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Statistics for Toroidal Go players
  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2020-05-21

    In another forum post ( link - post of 2020-05-15), Sighris asked about players who have beaten me in T-Go. So I thought I'd do a little programming to get some statistics along those lines. I wrote some Javascript to do the job; here is a link to the script I wrote:


    You should need only a very little amount of knowledge (of browsers/internet/javascript) in order to be able to get it to run for yourself - I wrote some fairly detailed instructions at the top of the script. (You may want to click on the “Raw” button in order to get the script and just the script).

    I ran the script for myself and also for a few other notable T-Go players (*); here are the results, I hope you find it interesting / useful.

    (*) in no particular order - please don't be offended if I left out someone…


    Statistics for: Malcolm Schonfield

    total wins/losses: 137/11

    List of main opponents:

    gamesorry(4.2d): 0/2

    goblade(19.1k): 0/1

    Crelo ★(6.4d): 1/2

    SiroWirdo(13.0k): 3/1

    William Fraser(5.6k): 4/1

    Bernhard Herwig(3.3k): 8/2

    drToma(4.3k): 7/1

    Pascal Huybers(3.6k): 12/1



    Statistics for: gamesorry

    total wins/losses: 10/3

    List of main opponents:

    Pascal Huybers(3.6k): 0/1

    Jos Dekker(3.2d): 1/1

    William Fraser(5.6k): 1/1



    Statistics for: Crelo

    total wins/losses: 31/3

    List of main opponents:

    Methylphenidate(10.7k): 1/1

    Jos Dekker(3.2d): 1/1

    Malcolm Schonfield(8.1d): 2/1



    Statistics for: Jos Dekker

    total wins/losses: 262/59

    List of main opponents:

    Malcolm Schonfield(8.1d): 0/13

    Antimon(16.7k): 0/1

    vitality(4.6d): 1/3

    Corrin Lakeland(10.7k): 1/1

    gamesorry(4.2d): 1/1

    Crelo ★(6.4d): 1/1

    Pascal Huybers(3.6k): 62/27

    eobllor(3.9k): 12/5

    eastknight1999 ★(7.3d): 5/2

    Alphongue(17.3k): 3/1

    drToma(4.3k): 6/2

    Bernhard Herwig(3.3k): 9/1

    Sighris(4.7k): 10/1



    Statistics for: eastknight1999

    total wins/losses: 66/23

    List of main opponents:

    Malcolm Schonfield(8.1d): 0/7

    Crelo ★(6.4d): 0/2

    Tony(1.0k): 0/1

    Zalmoksis(3.5k): 0/1

    Jos Dekker(3.2d): 2/5

    DouglasPB(7.2k): 1/1

    Bernhard Herwig(3.3k): 5/2

    Thomas(7.6k): 3/1

    varegka(10.1k): 3/1

    Sighris(4.7k): 4/1

    Pascal Huybers(3.6k): 6/1



    Statistics for: Bernhard Herwig

    total wins/losses: 95/56

    List of main opponents:

    pyv(4.8k): 0/3

    William Fraser(5.6k): 0/2

    Paiguru(8.7k): 0/1

    Crelo ★(6.4d): 0/1

    Antimon(16.7k): 0/1

    Zalmoksis(3.5k): 0/1

    smallperh45(1.1k): 0/1

    Eduard(1.2d): 0/1

    Methylphenidate(10.7k): 0/1

    Jos Dekker(3.2d): 1/9

    Malcolm Schonfield(8.1d): 2/8

    drToma(4.3k): 2/5

    eastknight1999 ★(7.3d): 2/5

    Pascal Huybers(3.6k): 4/5

    neilh23(14.3k): 1/1

    HayashiMinoru(13.5k): 1/1

    Corrin Lakeland(10.7k): 1/1

    cloudbank ★(2.0k): 1/1

    klaashaas(4.4k): 2/1

    SiroWirdo(13.0k): 2/1

    JKB(5.1k): 2/1

    Thomas(7.6k): 7/3

    Sighris(4.7k): 5/2


  • Malcolm Schonfield at 2020-05-21

    Sorry I see there's a formatting problem - the two pairs of parentheses - () - in my post are meant to be : ( * ).

    There is no edit button…

  • Sighris at 2020-05-22

    Neato!!!!  & Thanks Malcolm Schonfield ★!!!

    Hey, could you please run the script for the T-Go players who are in our FB-Go-group, and who are in the T-Go table at #39, #11, and #5 ( BTW, #5 was #4 two or three days ago, until Crelo ★ 6.4d beat them, knocking them down below drToma 4.3k - so sad… LOL) ???

    Thanks in advance!   - and no offense taken!  ;-)

    P.S. by looking at your above output I see I'm 1/10 with Jos Dekker 3.2d, 1/4 with eastknight1999 ★ 7.3d, 2/5 with Bernhard Herwig 3.3k… but how many games did I lose to you, ypercube 10.0k, and  klaashaas 4.4k ?

    BTW (P.S.2) —> Is there any explanation on how to read the table? What do all those blue, gold, & grey (x2 shades) circles mean? and all those numbers?

  • Sighris at 2020-05-22

    That is weird… My first line should have read: Wow! neato!!! Thanks Malcolm Schonfield ★ 8.1d! - and no offense taken!  ;-)

    HTML is weird, or at least not my thing…. oh, BTW congrats to you on having the highest win/loss ratio… but watch out for Celo! :D

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