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4 replies. Last post: 2021-03-31

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Feature request: focus mode
  • add3993 ★ at 2021-03-26

    Sometimes you want to keep focus on a particular board, even after you've just played a move.  This is most so when playing a fast-paced game, and especially for the emerging LG streaming scene :)  It would be nice to have such a setting, to remain at whatever board you've just played at.  Everything else could the same.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-03-26

    If the Bigger Golem script is installed independently from Tamper Monkey, it will tell you how many games are you to move, WITHOUT the need to refresh or even be on any LG page. So if the number increases, click the BG icon and your list of games will open in a new tab.

  • Dvd Avins at 2021-03-31

    Bigger Golem used to dothat for me, but doesn't anymore. I installed it from Chrome's extension manager. What am I doing wrong?

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-03-31

    Maybe if you install it from https://github.com/apetresc/BiggerGolem it will work. If that doesn't get it, maybe message apetresc?

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