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My most embarrassing defeat ever...
  • unique at 2017-05-29

    from another site yesterday.  White = g3 h3 Rb4 Rd4 Qb8 Kg4  Black = g5 h6 Qa5 Kf6

    My last move was B8(Q)   Resignation followed immediately.  A lesson for us all

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2017-05-30

    From where did the Queen move?

  • unique at 2017-05-30

    I resigned before black could play Qf5+ then Kh5 then g4+ wins

  • William Fraser at 2017-05-30

    I think unique promoted on their last move.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2017-05-31

    Yes, that makes sense. If we take back that move, then Rd6+ is mate in 8 moves according to Stockfish. :)

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