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  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2020-05-01

    Here's a new commented game:


    It's a game I just lost against Crelo - congrats by the way!

    Sorry, it's probably only worth using a PC/mac to view, with Chrome or Firefox. The viewer doesn't fit on the screen so well.

    I'd like to find time to work on getting a better viewer so it's more mobile-device /smaller screen friendly…

    Let me know please if you have any feedback or comments.

  • Crelo ★ at 2020-05-04

    Wow Malcom, I will read your commentaries and come back with some of my own thoughts.

    As a general principle I try to make a king of a base on the toroidal board, so I have a stable position from where to develop. But because I lost our previous game by being too restrained, happy capturing a couple of stones, I tried this time to play more wide. What came after the cut was kind of chaotic, I was riding the tiger.

    Thanks for your work.

  • Sighris at 2020-05-16

    aaahhhh…. So Crelo [6.6-Dan]  has lost a game to Malcolm Schonfield [8.1-Dan]… IIRC, Malcolm mentioned he had lost a game (or more?) to somebody too, I can't remember who though, maybe Crelo &/or eastknight1999 7-Dan &/or Jos Dekker, &/or eastknight1999, &/or Pascal Huybers, &/or Bernhard Herwig, &/or cloudbank, &/or drToma?

    Anyway, THANKS to Malcolm Schonfield for creating the T-Go SGF file editor (game reviewer) and commenting on the games. I look forward to looking at the newest comments this weekend!   Hey, BTW, remind me, is there a way for us (others) to share our comments and questions on other (our?) games???

  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2020-05-21

    Hello, sorry I didn't get round to answering Sighris properly earlier.

    Thanks, Sighris and Crelo, for your comments. Sighris, you wrote about the players who I've lost against in T-Go. It's an interesting point and it's spurred me to do a bit of work! I think I'll respond in a separate post in the forum.

    Sighris, about your other question about sharing: it should be quite easy for you to share your comments and questions on any T-Go game. Here's a quick-ish guide on how to do it.

    1) getting the SGF

    The first step is to get the SGF for the T-Go game, with your comments and questions. I do this by using my online T-Go SGF editor, (maybe alternatively you can use the SGF editor q5g- I haven't tried, but there is something about it in the SL page on T-Go). My editor has integration with LG (LittleGolem) so that you can open the editor, preloaded with a game that was played here, by adding the game's LG ID to the address, like this:

    https://goplayerjuggler.github.io/goVariants/tGoEditor.html?littlegolemid= 2149544

    Once you've entered in your comments/questions/variations and so on, you can get the SGF that encodes it all (the game, along with the comments and variations) by copying the contents of the “T-Go SGF” text box.

    (If you're not scared of using a text editor you can then also use one to edit the SGF - edit your comments / run spellcheck etc. I tend to use VS code to do that.)

    2) sharing the SGF

    The simplest way for you to share it is to send the SGF to me! Via mail (malcolm_schonfield “at” yahoo dott fr) or FB/messenger, and I can put it on my blog for you. Alternatively, if you have a little expertise with HTML, you can put it on your own blog or web page. The way to do that is described here:


    , in the section “Usage - for HTML / Javascript developers”.

    (I have a few things in mind about improving features related to sharing T-Go in web pages, so hopefully it will become simpler and easier to add T-Go to any web page.)

    Anyway, at this point, we're done.

    Moving forward

    I hope the above guide is clear. I encourage all players interested in T-Go to write some game commentaries and share them! I would love to see your comments on some of your favourite / most interesting games!

  • Sighris at 2020-05-22

    Thanks Malcolm Schonfield…  - oops, I misread your OP… I should have replied: aaahhhh…. So Malcolm Schonfield [8.1-Dan] has lost a game to Crelo [6.6-Dan]…  - and now (in the other thread ) I see you have lost two games to Crelo, and he lost one game to you, one to Jos Dekker(3.2d), and one to Methylphenidate(10.7k)… Methylphenidate(10.7k) ? ! ? They are not in the T-Go table… When did that happen? … I'm going to go see if I can find that game in game Crelo's list/history.

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