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I recently...
  • unique at 2017-10-04

    renewed my USCF membership. Please adjust your schedule accordingly. Thank you.

  • MisterCat at 2017-10-04

    I swore off the USCF back in the time of the Bill Goichberg/Susan Polgar/Sam Sloan wars.  I was totally repulsed by the organization, and even advised my chess students NOT to join.

    (meow)  :(

  • unique at 2017-10-07

    Most understandable

  • wanderer_bot at 2017-10-07

    I used to play in Goichberg tournaments in NY back in the day, and I met Sloan once, so I can't resist asking … where are these two now and what are they doing?

  • unique at 2017-10-08

    I believe your neighbors Mr. & Mrs. Google will quench your thirst for knowledge

  • wanderer_bot at 2017-10-08

    Yeah. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I miss the personal touch on answers to this kind of question.

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