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Chess Ratings on this site.
  • xangzuclaws at 2003-01-18

    Are the chess ratings on this site supposed to be FIDE or USCF over the board ratings? Or are they comparitive internet ratings, or just an estimate where the players are allowed to rate themselves any way they want?

    I'm asking because the ratings numbers here seem to be lower than at most sites,but the quality of play seems quite strong. I may need to have my numbers adjusted down.

    I'm sure there are many here more than glad to help.


  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2003-01-20

    You are true. I personaly know some people on this site. They have FIDE rating 2100-2300, but on this site they have 1600 - 2050.

  • Wakai Yushi at 2005-01-07

    The rating system may seem mysterious, but it is grounded in statistical theory. Obviously, two players with the same rating should have an equal chance of winning against each other. Less obviously, the same rating difference implies the same chance of winning. A player rated 2400 playing against a player rated 2200 has the same chance of winning as a 1400 against a 1200. The rating difference is 200 points in both cases.

  • Blackdarts at 2005-07-04

    Hi, I'm new to this site so how do you get to play in rateing games, is only in tourney that the chess games are rated or can I just play other players in a rated game and if so how?

    Thank You


  • Mojmir Hanes ★ at 2005-07-18


    if you want to play rated game, you must sign up in some tournament (rated, monthly cup or championship). You can invite some person to play against you of course, but this game will be unrated.

    Have a fun playing on this site :-)


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