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PGN games
  • Dustin at 2005-10-15

    It would be great to have all my chess games recorded in PGN format but the link at the bottom of the “my games” page only displays games in progress. Is there a way to get all my games in PGN?

  • kouvitch at 2005-10-15

    there's three way to get PGN I think. First, unfinished games (Your games) a link “Games in PGN (chess)“. Second, in tournament: link “PGN/SGF”. 3, in a game: link “TEXT” is the only way wich work for me.

  • Dustin at 2005-10-16

    Thanks for the reply. I would not want to lose all those games. It's too bad that there is not one single list of all my games, though.

  • Gregorlo at 2005-10-16

    If you click on “player” you can see something like “156 games”, if you click there you see the list of all your games on that concrete game.

  • Dustin at 2005-10-18

    Yes. Unfortunately games in that list are not very portable.

  • bennok at 2005-10-28

    What I do is to extract the game numbers in my list of games. Then I construct the adress :… “n1”, “n2”, etc. being the game numbers extracted. The result is a list of all SGF of my chess games! I managed to download more than a haundred games with one url like this.

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