that day.  Every 4 years there would be two World Peace Days.  I think we should have 6 day weeks and 61 weeks per year and three out of four years the last day would just disappear.

    Does anybody know what time it is in Poland?  It is 1:32 pm here in California.

  • mungo ★ at 2015-12-31

    Happy new year everyone!!!!


  • Ingo Althofer at 2015-12-31

    to early, mungo

  • opmp at 2015-12-31


  • Ingo Althofer at 2015-12-31

    here we go, guys!

    Happy new year.

  • mtbikesman at 2015-12-31

    It is now 2:59 in California.  But what time in Poland?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2015-12-31

    game over mtbi won!

  • Marius Halsor at 2015-12-31

    Happy new year! :-)

  • 68 Zebras at 2015-12-31

    23:26 GMT nearly happy

  • wanderer_bot at 2015-12-31

    Congratulations mtbikesman – and neighbor!

  • KPT at 2015-12-31

    HNY!!Damn, im late again

  • mtbikesman at 2015-12-31

    Happy new year to all.  But I have an 8 hour wait over here.  Just starting to get dressed for the evening.

  • 68 Zebras at 2015-12-31

    ? second place for first post ?           !!!!

  • WislaKrakow at 2016-01-01

    Happy new year

  • Tommah at 2016-01-01

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  • William Fraser at 2016-01-01

    @kpato:  “…has turned 9 years old.”  (Or more informally “…has turned 9”).

  • mungo ★ at 2016-01-03

    What happened? Did TheBurglar win?

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-03

    maybe the clock is out

    are there any codes to insert into messages that will show the current time/date

  • William Fraser at 2016-01-03

    It looks to me as though TheBurglar won.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-01-05

    Strange. MY second post (congratulations to …) was written definitely about 5 minutes past midnight (CET-zone).

    Or are the clocks of littlegolem-net running now in Greenwich mode?


  • wanderer_bot at 2016-01-05

    It seems many of you: (1) missed Art's 2015-11-30 message; (2) missed my first 2015-12-31 post; (3) did not appreciate the gamemanship in my 2015-12-31 post where I congratulated mtbikesman.

  • christian freeling at 2016-01-05

    I think we all should get lives! ;-)

  • Paul Wiselius at 2016-01-06

    Yeah, I watched our Herman Finkers ;). Much funnier then this game :P (forgot completely about it…)

    But congrats to The Burglar!

  • KPT at 2016-01-06

    Professor Ingo is the official Referee of this game. We will wait for his official results.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-01-06

    It seems I am too old now and “ueberfordert” with

    playing this complicated game. I will retire and

    remain referee only.

    My vary pragmatic proposal is:

    That person is winner who is the last one with date “201x-12-31”,

    shown between 48 and 72 hours after New Year.

    Applying the rule already to the 2015 etappe this means

    “TheBurglar FreeHosting Net” is winner.

    Congratulations also from my side.

    For the Hall of Fame this means:

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer

    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 TheBurglar FreeHosting Net

    Referee Ingo.

    PS. Congratulations also to Richard M. for having become such a

    devilish time tramper!

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-06

    time test 00:01:00 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-06

    time test 00:02:00 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-06

    time test 00:03:00 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-06

    time test 00:04:00 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-06

    time test 00:05:00 gmt (and wait 50 hours for results)

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-07

    inbetween time test 00:00:30 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-07

    inbetween time test 00:01:30 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-07

    inbetween time test 00:02:30 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-07

    inbetween time test 00:03:30 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-07

    inbetween time test 00:04:30 gmt(and wait 50 hours for results)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-01-08

    Burglar, I like your systematic approach!

    @Richard M: Give us another surprise next December by new settings for your time tunnel, please!


  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:00:15 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:00:45 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:01:15 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:01:45 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:02:15 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:02:45 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:03:15 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:03:45 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:04:15 gmt

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    inbetweeninbetweentime test 00:04:45 gmt (and wait 50 odd (or even hours))

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08

    last one was closer to 00:04:47 gmt (added to much waffle)

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-08


  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-09

    suspect clock has been reset

    was maybe 4 minutes slow at the end of 2015

  • mungo ★ at 2016-01-11

    Congratulations to TheBurglar!

    And thanks to our wise and just referee Ingo! Don't announce your retirement from this game already. Maybe you will have nothing better to do by next turn of the year than posting here ;)

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-11

    assume clock is right test 23:58:30

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-11

    assume clock is right test 23:59:00

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-11

    assume clock is right test 23:59:20

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-11

    assume clock is right test 23:59:35

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-11

    assume clock is right test 23:59:59

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-11

    assume clock is right test 00:00:15

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-11

    assume clock is right test 00:00:35

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-11

    assume clock is right test 00:00:50

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-14

    assume clock is wrong test 23:57:00

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-14

    assume clock is wrong test 00:00:00

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-14

    assume clock is wrong test 00:06:50

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-14

    assume clock is (very) wrong test 00:09:10

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-17

    late test 2016-01-18 00:06:50

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-17

    late test 2016-01-18 00:09:20

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-17

    late test 2016-01-18 00:11:15

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-17

    late test 2016-01-18 00:14:00

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-17

    late test 2016-01-18 00:20:20

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-17

    late test 2016-01-18 00:30:25

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-17

    late test 2016-01-18 00:35:10

  • wanderer_bot at 2016-01-17

    With all these test, how about an interim report on what you've learned about the clock.

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-19

    Before the late test results ( was 35 hours at this point )

    the clock shows the same date for the around midnight messages from 23:57:00 to 00:09:10

    so is either more than 3 minutes fast

    or more than 9 minutes slow

    or ( tri-state logic strikes again ) it's in a different time zone to GMT

  • ypercube ★ at 2016-01-19

    @TheBurgral of course it's in a different time zone. It has been mentioned in the thread that it had been changed to UTC-5 (or -6, too lazy to check).

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-20

    2016-01-20 20:10:10 It's not GMT anymore

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-01-20


    When your learning rate remains stable we have good chances that the next winner will be a new one ;-)

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-20

    2016-01-20 22:51:10 It’s not GMT anymore

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-20

    2016-01-20 23:52:00 It’s not GMT anymore

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-20

    2016-01-21 01:46:55 It’s not GMT anymore

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-21

    2016-01-21 15:42:55 It’s not GMT anymore

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-21

    2016-01-21 20:40:00 It’s not GMT anymore

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-22

    2016-01-22 08:55:00 (off to work we go) It’s not GMT anymore

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-22

    2016-01-22 19:43:30 It’s not GMT anymore

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-23

    test 11-12

    2016-01-23 11:45:50

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-23

    test 2-3

    2016-01-24 02:05:10

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-23

    test 3-4

    2016-01-24 03:01:05

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-24

    need some users to post date and time (please use the [more logical] sortable format above) yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

    just before and after

    05:00 and 06:00 GMT

    P.S. if you want to save dated files to sort later (but allow minor edits) save as filename.2016.01.24 etc (dots look best)

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-24

    please use GMT date not yours

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-01-24

    as site clock is nearly GMT-5 (UTC-5)

    please try






  • wanderer_bot at 2016-11-29

    Repeating a comment I made before, namely, it seems most posting oriented games (e.g., word association game, movie association game, reverse empathy) have died since the new LG Web format appeared, I think this post should be sufficient for me to skate to an easy victory in this year's 10th anniversary of the New Year Game.

  • KPT at 2016-11-29


    i think it is not the only thing that died since the new LG web format.

  • milesd at 2016-11-30

    I think the problem is that nowadays most of the players use their phone to play and is not so practical to use the forum so often.

    @kpato In your opinion what more died since the new LG format?

  • KPT at 2016-12-01

    @milesd it might be not related: User tournaments, Teams, Every word association game). It might be more a personal thing. I really don't like it. The messages of game results are annoying.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-05

    Hi, are we an aging community? Do we have problems to find play via mobile devices convenient?

    I think in both cases a “partly yes” is the answer. Nevertheless, even if should die one day, I will provide a platform for the “last post of the year game”. It is simply too much fun. Already in July and August I am starting to make plans for the best strategy… ;-)


  • Tommah at 2016-12-05

    I think the new site design has definitely lowered the participation in user tournaments.  There used to be advertisements for different tourneys at the top-left of the page.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2016-12-07

    I never post on this thread, because I consider myself a dark horse. No idea where I will stay on december 31 at 12pm. I guess this post is invisible, so: BEWARE!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2016-12-15

    Just tested system time. It seems to run 6 hours behind Dutch time, so then I should post my last post at january 1, 5:59:59 am!?

    (now: 10:49 am)

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-15

    yes easy to find time, make a move and then check what time it was made

    uk would have make last post at 04:59:599999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 maybe use an atomic clock

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-15

    maybe 5 years to go until the 999th reply making 1000 messages

  • Paul Wiselius at 2016-12-16

    The_Burglar: yes easy to find time, make a move and then check what time it was made

    Right, that was exactly what I did! (at one of my better moments…)

  • mungo ★ at 2016-12-17

    System time can change. Any minute…

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-17

    I would be happy with

    Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

    been the same as GMT makes it easy for me

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-21


  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-21

    propose multiple time zones, more winners, more fun

    15:00 Tonga

    15:15 Chatham Islands

    16:00 New Zealand

    17:00 Russia

    18:00 Australia

    18:30 Australia

    19:00 Queensland

    19:30 Australia

    20:00 Japan

    20:15 Australia

    20:30 North Korea

    21:00 China

    22:00 Indonesia

    22:30 Myanmar

    23:00 Bangladesh

    23:15 Nepal

    23:30 India

    00:00 Pakistan

    00:30 Afghanistan

    01:00 Azerbaijan

    01:30 Iran

    02:00 Russia

    03:00 Greece

    04:00 Germany

    05:00 United Kingdom

    06:00 Cabo Verde

    07:00 Brazil

    08:00 Brazil

    08:30 Newfoundland

    09:00 Canada

    10:00 USA

    11:00 USA

    12:00 USA

    13:00 USA

    14:00 USA

    14:30 Marquesas Islands

    15:00 USA

    16:00 American Samoa

    17:00 US

  • Rbpompeu at 2016-12-22

    Someone seems to have too much spare time this end of year…

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-22

    Some people even take their holidays only to prepare for the final of the game…

    Join or enjoy, Ingo.

  • Hunter C at 2016-12-22


  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-23


    Yes, time zones make it rather easy for east coast US to grap for a win.

    Ingo (old Europe).

  • KPT at 2016-12-24

    Today is the day.

    10 years of the glorious birth of this game.

    Who can imagine?…

  • Paul Wiselius at 2016-12-24

    Yes, congrats with your 2nd lustrum :-D

  • shinnosuke at 2016-12-24

    Silly game… (I'm winning, I'm winning!)

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-29

    Iran Time Test Trial

  • wanderer_bot at 2016-12-31

    I'll just quietly coast in for the win.

    @Ingo: Isn't the current LG clock set to US East Coast time? That would seem to make it pretty tough for someone there to win!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-31

    Richard, shouldn't you be iin bed right now?

    Ts Ts Ts, Ingo.

  • mtbikesman at 2016-12-31

    Is the LG clock still set on GMT?  Or 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time for us Californians?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-31

    I know the time, I know the time -

    but it is mine.

    Ingo (in swinging mode).

  • wanderer_bot at 2016-12-31

    “Time is an illusion.”

    ― Albert Einstein

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-31

    time is same as Pakistan (gmt-5)

  • KPT at 2016-12-31

    “Time is money.”

    ― Benjamin Franklin

  • mtbikesman at 2016-12-31

    Time after time

  • kingofthebesI at 2016-12-31

    Congrats to whoever is awake at the right time/lives in the right time zone to post the winning post.

  • bennok at 2016-12-31


  • mtbikesman at 2016-12-31

    This proves I have no life whatsoever.  Here I sit at quarter to four staring at my atomic watch.

  • mtbikesman at 2016-12-31

    Happy new year everybody

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-31

    Welcome, 2017 !

  • Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-31


    now it will take two days until we know who the winner is …

    By the way: mtbikesman is disqualified because he had more than one posting within the last 30 minutes before 0:00   :-)


  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-31

    Too early                countdown is 4:44

  • 68 Zebras at 2016-12-31

    Off to Bed, last post new years good luck to all, countdown 2:52

  • urmaul at 2016-12-31

    Really, only complete morons would participate in this game -.-

  • Ed Collins at 2016-12-31

    I hope everyone has a great year next year, in 2017.

  • William Fraser at 2016-12-31

    Happy New Year's Day!

  • Tommah at 2017-01-01

    Happy New Year from the US east coast!  Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017.

  • wanderer_bot at 2017-01-01

    Looks like it was just you and me, Burglar. Happy New Year everybody!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-01

    Ok, guys.

    6:37 on January 01 in Germany right now. My wife still peacefully in bed - but I cannot stand the tension.

    I just took a screenshot of the thread. The clock of Richard Malaschitz will be decisive. In about two days we will see who is counted to have had the last post in 2016.


  • ypercube ★ at 2017-01-01

    Happy New Year 2017!

  • wanderer_bot at 2017-01-01

    Looks like 5 of us are in the hunt. I'm feeling pretty good about my chances.  :)

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-01-01

    just refreshed this page at 2 seconds past the hour and wanderer_bot was last at 12 hours

    so range is = winner - 2 seconds late

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-01-01

    just refreshed this page at 2 seconds too the hour and Willian Fraser was last at 13 hours

    so range is = 2 seconds early - winner

    so will have to wait 48

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-03

    And the winner of 2016 is: ….

    William Fraser !

    The man out of the box! Or: The man with the dots…

    What a surprise…

    More details later. Stay tuned,  Ingo.

    PS. Question to Richard Lorentz: What went wrong?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-03

    System is just kidding: I had written:  William Fraser- the - man - out- of - the - box

    and it changed this to a single non-letter symbol.


  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-03

    For the Hall of Fame this means:

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer

    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 TheBurglar FreeHosting Net

    2016 William Fraser

    Referee Ingo.

    PS. Congratulations also to Master Richard M. for having been

    such a fantastic time juggler again!

  • William Fraser at 2017-01-03

    At last, the money I spent on my new wifi router is completely justified!

  • KPT at 2017-01-03

    Congratulations William!

  • mtbikesman at 2017-01-03

    Did they change the local time on the LG server.  I was an hour early but California time is 8 hours behind GMT isn't it?  So what time is the server set for?

  • William Fraser at 2017-01-03

    The server was on US Eastern Time this year.

  • ypercube ★ at 2017-01-04

    I don't think that Golem server ever run in California time.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2017-01-04

    Congrats to William ;-).

    I didnt want to wake my wife at 5:58 am, so…

    I will wait till our webmaster sets the system time at 2 hours later! ;-)

  • mtbikesman at 2017-01-04

    How does one figure out what time zone the LG server is on?

  • ypercube ★ at 2017-01-04

    very carefully ;)

  • Ed Collins at 2017-01-04

    Saturday evening I was working out of town, in Las Vegas Nevada.  I was in my hotel room that evening, working on some fiscal year-end reports.

    I had already figured out that if I wanted to submit an entry. I needed to do it just a second or so before 9:00 pm, local time.  (Vegas is three hours behind the East Coast.)

    I decided to submit a post ONE second earlier than what I really wanted to.  (Reason:  I wanted to make sure my entry was BEFORE 9:00 pm, and not before.)

    Whoops.  As soon as I did so, and as soon as the forum page refreshed, I saw that William Fraser has also posted an entry… and that his entry was just after mine.  I knew right then that his entry would most likely be closer to midnight than my entry was.

    Good work, William.

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-01-04

    To find server time

    play a move

    look at time stamp of that move

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-04

    Hello all,

    those who have won this game at least once, deserve a certificate saying:

    “qualified for a job in high-frequency and hig-speed trading”.

    Ingo qualified for a job in high-frequency and hig-speed trading.

  • urmaul at 2017-01-05

    I decided hitting the button 5 seconds early, thinking it would be a good compromise between security and precision. This year I will know better!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-05

    The best is to use a machine which has only 20 - 40 meter cable distance from the LG server.


  • 68 Zebras at 2017-01-05

    Best is to find delay with server and add a margin of safety, add what of leap seconds

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-03-08

    Hello Folks,

    I looked through the thread and collected not only the winners, but also those who made the second-to-last post of the year (-> silver) or the third-to-last (-> bronze rank). The eleven competitions so far (2006-2016) lead to the following

    Tableau des Médailles  (sorry; but I do not know the English term for this)

    2-1-0  Elisa Kabiljo

    1-2-0  isometry

    1-1-1  kpato

    1-1-0  mtbikesman

    1-1-0  Richard Lorentz

    1-0-1  The_Burglar

    1-0-0  bennok

    1-0-0  IngoAlthofer

    1-0-0  jonny

    1-0-0  William Fraser

    0-1-0  Ed Collins

    0-1-0  Gregorio

    0-1-0  Jordi

    0-1-0  Julius Sneezer

    0-1-0  Tommah

    0-0-2  Ruben Berenguel

    0-0-1  Aganju

    0-0-1  Art Duval

    0-0-1  hubbie_c

    0-0-1  kingofthebesl

    0-0-1  tasuki

    0-0-1  tjader

    0-0-1  urmaul

    A few comments:

    \* Richard Lorentz earned his ranks with different accounts (OneStone_c and Wanderer_c)

    \* There are only two players which three medals each: Elisa and kpato.

    \* Players from Asia seem to have the hardest time to achieve something in this game: only one bromze medal (tasuki)

    Please let me know if I missed something in the table.

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • mungo ★ at 2017-03-14

    Great! One day (or night) I might get on the list.

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-03-14

    I only have 1-0-0    so far, was 4th in 2015

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-03-14

    sorry 2014 use find with 2015-01-01

  • KPT at 2017-03-14

    “\* There are only two players which three medals each: Elisa and kpato.”

    This is not correlated to the table, I think you something is wrong.

  • gamesorry at 2017-03-14


    tasuki seems to be from Czech Republic?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-03-15

    Thanks for the corrections. I will look at it closer on the next weekend - and repair the list.

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-03-15

    easy way is to find “-01-01” and look at 3 prior messages

    but also check dates else you will also get this message

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-03-16

    NameGSBRicardo (Santos)202kpato112ypercube ★110euhuang100hubbie_c100kingofthebesI100MisterCat100The_Burglar100William Fraser100mtbikesman021Tommah ★011Aganju010dj010Ed Collins010MarleysGhost010Paul Wiselius ★010blargdragon001Elisa Kabiljo001Jonny001urmaul001sorted by G,S,B,Name

  • KPT at 2017-03-16

    @The_BurglarWrong. The time has changed so are the winners. Your formula does not work.

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-03-17

    Can you prove it?

    my last go in 2016 was with 2 hours and 52 minutes to go

    previous in 2015 was about 1.5 seconds

    in 2014 was about 22 minutes

    so server date stamps seems right, or within a few seconds

    will check messages on messages of winning messagers

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-03-20

    Name and date stamps (2017 version)

     plus reported winner(s) (with the aim to find 2nd and 3rd places)

      mismatches due to:-

       disqualification due to the added “half hour rule” (to check this would require time stamps)

       server time zone changes (to fix this would require blocks of time been adjusted, DANGER DON'T MESS WITH TIME)

    kpato at 2006-12-31

    hubbie_c at 2006-12-31

    kpato at 2006-12-31

    hubbie_c at 2006-12-31

    kpato at 2006-12-31

    Jonny at 2006-12-31

    kpato at 2006-12-31

    hubbie_c at 2006-12-31

    2007 (from 2017 server)————————

    ondik at 2007-01-01

    ypercube ? at 2007-01-01

        REPORTED winners kapto, hubble_c, Jonny

    mungo at 2007-12-31

    Looser at 2007-12-31

    Ruben Berenguel at 2007-12-31

    Jordi at 2007-12-31

    kpato at 2007-12-31

    dj at 2007-12-31

    euhuang at 2007-12-31

    2008 (from 2017 server)————————

    kpato at 2008-01-01

    Tasmanian Devil at 2008-01-01

    ypercube ? at 2008-01-01

    kpato at 2008-01-01

    Tasmanian Devil at 2008-01-01

        REPORTED winners kapto, euhuang

    Ricardo (Santos) at 2008-12-31

    tasuki at 2008-12-31

    Micco at 2008-12-31

    Ed Collins ? at 2008-12-31

    tasuki at 2008-12-31

    Elisa Kabiljo at 2008-12-31

    isometry at 2008-12-31

    TUMRAK at 2008-12-31

    kpato at 2008-12-31

    kpato at 2008-12-31

    Ricardo (Santos) at 2008-12-31

    kpato at 2008-12-31

    2009 (from 2017 seaver)————————

        REPORTED winners isometry, Elisa Kabiljo

    TUMRAK at 2009-12-31

    Aganju at 2009-12-31

    Jonny at 2009-12-31

    Jonny at 2009-12-31

    kpato at 2009-12-31

    tjader at 2009-12-31

    Gregorlo at 2009-12-31

    Elisa Kabiljo at 2009-12-31

    Aganju at 2009-12-31

    Ricardo (Santos) at 2009-12-31

    2010 (from 2017 seaver)————————

    Julius Sneezer at 2010-01-01

    Gregorlo at 2010-01-01

    MarleysGhost at 2010-01-01

        REPORTED winner Elisa Kabiljo

    Ricardo (Santos) at 2010-12-31

    MRFvR at 2010-12-31

    Aganju at 2010-12-31

    Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-31

    Elisa Kabiljo at 2010-12-31

    Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-31

    kingofthebesI at 2010-12-31

    blargdragon at 2010-12-31

    Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-31

    blargdragon at 2010-12-31

    Tommah ? at 2010-12-31

    kingofthebesI at 2010-12-31

    2011 (from 2017 seaver)————————

    pfafulous at 2011-01-01

        REPORTED winners Elisa Kabiljo, Mojmir Hanes, k man

    The Tible ? at 2011-12-31

    Marius Halsor at 2011-12-31

    MRFvR at 2011-12-31

    Talizess at 2011-12-31

    Ruben Berenguel at 2011-12-31

    OneStone_c at 2011-12-31

    bennok at 2011-12-31

    erratic at 2011-12-31

    kingofthebesI at 2011-12-31

    Ricardo (Santos) at 2011-12-31

    MarleysGhost at 2011-12-31

    ypercube ? at 2011-12-31

    2012 (from 2017 seaver)————————

    Ingo Althofer at 2012-01-01

        REPORTED winners Ricardo (Santos), bennok

    Hjallti at 2012-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2012-12-31

    mungo at 2012-12-31

    Hjallti at 2012-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2012-12-31

    unique ? at 2012-12-31

    Ricardo (Santos) at 2012-12-31

    christian freeling at 2012-12-31

    Martyn Hamer at 2012-12-31

    Maurizio De Leo at 2012-12-31

    kingofthebesI at 2012-12-31

    isometry at 2012-12-31

    wanderer_bot at 2012-12-31

    bennok at 2012-12-31

    Carroll ? at 2012-12-31

    kpato at 2012-12-31

    Ricardo (Santos) at 2012-12-31

    ypercube ? at 2012-12-31

    MisterCat at 2012-12-31

    2013 (from 2017 seaver)————————

    MarleysGhost at 2013-01-01

        REPORTED winners to wanderer_c (Richard Lorentz)

    Hjallti at 2013-12-31

    Richard Lorentz at 2013-12-31

    gamesorry at 2013-12-31

    erratic at 2013-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-31

    kfas2 at 2013-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2013-12-31

    romei at 2013-12-31

    dougforte at 2013-12-31

    Art Duval at 2013-12-31

    isometry at 2013-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-31

    bennok at 2013-12-31

    Art Duval at 2013-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2013-12-31

    Marius Halsor at 2013-12-31

    Richard Lorentz at 2013-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2013-12-31

    Paul Wiselius ? at 2013-12-31

    Ricardo (Santos) at 2013-12-31

    2013 (from 2017 seaver)————————

    kpato at 2014-01-01

    ypercube ? at 2014-01-01

    mungo at 2014-01-01

    gamesorry at 2014-01-01

    pfafulous at 2014-01-01

    pfafulous at 2014-01-01

        REPORTED winners Ingo Althofer

    Ingo Althofer at 2014-12-31

    shinnosuke at 2014-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2014-12-31

    Paul Wiselius ? at 2014-12-31

    mungo at 2014-12-31

    Paul Wiselius ? at 2014-12-31

    mungo at 2014-12-31

    William Fraser at 2014-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2014-12-31

    William Fraser at 2014-12-31

    Paul Wiselius ? at 2014-12-31

    bennok at 2014-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2014-12-31

    William Fraser at 2014-12-31

    Art Duval at 2014-12-31

    Richard Lorentz at 2014-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2014-12-31

    shinnosuke at 2014-12-31

    erratic at 2014-12-31

    Tommah ? at 2014-12-31

    The_Burglar at 2014-12-31

    Tommah ? at 2014-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2014-12-31

    kpato at 2014-12-31

    2014 (from 2017 seaver)————————

    gamesorry at 2015-01-01

    Ingo Althofer at 2015-01-01

    Paul Wiselius ? at 2015-01-01

    Paul Wiselius ? at 2015-01-01

    Richard Lorentz at 2015-01-01

    Paul Wiselius ? at 2015-01-01

    William Fraser at 2015-01-01

    Art Duval at 2015-01-01

        REPORTED winner mtbikesman

    kpato at 2015-12-31

    wanderer_bot at 2015-12-31

    christian freeling at 2015-12-31

    shinnosuke at 2015-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2015-12-31

    mungo at 2015-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2015-12-31

    opmp at 2015-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2015-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2015-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2015-12-31

    Marius Halsor at 2015-12-31

    The_Burglar at 2015-12-31

    wanderer_bot at 2015-12-31

    kpato at 2015-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2015-12-31

    The_Burglar at 2015-12-31

    2015 (from 2017 seaver)————————

    WislaKrakow at 2016-01-01

    Tommah ? at 2016-01-01

    William Fraser at 2016-01-01

        REPORTED winner The_Burglar

    wanderer_bot at 2016-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2016-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-31

    wanderer_bot at 2016-12-31

    The_Burglar at 2016-12-31

    kpato at 2016-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2016-12-31

    kingofthebesI at 2016-12-31

    bennok at 2016-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2016-12-31

    mtbikesman at 2016-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-31

    Ingo Althofer at 2016-12-31

    The_Burglar at 2016-12-31

    The_Burglar at 2016-12-31

    urmaul at 2016-12-31

    Ed Collins ? at 2016-12-31

    William Fraser at 2016-12-31

    2016 (from 2017 seaver)————————

    Tommah ? at 2017-01-01

    wanderer_bot at 2017-01-01

    Ingo Althofer at 2017-01-01

    ypercube ? at 2017-01-01

    wanderer_bot at 2017-01-01

    The_Burglar at 2017-01-01

    The_Burglar at 2017-01-01

        REPORTED winner William Fraser

    editted using notepad++«««««««<

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-11-16

    At the moment we seem to be on New York time

  • wanderer_bot at 2017-11-16

    Hey, Burglar. It seems to me that you are trying to steal a win this year by boring us to death with that long post and scaring us away from the thread. Appropriate for a Burglar, I guess – but you've been caught!  :)

  • Hjallti at 2017-11-29

    Caught because of somebody wandering around…

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-11-29

    ah wander an anagram of my real name

  • gamesorry at 2017-11-29

    Nice discovery, Andrew!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2017-12-09

    Happy to see that this thread is still alive.

    Stay tuned … Ingo.

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-12-09


  • Tommah at 2017-12-09

    I understand.

  • KPT at 2017-12-10

    As a creator of this thread-game i second BUFFER OVERLOAD last message.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2017-12-14

    I do not answer to this boring game. Will generate Buffer overload at a most unpleasant time!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2017-12-14







    o v e r l o a


  • mungo ★ at 2017-12-21

    Oh no, not again. Another new years eve spent behind the computer and watch the clock tick down to make the last post…

    Glory and honour to the winner :)

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-12-21

    Most other forums I've been on have pages to reduce the download size, which would quite useful on this thread

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-12-25

    We still seem to be in Eastern Standard Time,

    so if you in New York, Washington, Boston or Miami forget the fireworks

    and become the winner, of this thread, this year

  • mtbikesman at 2017-12-26

    Eastern time zone?

    So if I click at 8:59 and 50 seconds my time I should win the cash prize.

    How much is it this year?

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-12-26

    21:00:50 - 21:00:59 spans both years, so somewhere inbetween

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-12-26

    21:00:54 seems best chance :55 would (if clock unadjusted) be too late

  • Hjallti at 2017-12-31

    i try now

  • Maurizio De Leo at 2017-12-31

    Happy new year to everyone

  • gamesorry at 2017-12-31

    Happy New Year!

  • Hjallti at 2017-12-31

    see you

  • William Fraser at 2017-12-31

    @mtbikesman  Due to the generosity of our sponsors, the prize this year will be 50% higher than last year.

  • kingofthebesI at 2017-12-31

    happy new year congrats to whoever wins

  • Hjallti at 2017-12-31

    happynew year

  • KPT at 2017-12-31


  • bennok at 2017-12-31

    A happy new year!

    just a few words for you all strong players around the world!

  • klaashaas at 2017-12-31

    Happy new year

  • 68 Zebras at 2017-12-31

    Happy New Year GMT + 54 seconds, 5 hours to go

  • mtbikesman at 2017-12-31

    Happy New Year from warm and sunny southern California.

  • Tommah at 2017-12-31

    Happy New Year from Philadelphia!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2018-01-01

    What a pity. During the last night I completely forgot about this important game. Instead my wife and me played backgammon for hours - with very strange games!! Happy new year to all of you, Ingo.

    PS. When the dust has settled within 48 hours, we will know about the winner of this edition.

  • ypercube ★ at 2018-01-01

    Happy New Year!

  • 68 Zebras at 2018-01-01

    Well done Tommah at least 10 seconds early

  • mungo ★ at 2018-01-02

    Happy new year everyone!

  • mungo ★ at 2018-01-03

    Congratulations Tommah!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2018-01-03

    Tommah has won the 2017-edition of the game.


    For the Hall of Fame this means:

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer

    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 TheBurglar FreeHosting Net

    2016 William Fraser

    2017 Tommah

    Elisa Kabiljo remains the only participant

    with more than one win.

    Referee Ingo.

  • KPT at 2018-01-03

    Congratulations Tommah!Thanks again referee Ingo.

  • mtbikesman at 2018-01-04

    About one second.

  • Tommah at 2018-01-05

    Thanks, everybody!  I guess all my years of watching the clock have finally paid off!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2018-09-11

    Hello friends, this is a wake-up call.

    the thread is open for contributions to the 2018-edition of the “last post of the year”-game.

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • Carroll ★ at 2018-09-11

    Way too early, still summer here!

  • wanderer_bot at 2018-09-11

    Thanks for the nudge, Ingo. Reminds me how I miss some of the other silly but fun games like the word association game and the word pair game. For some inexplicable reason they both basically disappeared after the new design of the site was released.

  • KPT at 2018-09-11

    The reign of this silly game will never end.12 years and counting.

  • mungo ★ at 2018-12-12

    Are you sure? Maybe this year nobody will play.

  • 68 Zebras at 2018-12-12

    05:00 GMT I will be dreaming of winning

    That's if I go to sleep between 00:40 and 1:00

    And assume the last 20 minutes of an average (4 hours) sleep cycle is the rapid eye movement

  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2018-12-16

    This seems to be the never ending game ?

  • 68 Zebras at 2018-12-16

    It's always starting and then finishing at the servers year end

    But do some servers run with more than one time zone?

  • 68 Zebras at 2018-12-29

    Won't be up at 05:05:44 gmt, so good luck all

    to find best time to win

    1) play a move at a known time

    2) back step and take time recorded for move

    3) find difference

    Repeat) keep the biggest and smallest differences and play a seconds value inbetween

  • 68 Zebras at 2018-12-29

    that will get you a message in the new year

    but take another second or two off to get a last post

  • Hjallti at 2018-12-31

    Happy 2019 to you all

  • Ingo Althofer at 2018-12-31

    Hello, my old and new friends.

    I wish you all the best for 2019 - and hopefully we will also get a new winner in this deep game ;-)

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • mtbikesman at 2018-12-31

    It is now seconds before 4:00 pm California time.  Happy New Year.

  • Jonny at 2018-12-31

    happy new year y all

  • KPT at 2018-12-31

    i forgot this time!!!HNY my fellows!

  • 68 Zebras at 2018-12-31

    4 hours to go until winner, Happy New Year all

  • mungo ★ at 2018-12-31

    Happy new year!


  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2018-12-31

    Happy New Year to all ?

  • 68 Zebras at 2018-12-31

    3 hours to go, off to bye bye land (02:05:43 gmt)

  • Carroll ★ at 2018-12-31

    All the best games for you all in 2019 !

  • mtbikesman at 2018-12-31

    Happy New Year to everyone.  Cept those who continue to beat me at TwixT.

  • Tommah at 2018-12-31

    Happy New Year 2019 from Philadelphia!

  • ypercube ★ at 2018-12-31

    Happy New Year to all!

  • gamesorry at 2019-01-01

    Happy New Year!

  • 68 Zebras at 2019-01-01

    Can not split yet between Tommah and ypercube

    refreshed two pages at 01:05:40 gmt and01:05:45 gmt

  • Ingo Althofer at 2019-01-02

    Pleaase, wait 24 more hours. I will post the result as soon as the website shows dates instead of “x hours ago”.


  • mtbikesman at 2019-01-02

    I made my post at precisely 8:59:57 California time and my watch is synced to Naval Observatory time to the nearest fifth of a second.

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-01-02

    … but LG clock is not that accurate, it was 5h6m late on GMT last time I looked.

  • William Fraser at 2019-01-02

    Wow, only 3 serious entrants this year.  Something must have been up (I know it was for me).

  • Ingo Althofer at 2019-01-03

    ypercube has won the 2018-edition of the game.


    For the Hall of Fame this means:

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer

    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 TheBurglar FreeHosting Net

    2016 William Fraser

    2017 Tommah

    2018 ypercube

    Elisa Kabiljo remains the only participant

    with more than one win.

    Referee Ingo.

  • ypercube ★ at 2019-01-03

    Tommah was almost there (to win for 2nd time). Our posts were made with only a few seconds difference.

  • Carroll ★ at 2019-01-03

    Congratulations for you and best luck for 2019 which is the smallest number sum of the squares of three primes in six ways!

    from Ed Southall

  • KPT at 2019-01-03

    Congrats ypercube! and thanks Professor Ingo!!

  • 68 Zebras at 2019-01-03

    Server time drift is about 1 second a day

    So could be around 11 minutes past the hour next time

  • mungo ★ at 2019-01-03

    Thanks for the information Burglar. So we can all start planning how to win next year. And congrats to ypercube.


  • mtbikesman at 2019-01-04

    I thought they might actually set the time correctly so I entered exactly two seconds before midnight.

  • bennok at 2019-01-04

    A happy new year, from one who managed to have his name on the list…

    …by pure luck considering how much energy you guys put into this :)

    Can't (yet) figure how you manage to determine the server time !

    Not (yet) sure I will try to do so !

    Best of games to all and long live Littlegolem and the hands that shaped it.

  • 68 Zebras at 2019-01-04

    To find server time you will need moves to play and a synced clock with seconds displayed

    Play a move at a known time, back step to get server time of last move (hope that opponent has not made a reply) and find difference

    Server time has no seconds shown so will have to repeat but at a different number of seconds past the minute

    Also due to drift will have to record date, and repeat on other dates

    At the moment the server is later by about 1 second a day, but expect this to switch the other way !

  • Ingo Althofer at 2019-10-07

    Warmup call!

    Gentlemen, start your engines.


  • mungo ★ at 2019-11-26

    Not much activity in the forum these days. I might win :)

  • 68 Zebras at 2019-11-26

    Would have to be online at 05:13 ish to have a chance

  • KPT at 2019-11-26

    Wow, this is early! you guys are on fire.

  • pensando at 2019-12-02


  • unique at 2019-12-08
  • pensando at 2019-12-08

    Nice try ;-)

  • 68 Zebras at 2019-12-12

    -18 days and counting forwards/upwards/onward

  • Sighris at 2019-12-15

    Happy New Day….. Today and every day!

  • 68 Zebras at 2019-12-18

    Current offset range from GMT 05:12:34-39

    Need to play more moves at 35 to 38 seconds past to refine further, and work out drift

  • Sighris at 2019-12-20

    Have a nice weekend everybody!

  • pensando at 2019-12-20

    The same to you! :)

  • MisterCat at 2019-12-24


    Next week, I'll post my 'happy new year', so I can WIN this thing!


  • 68 Zebras at 2019-12-25

    Now 05:12:50 adding (11 to 16)/14 seconds for 6.75 days

    So best before 05:12:55-8 at years end, good luck will be asleep

  • 68 Zebras at 2019-12-25

    Miscalculation used gap of 14 instead of 7 days (blame human part of brain?)

    New prediction of best time 05:13:00-06

  • KPT at 2019-12-31

    Damn!! i forgot.HNY my friends!!!!

  • Jonny at 2019-12-31

    Happy neu year too!!

  • mungo ★ at 2019-12-31

    Happy new year everyone!

  • Tommah at 2019-12-31

    Happy New Year 2020 from Philadelphia!

  • ypercube ★ at 2020-01-01

    Happy New Year 2020!

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-01-01

    Cheers for new years, which would cover all years to come

    So maybe

    Cheers for new year, and then repeat it each time

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-01-01

    Welcome to the twenty twenties

    Or maybe the warming twenties

    Which may become the cooling twenties halfway thru

    The trend seems to a rapid increase followed by a long decrease

  • pensando at 2020-01-02

    Happy new year!!!! :) :) :)

  • KPT at 2020-01-02

    i think we have a winner,lets the official announcement from our referee, Professor Ingo.

  • KPT at 2020-01-02


  • 68 Zebras at 2020-01-03

    Congrats Tommah, maybe with 2 seconds too spare

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-01-04

    For the Hall of Fame this means: (Professor Ingo not connected for 2 months)

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer

    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 TheBurglar FreeHosting Net

    2016 William Fraser

    2017 Tommah

    2018 ypercube

    2019 Tommah

    Elisa Kabiljo & Tommah are the only participants with more than one win.

  • KPT at 2020-01-04

    Thank you, Burglar (Professor Ingo can give the seal of approval later)

    Congrats to Tommah!!!!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2020-01-06

    My dear friends,

    this year family had priority. So, I completely missed the competition. Sorry for that. Thanks to the burglar for continuing the list of winners.

    And of course, congratulations to Tommah for winning !

    Cheers, Ingo (living in the hope to participate again in 360 days).

  • Tommah at 2020-01-11

    Many thanks to all!  I hope this year treats you well.

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-12-07

    server midnight is somewhere between 05:02:00 & 05:02:30 GMT (Global Mask Times)

  • KPT at 2020-12-08

    Dear fellows:

    For contingency reasons due to the pandemic,I am very sorry to inform that this competition has been canceled this year.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and encourage you to participate next year.

    Happy Holidays.

  • Andrey at 2020-12-08

    Sorry if i miss something. What is the connection between last year post game and the pandemic?

  • mungo ★ at 2020-12-08

    Wise decision KPT!

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-12-08

    It should be a democratic decision decided within a month or so

  • KPT at 2020-12-10

    it's funny how Andrey said that this game was stupid (about 14 years ago)but he still participate every year hahaha

  • Andrey at 2020-12-10

    Well, I have never participated in this game.

  • Paulzz at 2020-12-10

    The french prime minister just announced a curfew from 8pm to 6am until the 3 of January, excepting Christmas eve, but including new year's eve.

    I'm going to be a serious contender for this game this year.

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-12-11

    5:02:25 real time test (due to bad back can not sleep flat) GMT

  • Crelo at 2020-12-11


  • spartacu5 at 2020-12-12


  • 68 Zebras at 2020-12-12

    Jingle bells covid smells stay well avoid hell

  • Ingo Althofer at 2020-12-15

    What a year … We have to play.


  • KPT at 2020-12-18

    Prof. IngoIm very glad you are here.

    Big hug from Chile.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2020-12-22

    Hope, you are all well despite Corona.  Ingo.

  • Hjallti at 2020-12-24

    I wish everyone a good 2021….

    And good luck with the 15th kpato challenge…

  • Ed Collins at 2020-12-26

    Question:  Is my rule from 2006 still in effect?

    Only ONE posting allowed in this topic after 11:30 pm, 12/31, server time!

    I proposed it fourteen years ago, prior to the first game, to prevent people from flooding the server just prior to midnight.   I proposed that anyone posting more than once after 11:30 pm is automatically disqualified.

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-12-26

    Many days after new year posts will only dates, no data on minutes or hours

    So maybe disqualify if multiple posts in a row

  • KPT at 2020-12-26

    Of course the legendary ED COLLINS'S RULE its still an official rule. Thanks for the reminder, Ed!

  • Paulzz at 2020-12-26


    There's a curfew in France during new year's eve, officially because of the covid , but actually because the government has decided it's about time someone from France wins Kpato's game. But many other countries have seen through France's strategy and have ordered curfews themselves.

    So Kpato's game will be as disputed as usual. But I'm not giving up already.

    PS: On his last speech, French president has announced that France will still acknowledge Ed Collins' rule this year.

  • add3993 at 2020-12-27

    As a game extension, I suggest that being the last commenter during the k-th second before the buzzer contributes a score of 1/k.   You get one entry-comment per year, so your overall score will be induced by some interval, e.g. 1/10 + 1/9 + 1/8, if you held position for 3 seconds starting 11:59:50 on NYE.

    The last poster would still get 1/0 = infinity and win, but fighting for 2nd place and so on could become more interesting, since the Harmonic Series diverges…   Anyway, this is my entry.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2020-12-28

    @add: your proposal is too complicated. Let us stay simple.

    @for all French: There will be an extra airliner to Reunion - maybe this will help you in the game ?!

    Ingo (still waiting for the first winner from Aisa !)

  • Paul Wiselius at 2020-12-28

    I may have time to participate this year. What GMT-time runs Richard's site?? Right now here 13:56

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-12-28

    Using a waveceptor watch accurate to 1 second and a finger eye reaction maybe accurate to 1 secondPlay a move and then go back to see time move was made (but without seconds)Repeat but at different seconds past the minute

    My last two moves ( same date for GMT and server time

    13:06:40 GMT = 08:05:??13:07:35 GMT = 08:05:??

    So a message at 05:01:35 GMT might by a server time of 23:59:55 to 23:59:59

  • Paul Wiselius at 2020-12-28

    Thanx, great tip!

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-12-28

    latest test

    23:43:36 GMT = 18:41:xx   difference 05:02:36 -(xx) 59 seconds =05:01:37

    23:45:37 GMT = 18:44:yy  difference 05:01:37 -(yy) 00 seconds

    eg 05:01:36 GMT could win at the moment but clock drift could give 05:01:38 a chance

  • Ingo Althofer at 2020-12-31

    Happy new year to everybody!


  • Luca Cerrato ★ at 2020-12-31

    Buon anno

  • Hjallti at 2020-12-31

    Happy 2021

  • KPT at 2020-12-31

    HNY :)

  • Ed Collins at 2020-12-31

    Goodbye (and good riddance) to 2020.  Hello 2021.  Happy New Year.

  • Carroll ★ at 2020-12-31

    Happy New Years fellow players!

  • 68 Zebras at 2020-12-31

    4 hours to game, Happy new year

  • mungo ★ at 2020-12-31

    Happy new year little golemers!

  • William Fraser at 2020-12-31

    Crossing my fingers!

  • Paulzz at 2020-12-31

    Happy new year everyone!

  • Tommah at 2020-12-31

    Happy New Year from Philadelphia.  I wish you all a 2021 full of joy, relief, and good games.

  • Ed Collins at 2021-01-01

    Happy 2021!

  • William Fraser at 2021-01-01

    I'm pretty sure the only people in contention are mungo, William Fraser, Paulzz, and Tommah.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2021-01-01

    Here we go again.  Cheers, Ingo.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2021-01-01

    Late, but nevertheless a Happy new year everybody! ;)

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-01-01

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-01-01

    Happy new years afternoon

  • gamesorry at 2021-01-01

    Happy New Year!

  • Nagy Fathy ★ at 2021-01-03

    Happy new year!

  • William Fraser at 2021-01-03

    Congratulations, Tommah!

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-01-03

    Congrats Tommah!

  • lorentz at 2021-01-03

    Way to go Tommah!

    What time zone is LG in now?

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-01-03

    A post at 05:01:32 minus a second a day might win a daily contest

  • William Fraser at 2021-01-03

    To answer lorentz, the time zone is a few minutes off of Eastern US time.

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-01-03

    For the Hall of Fame this means:

    2006 Jonny

    2007 kpato

    2008 Isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the Wanderer_c account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer

    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 TheBurglar FreeHosting Net

    2016 William Fraser

    2017 Tommah

    2018 ypercube

    2019 Tommah

    2020 Tommah

    Elisa Kabiljo & Tommah are the only participants with more than one win.

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-01-03

    Hall of Fame (linked version)

    2006 Jonny

    2007KPT ★

    2008 isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo

    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok

    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the wanderer_bot account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer

    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 The_Burglar

    2016 William Fraser

    2017 Tommah

    2018ypercube ★

    2019 Tommah

    2020 Tommah

  • Ingo Althofer at 2021-01-04

    Congrats to Tommah for winning the new competition, and thanks to “The Burglar”, for updating the statistics!

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2021-01-04

    Congrats to Tommah :}

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-01-04

    Could someone delete my previous post, it was meant to have hall of fame using links to players, so if they change their name it will update

    That post somehow prints without updating bounds, eg x_max,y_max

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-01-04

    Maybe it needs just another go ;)

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-01-04

    or two

  • Tommah at 2021-01-04

    Thanks, everybody.  Having won the contest three times now, I think it is time for me to retire and to let a new generation of competitors emerge.

    Happy New Year once again.

  • Ed Collins at 2021-01-04

    No, don't retire!  Next year I figured I'd just wait for YOU to post, and then try to post a fraction of a second after you.  I figured that gave me my best chance to win!


  • Andrey at 2021-01-05

    The legends should continue. Sorry, Tommah :))

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-09-24

    and 42 here

  • KPT at 2021-09-24

    not again, this stupid game…

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-09-27

    Was 42ms on a pc
    And 75ms on a tablet so not too slow

  • KPT at 2021-11-28

    It is with great sadness that I inform all my colleagues that this year's game has been canceled due to the pandemic. Please do not bump this thread to avoid confusion. Happy Holidays

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-11-28

    My Hall of Fame post must have triggered a bug fix and now works (except for some mis-spacing {maybe my fault})

  • Ingo Althofer at 2021-12-31

    To all my friends: Here we go! Cheers, Ingo.

    PS: You may have looks at my new board games with simple rules: —- San Jego (name contains elements from Jena and Lego), a variant of Clobber —- Galtoni (a mixture of 'Galton Board' and 'Connect 4') —- If players on LitteGolem were interested, I would give Richard a license for installing them on LittleGolem.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2021-12-31

    Good luck everyone :). Richard's server time 24:00 will be between 04:00 and 05:00 local time here, and my motivation is not that big to stay or get awake for this game. Unless of course, apart from the great honor, the price could be only a small percentage of Magnus Carlsen's world champion win bonus…!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2021-12-31

    There exists a magazine “Annals of Improbable Research”, bimonthly published.
    It is related to the system of Ig Noble Prizes. Perhaps, if all or many winners
    of the “last posting of year competitions on LG” find together and write a
    report on their techniques and experiences we might have the chance to get
    a condensed vesion of the report published in the Annals. For some of the winners
    it would be a chance to get a finite Erdos number…
    I would be willing to contribute to such a report :-)
    Two links: —- —

  • Hjallti at 2021-12-31

    Happy new year

  • Hjallti at 2021-12-31

    Ingo, i have Erdos number 4 (or smaller) so if I am co author everyone would get at most 5….

  • Paul Wiselius at 2021-12-31

    Happy new year everyone! I live already 1 hour in 2022! ;)

  • mungo ★ at 2021-12-31

    Happy new year!

  • 68 Zebras at 2021-12-31

    Happy New Years

  • Ratstar ★ at 2021-12-31

    i spilt my drink all over the comp table happy new year 2022!

  • spartacu5 at 2022-01-01

    happy new year!

  • pensando at 2022-01-01

    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! :)
    Happy New Year! :)

  • Ingo Althofer at 2022-01-01

    I have two different Erdos numbers. The normal one, on co-authors
    of papers is a 3. The other one is “2”. Erdos liked to pose open
    problems: “For this question I offer 50 Dollars.” My boss, Rudolf
    Ahlswede, won 100 $ one time, and 500 $ at another occasion.

    In turn, once we had a guest in Bielefeld at the end of 1989,
    Ralph Gasser from ETH Zurich, who treated the board game “Nine men's
    morris” in his ph.d project. In an early phase Ralph had done
    complete backward analysis of the 6-vs-4 endgame. There are
    positions, which are won in 158 moves if both sides play optimally.

    However, the paths to win are narrow.
    Ahlswede did no believe that. As a young student in Goettingen
    he had been the best morris-player in the University. Our bet was:
    if he won such a position against Gasser's database I would pay
    him 100 Deutsche Mark. If he would not win, he had to pay me 10 DM.
    After move 1, Gasser remarked: now it is a draw. Ahlswede did not believe
    and tried for another 80 move pairs, of course without success.
    So I earned 10 DM. A few days later another old math prof asked me
    on the floor: “Times seem to have changed: You had this bet where
    you as a poor assistant gave your boss a 10:1 quota. Did I get that right?”
    I confirmed, and he only shook his head.

    Those interested in participating in the report project may contact
    me via PM or directly with email at
    You know by what symbol you have to substitute GOLEM.

  • KPT at 2022-01-01

    Happy new year, my fellow players.
    Best wishes for everyone.

    coming soon, Referee Prof. Ingo will be sharing the official results of the yearly contest.

    See you in the board!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2022-01-03

    According to the date stamps we have a winner for the
    2021 edition of our demanding game. It is

    “Ratstar” from Canada.
    Congratulations from my side!

    And here ist the updated “Hall of Fame”

    2006 Jonny

    2007 KPT ★
    2008 isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo
    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok
    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the wanderer_bot account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer
    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 The_Burglar
    2016 William Fraser

    2017 Tommah
    2018 ypercube ★

    2019 Tommah
    2020 Tommah

    2021 Ratstar

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • 68 Zebras at 2022-11-11

    50 day reminder

  • Ingo Althofer at 2022-11-16

    Okay, here we go.

    By the way, a question:
    have picture-generating tools like Dall-E and midjourney been already
    discussed at LittleGolem?

    Dall-E 2 gave me some fascinating pictures on the phrase
    “Einstein does not role dice”

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • KPT at 2022-11-16

    Professor Ingo:

    Good to read you again at this eve of the year.
    Will you share with us some of these pictures?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2022-11-17

    Here is the link for a short pdf with 6 Dall-E-pictures on Ewn and Albert:

    Feedback ist welcome. Ingo.

  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2022-11-17

    There is a long thread around this and similar tools on the OGS forums. The main finding was that Dall-E does not understand go stones are placed on the intersections. :-)

  • KPT at 2022-11-17

    AI it's pretty scary

  • Ingo Althofer at 2022-11-17

    @richyfortytwo: thnaks for that hint. I did not know that
    threads with so many pictures do exist. Unbelievable.
    For all the others:
    Type in your search engine
    ogs i used an ai to make paintings only using the terms baduk and …

    and then scroll and scroll and scroll in the leading hits


  • 68 Zebras at 2022-12-25

    1 week

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2022-12-31

    Woohoo, in the lead!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2022-12-31

    Soon the year will end. Stay tuned, Ingo.

  • KPT at 2022-12-31


  • Ricardo (Santos) at 2022-12-31

    Happy New Year!!!

  • 68 Zebras at 2022-12-31

    Good luck, I will be asleep at 05:00 ish

    Happy New Years to all in all time zones

  • Paul Wiselius at 2022-12-31

    Happy New Year everybody!

  • mungo ★ at 2022-12-31

    Happy new year!

  • Ingo Althofer at 2023-01-01

    Okay, we had a competition. Now give the dust some time to settle!

    Ingo - hoping for a better and playful new year.

  • KPT at 2023-01-01

    Now we will wait for the official results.
    Thank you, Professor/Referee Ingo.

  • Ingo Althofer at 2023-01-03

    According to the date stamps we have a winner for the
    2021 edition of our demanding game. It is

    “mungo” from Sweden.
    Congratulations from my side!

    And here ist the updated “Hall of Fame”

    2006 Jonny

    2007 KPT ★
    2008 isometry

    2009 Elisa Kabiljo
    2010 Elisa Kabiljo

    2011 bennok
    2012 Richard Lorentz (with the wanderer_bot account)

    2013 Ingo Althofer
    2014 mtbikesman

    2015 The_Burglar
    2016 William Fraser

    2017 Tommah
    2018 ypercube ★

    2019 Tommah
    2020 Tommah

    2021 Ratstar
    2022 mungo

    Cheers, Ingo.

  • KPT at 2023-01-03

    Well done, Mungo!

  • mungo ★ at 2023-01-04

    Finally :)
    My first post in this thread is from 2007. Is that scary or impressive?
    And thanks for the congratulations KPT and Ingo

  • ypercube ★ at 2023-01-04

    congrats mungo!

  • Paul Wiselius at 2023-01-05

    Congrats Mungo! This year I was close, without realizing it.

  • 68 Zebras at 2023-01-05

    I bags the Bronze medal

  • Ingo Althofer at 2023-01-05

    We only supply Gold medals.

    By the way, my posting with the winner and the list of
    previous winners has some mistakes. This is due to my
    electronic assistant - I had asked her to do the job
    (“Next year you have to be more concentrated, my dear OpenAI!“).


  • KPT at 2023-01-06

    WOW!!! what did you request to the OpenAI exactly?

  • Ingo Althofer at 2023-01-10

    Hi, KPT.
    My comment was meant as a joke. But now, I seriously asked ChatGPT something.

    Ingo: On an online game platform we have a silly game, called
    “last post of the year”. Winner ist, who wrote the very last
    posting of the year in that thread. Is that silly or interesting?

    Whether or not the game you described is silly or interesting is
    a matter of personal opinion. Some people might find it to be a
    fun and lighthearted way to engage with other users on the platform,
    while others might see it as a trivial or pointless activity.

    From a game design perspective, this type of game can be a good
    way to encourage engagement and participation among users, as it
    creates a sense of competition and encourages people to post more
    frequently. However, it can also be argued that this type of game
    may not offer much in terms of long-term engagement or meaningful
    interaction. Ultimately, whether or not this type of game is
    successful will depend on the preferences and interests of the
    users of the platform.

    There's nothing wrong with creating fun and simple games for online
    communities, but if you're looking to create a more engaging and
    meaningful experience for users, you may want to consider other
    types of games or activities that can foster a sense of community
    and interaction.

    Ok, a rather long answer already. But I wanted to dig deeper.

    My idea is that people - amongst other things - learn about high
    frequency trading (in fractions of seconds).

    High-frequency trading (HFT) is a type of automated trading that
    uses sophisticated algorithms and high-speed computer systems to
    execute trades in financial markets at extremely high speeds. It
    is often used by hedge funds, investment banks, and other financial
    institutions to make large numbers of trades in fractions of a second.

    If your goal is to use an online game to teach people about
    high-frequency trading, it's important to keep in mind that
    the topic can be quite complex and technical, and may not be
    easy to convey in a game format. That being said, here are a
    few potential ideas for how you might incorporate elements of
    HFT into an online game: … [long explanations skipped]

    You may also consider adding educational elements within the
    game, like tutorials, explanations, or even incorporating
    quizzes to test the players understanding, this way they can
    better understand the concept while having fun.

    It's important to note that creating a game to teach HFT is a
    complex task and would require a deep understanding of the
    topic as well as strong game development skills. If you're
    interested in pursuing this idea, I recommend partnering with
    individuals or teams who have expertise in both finance and
    game development.

    So far. I recommended we stay with our old simple version
    of the game.

    Cheers, Ingo.

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