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How is it?!!!
  • Super Chicken at 2004-06-21

    I've just received the following msg:

    I wonder how come I won only 1 pt while Bartek lost 14…

    To: Super Chicken

    Date: 2004-06-21

    Title: Game #175884 is finished. Super Chicken vs. Bartek 2:0

    Message: Game #175884 is finished.

    Super Chicken vs. Bartek 2:0

    Super Chicken old rating: 1494 newrating: 1495

    Bartek old rating: 1500 newrating: 1484

    Tournament: chess.rt.2004.7.111

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-06-21

    This has been discussed before…your rating changes less when you play someone who has only played a few games (or none).

  • Super Chicken at 2004-06-21

    Well… thx, so far, anyway it's so only in chess, isn't it?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-06-21

    Nope, same in all games (not quite sure about go).

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2004-08-05

    A good post to express my confusion. Talking about ratings, I've started to play chess and my starting rate was 1000. Is it different in chess or it is a mistake?

    Another thing: one of the players in the tournament resigned and the message told me that the game was unrated. Are some of the Monthly Cup games unrated in chess?



  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-08-05

    In Chess and Go, players can give their initial rating upon registering, and I think if they forget to specify anything, they start with 1000 in Chess and 20kyu in Go. (Actually I don't recall being asked about my Chess level, but many players somehow start with 1500 or higher.)

    The reason your game was unrated was because your opponent resigned before making any moves. It's the same in all games (except in Go-moku, where Black's first move in automatic, so resigning at first opportunity actually costs rating).

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2004-08-05

    Thanks Taz. You give me valuable info. Anyway I did not find a place where to set my chess rating; and nobody ask about it. What is wrong in this situations is that if there is a good players starting with 1000 rank the players he beat loose a lot of points.

    And talking like this I am very curious why in my first game which I won my oponent lost so many points. It is supposed that I played few games and he should not loose to much in ranking.

    Game #210844 is finished.

    cheluljb vs. Dan Vasilescu (silexu) 0:2

    cheluljb old rating: 1476 newrating: 1446

    Dan Vasilescu (silexu) old rating: 1000 newrating: 1030


  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-08-05

    That player has finished some games, but many are unrated. This seems to have been one of his first finished rated games. That's why he lost as much rating as you gained.

  • Dan Mircea Vasilescu at 2004-08-06

    Thanks again Taz.

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