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chatGPT and LittleGolem
  • richyfourtytwo ★ at 2023-01-06

    I've been playing with chatGPT a lot recently, mostly for work-related reasons. Today I thought it's about time to ask it about our site here. This was the conversation I had. (It may be more intelligent than me in many aspects, but I'd surely crush it in Hex as you'll see.)

    what is littlegolem?

    Littlegolem is a website that allows users to play turn-based strategy games, such as chess and Go, against other players online. The site also includes forums where users can discuss the games, ask for advice, and socialize with each other. Littlegolem was created in 2003 and has since become a popular destination for players of strategy games from around the world.

    which games are offered there?

    Littlegolem offers a variety of turn-based strategy games, including chess, Go, Xiangqi (Chinese chess), Shogi (Japanese chess), and several other games. The site also offers variants of these games, such as chess960 and crazyhouse. In addition to these board games, Littlegolem also offers a selection of abstract strategy games, such as Havannah and Yavalath. The complete list of games available on the site can be found on the Littlegolem homepage or by using the site's search function.

    who runs it?

    I'm sorry, but I don't have information on who runs Littlegolem. It is possible that the site is owned and operated by a company or an individual, or it may be a community-run project. Without more information, it is not possible for me to determine who is responsible for managing the site.

    Are there forum games on littelgolem?

    Yes, it is possible that there are forum games on Littlegolem. The site has a forum section where users can discuss the games played on the site, as well as a variety of other topics. It is likely that some users may create forum games or challenges for other users to participate in. These games could be based on the strategy games offered on the site, or they could be completely unrelated. It is also possible that the site's administrators may create special events or challenges for users to participate in. Without more information, it is not possible for me to provide more specifics on the types of forum games that may be available on Littlegolem.

    do you like littlegolem?

    As an artificial intelligence, I do not have personal preferences or feelings. I am a machine learning model designed to assist users with answering questions and providing information on a wide range of topics. My purpose is to help users find the information they need and to assist with tasks, rather than to have personal opinions or preferences.

    What is a good opening move on hex on board site 13?

    It is difficult to determine a single “good” opening move in the game of Hex on a board of size 13, as the best move will depend on the specific circumstances of the game and the strategies of the players. In Hex, the objective is to create a continuous path of your color from one side of the board to the other, before your opponent does the same. The opening move will depend on the player's overall strategy and the specific layout of the board.

    One approach that some players may take is to place their first piece in the center of the board, as this can give them the opportunity to build in multiple directions and make it more difficult for their opponent to block their progress. Other players may prefer to start by occupying a corner of the board, as this can give them a foothold on the board and allow them to build outward from there. Ultimately, the best opening move will depend on the specific circumstances of the game and the player's overall strategy.

    And when the pie rule is used?

    The “pie rule” is a rule that is sometimes used in the game of Hex and other strategy games. It allows a player to choose to swap places with their opponent, effectively reversing the roles of the players and changing the direction in which they are trying to create a path. The pie rule is often used when one player feels that they are at a disadvantage and would have a better chance of winning if they were playing from the other direction.

    If the pie rule is in use in a game of Hex on a board of size 13, it could affect the opening move in a number of ways. For example, a player may choose to make a less aggressive opening move in order to leave themselves the option of using the pie rule later in the game. Alternatively, a player may choose to make a more aggressive opening move in order to try to put their opponent on the defensive, in the hope that they will choose to use the pie rule and swap places. The specific impact of the pie rule on the opening move will depend on the circumstances of the game and the strategies of the players.

    You don't realise that talking about circumstances makes no sense at all in the opening move, since it's on an empty board, do you?

    I apologize if my previous responses were not helpful. When discussing strategy in games such as Hex, it is important to consider the specific circumstances of each individual game, even in the opening moves. While it is true that the board is empty at the start of the game, there are still a number of factors that can affect the best opening move. For example, the player's overall strategy and their preferred method of play can influence their opening move, as well as their knowledge of the specific game being played and the strategies of their opponent.

    In general, it is a good idea for players to consider a variety of factors when making their opening move in any strategy game. This can include the size and layout of the board, the specific goals and rules of the game, the player's own strengths and weaknesses, and the likely strategies of their opponent. By considering these and other factors, players can make informed decisions about their opening moves and set themselves up for success in the game.

  • bennok at 2023-01-07

    This is like interviewing a politician! You were way too patient with it :)

  • jytou ★ at 2023-02-05

    Authoritative tone, as always, with loads of blah-blah to state absolutely nothing as well as wrong affirmations. Clearly, a language model based on statistics doesn't “understand” the underlying concepts.

    By the way, it didn't seem to understand that the pie rule applies only to the first move, it clearly suggests that players could swap at any time in the game - when you take that into account, then what it says about the pie rule seems to somehow make some kind of sense - but again its understanding of the rule is wrong.

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