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Dear internet users...
  • unique ★ at 2012-06-03

    please don't present famous chess games as your own for analysis and or discussion. Thank you.

  • Christian K at 2012-06-05


  • Tommah at 2012-06-06

    That reminds me of this famous game I won against Jean Dufresne. I called it the evergreen game.

  • Doctor_Strange at 2012-06-06

    good one, Tommah!

    To see Tommah's famous game in quick review board:

    Or to see a good U-tube video with verbal annotations to Tommah's famous game:

  • Tommah at 2012-06-06

    There was also that time I beat Levitsky with 23 …Qg3. Everybody got a kick out of that one.

  • unique ★ at 2012-06-07

    Did you enjoy your golden shower? :)

  • unique ★ at 2012-08-04 will close next August.

  • Tommah at 2012-08-04

    What was plasticbishop's claim to fame?

    I set up my own barebones, no-nonsense chess service a while ago; it sends the position in an email, so that once you open the email, all you have to do is make two clicks to play your turn. It was the only way I could persuade some of my friends to play!

  • unique ★ at 2012-08-04

    Claim to fame? Don't think it really ha(s)(d) one. The site runner wants to spend more quality time with family. That and it is/was running at a deficit. The forums and messaging will apparently still function.

  • Tommah at 2012-08-07

    I figured that since there are so many chess sites already, anybody who made a new one would have to have some distinguishing feature. But it actually looks as if his site started out for the same reason as mine did, just to play with some friends. Luckily, mine only has about 10 users, so its expenses are minimal :)

  • unique ★ at 2012-08-08 is offering pay what you want gold accounts

  • unique ★ at 2012-08-15

    Svetozar Gligoric has died. RIP

  • Tommah at 2012-09-09

    Oh, is the site with the random adverbs. I thought it looked familiar.

  • unique ★ at 2012-09-10

    USA ends 5th at the olympiad

  • unique ★ at 2012-09-28 turned 10 on Wednesday

  • unique ★ at 2012-10-03 turns 13 on Friday. the admin of gave the members 500 free games. updates ratings monthly

  • unique ★ at 2012-10-04

    the current world correspondence chess champion is Ron Langeveld of the Netherlands.

  • unique ★ at 2012-10-10

    I was threatened with banning from for asking what the highest current game number is :(

  • ypercube ★ at 2012-10-10

    Don't worry, you have no fear of getting banned from here. No matter how many semi-spam posts you do about mediocre sites.

    (I actually like the posts, this thread should be renamed: “Little Twitting Golem”)

  • unique ★ at 2012-10-17

    A player on says he has beaten a player from every country.

  • unique ★ at 2012-11-01

    the forums at are down for maontenance but I doubt their return

  • unique ★ at 2012-11-05

    RIP Chen Zude

  • unique ★ at 2012-11-07

    Please pray for the USA. Thank you.

  • unique ★ at 2012-11-08

    USCF offer… or call 800-903-8723

  • unique ★ at 2012-11-14

    I had to cancel the credit card I used on the offer due to recent fraudulent activity.

  • unique ★ at 2012-12-01

    The forums at have been closed

  • unique ★ at 2012-12-12

    Magnus Carlsen is now the ratings record holder. Hail to the new king!!!!!

  • unique ★ at 2012-12-14

    Get 40% off New In Chess magazine. See for details

  • unique ★ at 2012-12-18 is offering a christmas package-ask that site's admin for details. feliz navidad

  • unique ★ at 2012-12-28 is down indefinitely

  • unique ★ at 2012-12-29

    as is

  • unique ★ at 2012-12-30

    chessmoon has risen again

  • unique ★ at 2013-01-24

    the 2012 chesscafe book of the year is Aron Nimzowitsch,1886-1924

  • unique ★ at 2013-01-28

    Stan's NetChess turned 15 on 1-12-13

  • unique ★ at 2013-01-31 is only a forum now

  • unique ★ at 2013-02-09 will have a new interface soon

  • unique ★ at 2013-02-14

    an admin on quit his position when the owner refused to kick 2 players out of a prize tourney after they purposely lost games so they could enter a lower rated class of the tourney.

    They're in the same class as me but not the same section…yet.

  • unique ★ at 2013-02-18

    Someone has offered to buy

  • unique ★ at 2013-03-10

    Please checkout thank you

  • unique ★ at 2013-05-01 now has 7M registrants. has died. RIP

  • unique ★ at 2013-05-11

    a “competing” site is offering paying members(as of July 1.2013) of another “competing” site free one year memberships.

  • unique ★ at 2013-05-13 appears to be for sale

  • unique ★ at 2013-05-20

    Haolin Zhao will be world champion eventually in my opinion.

  • unique ★ at 2013-05-26 is increasing fees on new subscribers on June 1,2013

  • unique ★ at 2013-06-07

    increases range from 75.95% to 133.55%

  • unique ★ at 2013-06-10

    so far CM has received $761 of $5000 for site improvement

  • unique ★ at 2013-06-17

    Please contact the USCF about their Paul Morphy offer before 6-22-13. Gracias and good luck :)

  • unique ★ at 2013-06-24

    please join asap. thx.

  • Tommah at 2013-06-25

    What was the Morphy offer?

  • unique ★ at 2013-06-29

    For each year of premium membership bought (limit 3) you'd receive a certificate for $18.63 off an order > $99.99 from USCFsales.

  • unique ★ at 2013-06-30

    Use coupon code:teamplay at and get 10% off any membership plan

  • unique ★ at 2013-08-01

    Game creation via server is kaput forever at

  • unique ★ at 2013-08-08

    For your perusal…

  • unique ★ at 2013-08-29

    It appears that is closing September 1 2013

  • unique ★ at 2013-09-01

    Have a scintillating September y'all

  • unique ★ at 2013-09-02 has 202 full members and 423 guests. is now a Bitcoin Wallet site.

  • unique ★ at 2013-09-28

    Filming for Pawn Sacrifices begins next month. FIDE has an online chess site. Research FIDE online arena for details.

  • unique ★ at 2013-10-11

    Garry Kasparov might be the next FIDE president

  • unique ★ at 2013-10-26

    There are currently 17 slots left in the site championship tourney.

    See that site for details.

  • unique ★ at 2014-06-12

    Sochi,Russia will host the next world title match in November

  • unique ★ at 2014-06-15

    Happy Fathers' Day where applicable

  • unique ★ at 2014-06-16

    RIP Tony Gwynn

  • unique ★ at 2014-08-01

    Wishing y'all an awesome August :)

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-08-04

    Unique, in about a week all your vacation days will be consumed. You will lose all your games then? Hope everything is allright with you?

  • unique ★ at 2014-08-13

    Judit Polgar is retiring from chess

  • unique ★ at 2014-08-16

    2 players died at the Olympiad :( needs more members asap. thank you

  • unique ★ at 2014-08-20

    2014/15 Fide Grand Prix Series…………4 events……..16 players…………12/event…………….All 3 events/player count……….prize fund = 120K euros/event

  • unique ★ at 2014-09-04

    Free memberships are being phased out at

  • christian freeling at 2014-09-04


    In 2014 in the Netherlands summer fell in the spring and autumn fell in the summer, with temperatures on average 5C below average, and double the rainfall. Bad weather matching the bad news.

    I passed the time playing a lot of Pit of Pillars and where Havannah lured me into inventing abstract games, half a lifetime ago, PoP released me from the blessing or curse (depending on how it worked out). It's autumn now, which is my usual time, but there's nothing to indicate an impending outburst of creativity. I've finally reached immunity! Here's why.

    After a couple of month of investigating PoP's unique strategical dilemma (which I will leave you to encounter yourself) I was convinced that the chances to ever top it were extremely low. It made any ambition to even try vanish. To go through yet another wave and coming out with a couple of tactical small affairs with no guarantee of striking a significant one, suddenly looked like a silly prospect. I've always felt that my final game should be a major strategy game, and here I am, playing just such a game. At 67 it seems the right time to call it a day.

    As far as abstract strategy games are concerned, I love playing games at LG and Mindsports (currently Havannah, Symple, Ayu, Stapeldammen, Rotary and of course PoP) and I'm afraid I'll keep on haunting the halls of BGG too, as Rey put it so eloquently. I'll try to catch up on my reading, go fishing (got a large pond nearby, next to a coffee bar - a real coffee bar, not a 'Dutch' one, but I have my own weed), enjoy the wheather (if applicable) and suffer a general lack of problems.

    And, of course, care for the animals. Five of them, barring the yearly litter of raccoon doggies.

    Last summer Lyme knocked out my left knee (among other temporary inconveniences) which made carrying Kobus down the stairs somewhat problematic. He very well manages going back up the stairs, to his room, but refuses to go down. Since he's 40k+ I figured weight might be a factor so I lost 20k in about six month using a revolutionary concept: eating less. Moreover my knee slowly improved so I can move like Jagger nowadays and carrying Kobus is no longer a problem.

    For the time being at least and hopefully for several years to come. He's currently catching up on sunshine because we got a gorgeous Indian summer to make up for the lost Dutch one.

    I've had to move Snowy, a white raccoon dog that I've had for four years, to a zoo in Germany ([url=]Solinger Vogel- und Tierpark[/url]) because his father (the white one below) suddenly saw him as a rival. Raccoon dogs are exceptionally silent creatures, except when they fight. Then they're worse than cats, I can assure you, and fights are inevitable once the relation is hostile. To fill the gap I kept a wild coloured one of this years litter. He's already bigger than his parents now and always keeps his distance, which suits me fine because he's otherwise unproblematic. He's the one in the background.

    Since this is both an update and an afterword of sorts, I'll include Flurry for completeness:

    I found him some four years ago while walking the dogs on a wood path nearby. The first two days he could only fly at a 45 degrees angle downwards, but eventually he managed longer flights. He's lived in my living room ever since but has never landed on me. Nor do I invite him to. You see him here at base camp, a bird cage that he's never seen from the inside. He commutes to an outpost, a bookshelf at the other end of the room. He never lands anywhere else, which is convenient, guano wise. The pile in his cage is too fascinating to remove anyway.

    So if and when I fade away into the background and someone asks, know that I'm busy living happily ever after, till the time comes that time stops and I'm bound face the same problems I had before I was born. I'm not at all in a hurry to get there, but I've chosen Afterhours for just such an occasion.

  • christian freeling at 2014-09-04

    Sorry this landed in the Chess forum :(My bad, I wasn't paying attention. It should be in the general forum but I don't see how I can delete it. Can anyone help?

  • christian freeling at 2014-09-04

    Looking at my profile, my membership doesn't seem to be expired yet. Members used to be able to modify or delete posts. Looking at the FAQ's I get a load of gibberish. Whatever it is, it's the same load for every category of FAQs. Not everything seems quite right in the state of Denmark.

  • Paul Wiselius at 2014-09-05

    Hi Christian,

    That was a nice epilogue. I was there when Havannah was played at the university Twente (and for the record, it really did start with size 8 boards! I even made an etch of it…).

    But just out of curiosity, if by accident an idea about a new fun game crosses your mind, would you really be able to resist the designer drive? ;-).

    Hope to play a lot of good games with you.


  • christian freeling at 2014-09-05

    Hi Paul,

    This is still in the wrong forum - I've mailed Richard about it. In the meantime my mind is pleasantly and totally detached from any “designer drive”. Like Roger Murtaugh I feel I'm  “too old for this shit” :)

  • Carroll ★ at 2014-09-05

    Members can still remove their posts (not that you should) using curl :

    You search in Firefox for your login cookie (in Preferences/Privacy, Remove individual cookies) which looks like yourlogin#a_number, example john#123456, then just do in a cmd (execute->cmd)

    curl -b “login2=john#123456” -G -d “forum=10&topic=205&msg=72”

    replacing these by your cookie, the forum number, the forum topic, the msg number you get by counting 76 minus the last messages before yours…

  • christian freeling at 2014-09-05

    Considering the likelihood of yours truly messing things up even more I'll go for the “not that you should” part, hoping that the Chess forum at large won't take offence :) Thanks anyway.

  • unique ★ at 2014-09-24

    Someone on has made 1M moves

  • unique ★ at 2014-11-18

    Perhaps this site can do business with or after November ends. Thank you.

  • unique ★ at 2014-12-24

    season's greetings to all and their circles

  • unique ★ at 2015-05-17

    Lykke-Merlot Helliesen is the future of chess

  • unique ★ at 2015-05-17

    oh and is open for chess playing

  • unique ★ at 2015-12-16

    6 days ago I gave a wind-up chess clock,my first chess set and a dual Omega/Regular Chess Set to the local Good Will store.  Hope they find good homes.

  • unique ★ at 2016-03-14

    Hou Yifan/Yifan Hou is now women's champ for the 4th time !!

  • unique ★ at 2016-03-20

    The best chance for chess success imo is to fully learn and only play one opening

  • unique ★ at 2016-03-28

    Carlsen will defend the world championship against Sergey Karjakin in NY,NY later this year

  • unique ★ at 2016-04-01

    No fool can play chess but only fools do-german proverb

  • unique ★ at 2016-04-13

    Play a USA inmate…latest address is…  Rusty King D38967

                                                                                PO Box 5242 D2 205

                                                                                Corcoran,CA 93212

    No promises

  • unique ★ at 2016-04-15 turned 10 y/o today

  • unique ★ at 2016-04-29

    Kasparov ended 9.5/18 in 3rd place in the super blitz challenge today.

  • unique ★ at 2016-05-09

    All Service Postal Chess Club…try for data

  • unique ★ at 2016-05-16

    Every 23rd spring for 23 games it gets to cheat.

  • unique ★ at 2016-05-17

    On last night's Odd Couple episode BLACK MOVED FIRST :)

  • unique ★ at 2016-05-21 now has 70 subscribers and 321 guests…to discuss chesscorner google chlogeo3 then click on chess talk\|chlogeo3

  • unique ★ at 2016-05-23

    A new (to me) site is

  • Rex Moore at 2016-05-23

    I am undefeated against _unique_ in all games on Little Golem.

  • Rex Moore at 2016-05-24

    (Of course, we've played only one game. :))

  • unique ★ at 2016-05-24

    An epic street soccer battle :)

  • unique ★ at 2016-05-24

    I see you've retired undefeated and untied in chess.  well done young man. well done.

  • unique ★ at 2016-06-12

    R.I.P. Viktor Korchnoi

  • unique ★ at 2016-06-13

    R.I.P. Danny Kopec

  • unique ★ at 2016-06-25

    after an absence of 139 days the owner of was there on 6.24.16

  • unique ★ at 2016-06-27 is not currently accepting new memberships

  • unique ★ at 2016-10-16 is now 17 years old

  • unique ★ at 2016-11-11

    World Championship Match begins today! Enjoy!

  • MisterCat at 2016-11-11

    can you please start new threads, unique?  this one is WAY TOO LONG!


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