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otro muy bueno
  • ircop at 2005-02-23

    www.ajedredrezmail.org y en varios idiomas como debe ser!

    no como estos ingleses k no deben de saber traducir!

  • Gregorlo at 2005-02-25

    I guess you typed the URL wrong. I think you meant:


  • Andres Villasante at 2005-02-26

    A. If you still cannot a login, and you are 100% sure you are entering the correct password, then there are two possibilities: 1) Your web browser AjedrezMail.org cannot accept “Cookies.” These are temporary stores of information in your browser so that we can remember your chess details from page to page. If you are using IE6, then you need to put the privacy tab to the Low Peg to allow cookies! 2) Your Email address has been altered by an unscrupulous hacker (!). Please Email the AjedrezMail.org securities team your details including password and Email Address. And it turns out, and this is exactly opposite to the truth.

  • Gregorlo at 2005-02-26

    what the hell are you talking about?

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