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Mini Shogi bot
  • Tommah at 2011-10-08

    I spent today writing a Mini Shogi program for NataliaBot. It thinks for about 2 to 5 minutes per move (depending on how many pieces are in hand). Send her an invitation if you want to play. Have fun! — Tom

  • Tommah at 2011-11-04

    If there are no objections, I will register Natalia in the next monthly Mini Shogi tournament (if there is one). I'm not sure what the exact policy is on bots playing in tournaments, but I've seen a few listed as winners of previous tourneys.

  • FatPhil at 2011-11-05

    There's no hard and fast rule. If the shogi-playing crowd have objections, you'll soon find out! If it ends up beating everyone, then it's no fun for anyone, so crank down its search time (e.g. RoRoRo spends <2s per move on most games).

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2011-11-05

    there is no monthly cup for mini shogi. kfeico runs a user tournament once per month. I often play in those, but I think I would not want to play the bot, though, after playing a sample game with your bot I feel that most humans stand no chance to beat it. Takadori can beat it, but that is takadori. I would definitely not want to be playing the bot in a championship. Maybe you should try some rated games in the waiting room? Nice programming, by the way! You have created a mini shogi monster.

  • Tommah at 2011-11-06

    Good idea, Ray, I'll post some games in the waiting room. I figured it was time for someone to write a mini shogi bot; I'm glad it turned out so well.

  • takodori at 2011-11-06

    I think everybody can beat the bot after a few games since it does not seem to have a machine-learning function. Based on my experience in playing with it, it always plays the same. So if you keep correcting your moves based on the previous games with it, I'm sure you will be able to find the way to beat it. In addition, it does not seem to read through a long mating line.

  • Tommah at 2015-07-10

    I got NataliaBot's Mini Shogi code working again.  (At least, I think it's working….)  You can challenge her if you like.

    I would like to enter her in the Infinity tournament… are there any objections?

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