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Handicap stones in Jago
  • Dvd Avins at 2003-03-01

    Is the Jago applet incapabale of understanding handicap stones at all, or is it an incompatibility with the format Little Golem uses to communicate with the applet?

    It's not so bad when none of the handicap stones have been captured,because Set Stones can place them in the current position.

    But in one of my games not only was a handicap stone captured (which would affect the score) but the capturing move by White won't register in Jago because without the handicap stone being there to be part of the captured group White's move would have been illegal (suicide).

  • Bill Malloy at 2003-03-09

    The SGF produced by the TXT link is incorrect. It doesn't include the directive for placing the handicap stones.

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