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Analyzing Shogi games
  • apetresc at 2018-02-22

    Since there's no Shogi forum specifically, I think this is the best place to advertise this - in the newest BiggerGolem release, I've changed the file generated by LG from the weird .txt format that only LG understands to an XBoard-compatible .PGN file that you can analyze with `xboard -variant shogi`. It looks just like this:

  • apetresc at 2018-02-22

    (Whoops, hit 'Send' to early above, continued here)

    Currently I only generate PGNs; I'd love to also support KIF2 or one of the formats that tools like BCM or ShogiGui understand, but I can't find them documented in English anywhere. If someone has any pointers, I'd appreciate hearing about them.

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