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10x10 chess variants tournament
  • tangram at 2016-02-05

    A 10x10 chess tournament will be played at The Schuilkerk, Papenpad 13 Zaandam The Netherlands on 13 february 2016 ( 11:00)

    1st round  Turkish Great Chess (old variant)

    2nd round Grandchess (inventor C.Freeling)

    3th round Khan Chess, Perdelli variant (inventor M.Ozdemir and D.Smits)

    4 th round Superchess (inventor H.van Haeringen)

    5th round SUperchess exotic pieces

    Dont worry if you are not a master of any of these games. Its about experiencing new ways (or old ways) to play the game. You can play 1 or 5 rounds. Entree fee 4 euro.

    More info Fred Kok also know as tangram

  • Paul Wiselius at 2016-02-06

    Nice idea! But unfortunately I do not live nearby :(

  • tangram at 2016-02-13

    7 players. First c.leentvaar 2. F.kok 3. E.j.Karman

  • JacekzKrakowa at 2016-03-18

    There is also a Polish version.1 variant of the classic, with one additional version. Note, the pawns go otherwise.2 variant selected - each player puts on the first 4 rows of a pawn, where he wants to change, and then the game begins.3 variant secret - each player secretly preparing its setting.4 Wriant Japanese style - captured pieces could fetch on the board where you want.

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