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Torus championship
  • ypercube at 2020-05-13

    Can we have a Torus championship, please?

    The game is much more interesting than the Random or Hahn versions and they have championships.

    Richard, please ;)

  • KPT at 2020-05-13

    that is “toroidal” ?

  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2020-05-14

    I agree! All we have at the moment is the infinite tournament. Which is better than nothing.

  • Crelo ★ at 2020-05-15

    I like the Random a lot but also Toroidal, I am not against a championship.

    Hahn doesn't seem so interesting, people (including me) forget is not regular Go and resign games that should be counted.

  • ypercube at 2020-05-15

    Yeah, resign could be removed as an option in Hahn games.

    Or maybe add a 2nd stage that asks “are you sure you want to resign with a 0:100 score”?

  • eobllor at 2020-05-15

    It would be great to have such a championship (-:

  • Sighris at 2020-05-16

    Hey, I would be interested in a Toroidal (aka Torus) Go-Championship!  Until now I didn't realize the Championships are different than the infinite tournaments, I was just thinking (or not thinking LOL!) that somebody set up how many games was played in each championship and if they set it to “infinite” the championship just kept going forever and we could look at the rankings to see who is currently the Champion here: https://littlegolem.net/jsp/in/tournament.jsp?trnid=go19.in.TOROID.135   ….


    …BUT, if I had to pick between getting a T-Go-Championship OR a 15x15 T-Go game option I would go with the latter, a 15x15-T-Go game. :)

    - with a new infinite tournament, or maybe better, a 15x15-T-Go game Championship!


    THANKS to Richard for what-ever he can do! BTW, is this the best place to get Richard's attention? I think there are other better ways, he can't possibly read every message here, right?

  • Sighris at 2020-05-16

    I have not yet played a “Hahn scoring game”, but I looked at the rules and it seems interesting… I agree with YperCube, adding a 2nd step that asks “are you sure you want to resign giving you a 0 score (even if you lose you can get points)” would be a good idea for that game.

     - funny thing, I just noticed a few minutes ago that Crelo has played several Hahn scoring games and mentioned it to him in our T-go game. Funny coincidence. :)

  • Sighris at 2020-05-16

    BTW, re: getting Richard's attention (& a larger T-Go game): somebody recommended a 15x15 T-Go instead of 13x13 (which was my first thought/idea) & I think that is a better idea.  Post your vote &/or ideas on larger T-Go games here: https://bitbucket.org/rmalaschitz/littlegolem/issues/45/can-we-the-littlegolem-users-have-a-13x13

     - that is probably more likely to get Richard's attention than posts here in the Forum!

    Be safe everybody! / Best regards,

    Sighris - you can find me on OGS (the Online-Go-Server) too!

    P.S. SOMEBODY COULD CREATE A NEW bitbucket.org request asking for a Toroidal (aka Torus) Go-Championship! …………….AND ask for it to be a 15x15 sized game board! ;-)

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