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  • millyxm at 2023-01-09

    How do i start playing the games?

  • William Fraser at 2023-01-10

    Click on “Games”, then choose the game you are interested in and click on that. From that page, you can click on any of the buttons that say “Register”.

    The first column is for the championships. For each game, they only start every 8 months or so (since that's about how long it takes for all of the games from the previous championship to finish).

    The second column is for the monthly cup. Those games start as soon as 5 players have signed up, so it only takes a few days (at least for the relatively popular games).

    The third column is for the Infinity (aka the ladder). I think you'd get a game or two right away here, challenging people who are fairly low on the ladder.

    The fourth column is for non-tournament games. I haven't used the feature in a while (and the site underwent a major re-design during that time), so i can't help you much, but if you register there, you should get a game fairly soon.

    The last column is for user-organized tournaments. There are usually a few of them going on (but rarely more than one or two that are “just about to start” at any time). They are typically advertised on the forum.

    Finally, you can invite a specific player to a game by going to that player's page and clicking the button that says “Invite”. You can reach their page by either searching for them under “Players” or by finding a game they have played or a post they have made and clicking on their name.

    If you have trouble, feel free to ask more questions on this thread or message me directly. Also, if you take notes on what made it hard to navigate the site, you could post them here, for other newcomers….

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