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Streaming games!
  • Florian Jamain at 2021-01-26

    Hey everybody!

    I just wanted to talk about this idea when shyryan talked about teaching game on TwixT forum. Basically to support the Littlegolem community I would like to start a stream channel on this.

    I will stream some analysis, some short games, some teaching games, etc… the idea is also that everybody can ask for something, we can decide a date and we can make some analysis of games, it can be at low or good level, we can make some teaching games, having some general comments on games, we can play some blitz somewhere, etc… feel free to contact me and we'll see what we could do. Would be a pleasure.

    Of course the idea is that after the stream the videos will be saved and available on the channel so that everybody can watch it when they want.

    I just created the channel:

    And also the discord:

    I hope it can make the community more united!

    See you (-;

    PS: Richard nicely allowed me to use the LG logo.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-01-27

    So we have a 1st participant :P

    We start in 2hours, 8pm in Paris, gonna talk about TwixT with Flemming Jensen!

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-01-27

    I hope you will consider posting completed videos to You Tube. Twitch has a memory leak issue for me.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-01-27

    I will see that yeah, actually it says that they keep it during 60 days so I have some margin to do something for this.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-01-27

    What I mean is, when I am following a Twitch stream on my browser, I am losing RAM at the rate of about 1 Megabyte per second. So I can participate for about half an hour and then I have to reboot my machine.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-01-27

    Well I hope it was a good experience this very first stream ;D

    The video is on the channel.

    We talked about TwixT at a pretty high level, would be a pleasure to make some other ones, on every game you want and at any level.

  • add3993 at 2021-01-27

    Really, really nice and useful.  thank you Florian!  (and Flemming!)

    Small comment, it would help in future to equalize the audio levels a bit more.

    Please feel encouraged to do as many Twixt streams as you would like to.  Twixt vs Hex comparisons, particularly in regard to opening/broad strategy, are also welcomed.

  • spartacu5 at 2021-01-28

    Hi! A friend and I were also thinking to do a very similar thing, streaming abstract games, and we will also start doing it soon. I'm glad to see this topic discussed!

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-01-28

    Maybe in an hour a stream for twixt beginners this time. If you never played it maybe it can help you to try it!

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-01-31

    If someone like Flemming wanna talk about his games or something tell me (-;

    By the way I don't think that LG players are really Twitch users :D

    But it's sad cause I think it could be a really great ressource to keep the community alive.

    But a twitch account is required, you need to “follow” the stream so that you'll have a notification when it starts, etc…

    Cause actually it's pretty useless I guess xD

    Moreover I'm not sure to understand their rules but I'm anxious that if you don't have 50 followers at least they removed your videos faster.

    Youtube can also be an interesting ressource as David Bush said.

  • Maurizio De Leo at 2021-01-31

    Yes, I second Youtube.

    There seems to be more “permanence”

  • ypaul21 at 2021-01-31

    I also always seem to have issues buffering videos on Twitch, but it is never a problem on YouTube no matter which device I use. I was watching the first stream for a while before I gave up because the video kept stopping every five seconds.

  • add3993 at 2021-01-31

    Hi Florian, I've joined Twitch and followed you in case it helps (suggest putting a link in your bio, and/or commenting on LG each time a stream is starting); earlier had been watching the videos post-recording without an account.

  • Carroll ★ at 2021-01-31

    Yes me too, thanks Florian it is very interesting, I enjoyed “les 3 principes fondamentaux”.

    How do you explain that in your example against David, you did not use the third one of “forced answers” ?

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-01-31

    Well, first, I'll try to at least reach the 50 followers on Twitch cause it seems to be an issue there.

    On the other hand I'll consider Youtube also, but the videos will be done on Twitch and then posted on a youtube channel, i need to think a little about this but it won't be a problem.

    Carroll, I think in this very interesting game with David it was an amazing illustration of the second law, both players were keeping the 2 possible paths in their minds until the very end, it was not “really” an illustration of “forced answers” to me.

    Remember that it's a pleasure for me to do this, really, but I cannot do it alone, I believe that it is really nice if some other players make some comments, ask questions or even better come on the stream like Flemming did.

    With experience we can make some videos more structured like with 3 points to see, with 3 games studied of someone, let say in 1 hour, so that it's not too long.

    Moreover it is possible on Twitch to plan when you gonna stream so we can do something nice.

    Of course we'll never have thousand peoples who are interested in abstract games, but I don't have such expectations, if a small number of players enjoy to participate and learn stuff on games (counting me in) I'll be happy.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-01

    Well, for YouTube, it's done:

    I don't think it gonna make more views, even trying some stupid heavy titles (a friend told me it's something :D) but at least the videos won't be deleted here I guess!

  • add3993 at 2021-02-01

    “The one move that lost EVERYTHING”

    and then a screenshot of you clutching your head in disbelief…

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-02

    Next stream around 8pm-8.30pm in Paris.

    We gonna analyze some Hex games played by add3993!

  • z at 2021-02-02


  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-02

    Sadly the video won't be available cause of internet issue, which is actually solved but too late.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-03

    Finally I could make a short video this morning to summarize what we said yesterday with Andy, so the Hex video is on the channel.

  • Carroll ★ at 2021-02-03

    Hi Florian, I tried to follow the twitch but the stream was to laggy to follow. I tried to trim my parameters and change browser without success.

    Can you elaborate on what you found was the cause?

    Thanks for the energy you put into this project, I'm sure more people will find the added value and will follow.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-03

    The problem was just that my box wanted to do an update…

    After restarting the box everything was fine. So the video of yesterday is dead, I just made another one quickly summarizing what we said.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-04

    Gonna talk a little about polyomino now!

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-05

    The problem of streaming on Twitch is that normally people need to make the effort of creating an account to follow the streams they like.

    If the abstract games community is not motivated to do it, it cannot work cause the idea of these streams is that followers will recieve some notifications when streams start and can come in to participate. For instance I have the application twitch on my smartphone.

    Actually I don't think it is relevant, it is many time and energy for not so much, even if it's still funny for me to do it, if it was not a pleasure of course it would be 100% stupid.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-06

    Someone wanna analyze his games of something he wants?

  • add3993 at 2021-02-06

    Enjoying the stream, thanks so much for re-recording what we discussed!    :)

    there might be a “connection” between the slow pace of LG games, and the difficulty of finding a live audience for streams here.  I often only have a few minutes at a time to play or study.  but I am watching and learning when able.  the Polynomino discussion is very useful.

  • spartacu5 at 2021-02-07

    yes florian , let me know

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-07

    True Andy, but before strating to count on “live audience” already we can see who is creating an account to follow the stream, cause it is basically the beginning on Twitch.

    There are 6000 accounts it seems on LG, obtaining just let say 40 follows from here seem not like “crazy”.

    I know that probably almost nobody got a Twitch account on LG but… it should be tried, it's a great ressource I guess.

  • mmKALLL at 2021-02-07

    The problem with Twitch for me is timezones. Both EU and US streams are quite difficult to access from Japan; usually when I get a notification I'm either working or sleeping.

    However, I applaud the effort! I think abstract games are an interesting niche with lots of things that deserve to be shared to more people. I would like to encourage streaming and making videos as long as it is fun for you, and trying to preserve those streams on YouTube. I'm certain that these will be invaluable as a learning resource for future players.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-09

    At 8.15pm I receive spartacu5 on the stream to talk about his Hex games !  =>

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-09

    (French time)

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-11

    Gonna start a general stream on abstract games, will see if it can be interesting.

  • shyryan ★ at 2021-02-13

    I missed the live streams but the 3 Twixt videos you posted were so, so helpful in helping me understand the strategies. I particularly liked the way you kept the focus on whole-board strategy without getting too into tactics. If you're looking for another player to do some analysis with, I would be very excited to join you, but either way, I hope you keep posting analysis videos (on Twitch or Youtube, whichever ends up working better for you)!!

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-13

    Sure, I don't know if I'll have the energy to post many videos by myself, will see this, but if someone wanna participate I will always do it cause it's a pleasure for me.

    So yeah, will see when we can do it, you can register on the discord I gave and we'll talk there what we could do and when.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-16

    Tonight 8pm in France I will receive shyryan on the stream to talk about TwixT.

  • spartacu5 at 2021-02-20

    Streaming now!

  • spartacu5 at 2021-02-20


  • Christian K at 2021-02-20

    I am happy to see this kind of thing :) I tried starting LittleGolemTV 8 years ago with some replays of matches on little golem and analysis. It good a decent start but never really took off, I didn't put in the effort to really make it something.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-21

    That's fun but still complicated cause not many players got a Twitch account, every follow is appreciated and participation on lives of course.

    By the way if someone wanna talk about something, just contact me and we'll make a new one (-;

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-21

    I'll make a really short stream on dots and boxes in the afternoon for beginners cause I think some players probably don't know the basis on this game.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-21

    Will start soon

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-02-21

    what is the link?

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-02-21

    Gonna start in 5min

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-03-04

    If someone wanne talk about something I'm still there of course :P

  • opmp at 2021-03-04

    oh yes. Analyse this game. Where i made the mistake? I lost the game actually with two points difference. Was the big L the mistake or earlyer, or later. It is an polyomina game…

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-03-05

    This game is not over :P

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-05

    Tumbleweed stream happening 9pm sunday night Stockholm time. Will give details for the twitch before it happens!

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-07

    Streaming on Twitch tonight at 9pm Stockholm time!

    The main event will be Atari - Pigna

    Polina and I will provide commentary

  • shyryan ★ at 2021-03-07

    Florian I will definitely be asking you some more questions once I've had time to finish the games where I'm applying what we talked about! : )

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-03-07

    Perfect! Everybody is welcome on the stream (-;

    Would be really interesting by the way to see your feedback.

    Also if someone wanna come on the stream to teach me something, i would be happy to be the one who is asking questions haha

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-08

    the stream is saved here:

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-12

    More abstract streaming this Sunday 5pm Stockholm time! Details to follow

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-13

    Correction - 4pm stockholm time (there was a daylight savings i had forgotten about)

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-13

    In omaha nebraska

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-14

    Streaming abstracts in two hours, from this twitch channel:

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-19

    More abstract streaming this Sunday 5:30pm Stockholm time! Details to follow

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-21

    streaming now!

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-21

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-03-24

    By the way my stream is finally “official” to the point of view of Twitch.

    Now I can focus again on abstract games and I would still be happy to receive someone on the stream to talk about games (-;

    NB: I'll try to prepare a stream on Abalone with multiple times World champion Vincent Frochot.

  • Carroll ★ at 2021-03-25

    Oh very cool !

    Could you elaborate on strategy with examples of games if Vincent could show his very nice abalone board?

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-03-25

    Gonna stream some EWN at 5pm or 5.30pm today!

    Will give some general ideas, comment one of my games and then play 2 games really fast against Fraggle_reloaded, his owner made a special change so that the bot will play really quickly! (thx man)

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-03-25


  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-25

    florian, how does it become official?

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-03-25

    Well you have to obtain some achievements to get the “Twitch Affiliation”.

    You can search this and you also have it on your studio on your profile.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-03-25

    EWN stream is done, you can see it on Twitch or on the Youtube now.

    You're welcome to give me some feedback and don't forget to “follow” the stream to support it and have the notifications when one is started (-;

  • spartacu5 at 2021-03-28

    Streaming session from today:

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-04-11

    Gonna stream some Amazons in a few minutes!

    Will be on the youtube later.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-04-14

    After a question of mmKALLL, just to let you know :

    The live videos are made on Twitch :

    If you wanna follow them live, the best is to have an account and follow the stream you will recieve notifications when it's live, moreover I'm saying it here.

    But if you just wanna watch the videos later, the best is to go on the Youtube :

    Where I just upload the videos cause Twitch deletes the videos after 60 days when Youtube just keeps everything forever.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-04-21

    Will make a stream today at 5pm in France (10am at the moment) to talk about the last polyomino championship.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-04-21

    live !

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-05-16

    Live !

    Game : Y

    With Alek Erickson

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-05-23

    Live really soon to talk about Tumbleweed with his inventor Alek Erickson.

  • spartacu5 at 2021-05-24

    Just a correction, Alek Erickson is not the inventor of Tumbleweed :D

    Michal Zapala is the inventor of Tumbleweed :D

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-05-24

    Yes as we said it on the stream, I was believing this but you corrected me :P

  • Zapala at 2021-05-24

    I already said so on Discord, but I want to reiterate that I don't think this was a big deal. In fact, I even found it kinda funny. And I had a great time watching the stream overall!

  • spartacu5 at 2021-05-27

    The stream was fantastic Florian, thank you :D

  • spartacu5 at 2021-06-27

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-07-24

    In a few minutes gonna start a stream of EWN, will be 2 fast games against Fraggle as a rematch.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-07-24

    You can watch the VOD on


    or Twitch:

    Still interested to do some lives with someone who wanna comment/learn/play something !

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-08-22

    I streamed yesterday my Tumbleweed Tournament at Mind Sports Olympiad.

    I was discovering it since I played just 2 games of Tumbleweed before the tournament, and it was really awesome, if you don't know this game you should watch 1 game!

    I uploaded it on YouTube also if you prefer it than Twitch.

    Next week I'll stream the Hex event on Friday and TwixT event on Saturday.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-08-22

    It's nice to have some advance notice! Florian, will you also play in the Hex and Twixt tournaments?

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-08-22

    Yes, I registered to.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-08-23

    Unfortunately, as a participant, I should not listen to you during the event, to avoid any appearance of impropriety.

  • mmKALLL at 2021-08-28

    The Hex and Twixt recordings were very interesting with many exciting games, thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-08-28

    I'm actually uploading the TwixT one on Youtube.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-08-31

    I updated YouTube a lot to give more visibility, all comments and suggestions are welcome (-;

    Moreover I'm still ready if someone wanna partcipate to a stream on every game you want!

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-09-03

    In 2 hours gonna stream my games in the Battle Sheep Tournament of Mind Sports Olympiad.

    You should have a look on this game, also called “splits”, it's an abstract territory game which seems particularly interesting, especially the fact that you start by building the board before playing your pieces on! I did't know the game to be honest, I just played 3 games this week to be sure to have the rules in my mind before playing the tournament but I really enjoyed them, it's really fast, you can play a full game in 5min.

    Tomorrow 5pm in France, I'll stream my 1st round against Nconan in the 3rd Tumbleweed Open.
    Will be my first time on a size 8 board but I already streamed it on size 6 during the MSO event of Tumbleweed.

    Hope doing soon a stream on ConHex with mmKALLL and on everything you want with anybody motivated :P

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-11-01

    These last days I mainly added some games of Tumbleweed I played during 3rd Open and WC.
    You can check it on the YouTube if you wanna see what is this amazing game:

    Of course I'm still available for everything you want, if you wanna make a stream with me, playing or analyzing you can ask!

  • spartacu5 at 2021-11-06

    Tumbleweed World championship game of Hootie versus FLorian Jamain is live now on stream!

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-11-07

    Probably gonna make a stream about Slither this afternoon, around 2pm in France.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-11-08

    The Slither video is on the YouTube:


  • Florian Jamain at 2021-11-20

    Gonna stream right with mmKALLL to talk about ConHex !

  • Florian Jamain at 2022-10-31

    Will stream tomorrow evening 2nd Tumbleweed World Championship.

    I'll play Round 2 against Atari, the defending champion!

    Will be here at 9.00pm:

    If you wanna check the VODs, I have actually 53 videos:

  • Florian Jamain at 2023-01-12

    3 new videos already on 2023:

    TwixT -

    Hex -

    Polyomino -

  • Carroll ★ at 2023-01-13

    Thanks Florian for your nice videos, I watched the TwixT one and it is so simple and convincing even at top level !

  • Florian Jamain at 2023-01-14

    Thx Carroll!

    A short new ones about In a row games:

  • Florian Jamain at 2023-02-13

    Last week I just made a massive graphic update of the YouTube channel, hope it can help to maybe be less “austere” and be easier to understand the contents of each video.

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