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rating charts are missing
  • xed_over at 2020-10-02

    Are there any plans to restore the missing rating charts?

  • Elsabio at 2020-10-04

    I definitely miss the rating charts, because it's a very good feature to have a look on the own development and the development of the players you are playing with. What is your oppinion abtut this?

  • mortenand at 2020-10-07

    I miss the rating charts.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-10-07

    I wish I had captured a screen shot. Maybe there is still a way to access one from a “wayback” site?

  • Dvd Avins at 2020-10-07

    I hope they'll come back when the conversion to every variation having its own tournaments and ratings is complete.

  • bob440 at 2021-01-04

    I miss the rating charts, too. Still hoping they'll come back.

  • AE at 2021-01-29

    Was there a reason they went away?

  • Jonny at 2021-01-29

    They will be back. Each for every variant of games

  • Elsabio at 2021-02-04

    @Jonny : How could  you know?

  • Jonny at 2021-02-10

    May be, I´m a prophet.          Or, I just ask Richard…   :-))

  • Elsabio at 2021-02-10


  • Adam Szlachta at 2021-07-08

    I just noticed rating charts are gone for me too.

    It's a sad news after over a dacade of playing, those charts were very useful.

  • Elsabio at 2021-10-27

    It is over a year now since the charts have gone. Are there any news about the comeback of the charts?

  • Thomas ★ at 2022-11-13

    It seems to be over two years now.
    Is there still hope that the rating graphs will be restored?

  • Crelo at 2022-11-13

    Go to https://littlegolem.net/app/, press the menu on the upper left and select Stats.

  • Thomas ★ at 2022-11-14

    Thank you, this works. But some graphs are wider than the screen, and I didn't find out how to scroll horizontally. Maybe one has to sweep the screen, but at my desktop I can't sweep.

  • Crelo at 2022-11-15

    You need a laptop with touchscreen :)

  • Sighris at 2023-03-14

    I went to the LG web address provided by Crelo on 2022-11-13 and I saw my rating chart; however I didn't see a way to check other LG player's charts. Is it possible to see the charts of other players?

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