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Kyoto Shogi
  • Kerry Handscomb at 2017-05-22

    I have been playing Kyoto Shogi now for several months with people from LG. Kyoto Shogi is a very interesting game that is quite different from  Mini Shogi and  the other small Shogi variants played on LG.  It is played 5x5, like Mini Shogi, but with only five pieces per side.  Aside from the King, each piece is a combination of two Shogi pieces. (For example, one piece has a Gold on one side and a Knight on the other.) As a piece moves it must flip to the reverse side.  The flipping of the pieces creates interesting tactical and strategic considerations that are unique to Kyoto Shogi.

    Richard, would you consider adding Kyoto Shogi to the list of Shogi-type games currently available?

  • Kirin at 2017-05-22

    Yes, Kyoto Shogi is a surprisingly awesome little variant - easily my favorite 5x5!  I loved it so much that I even implemented a little online system to keep track of casual correspondence games – but I don't have a lot of time/freedom to do it justice lately: web front-end is not my strong suit, and it takes time to implement tournaments, ratings, etc.  So I hope to see a nice clean implementation here sometime!  I can provide some F# source code that describes the rules if it helps… though it's probably easier to just check out the wikipedia article:

    By the way, thanks for all the games - LG is a staple in my life for years now :)

  • David Milne at 2017-05-23

    In the mean time you can practice you Kyoto Shogi game by playing against the Kyoto Shogi script on Zillions of Games :-)

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