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13 replies. Last post: 2003-10-27

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  • Maverick at 2003-09-30

    How do you play turn-based games?

    A. Calculate only in the mind, as playing a real-based game.

    B. Deduct on a goban or on some software.

    As to me, I do almost every move depending on those tools, so select B…:)

  • Foul Ole Ron at 2003-09-30

    Mostly A, sometimes B to be sure…

  • fhayashi at 2003-09-30

    I use a crack team of CIA-trained ninja-monkeys.

  • liso at 2003-10-06

    Like Marc. :-)

  • liso at 2003-10-06

    And sometimes C.

    I discuss some moves with my family. ;-)

    (Although in this moment I am still strongest in our family (by europe rating), it could change very quick! :-)))

  • DaGoaty at 2003-10-11

    Only A.

    Sometimes not even - I try for what 'feels' or 'looks' right (hence my rating, LOL)

  • forenrond at 2003-10-17

    A. exept when i play friends and we talk about moves _

  • LZJ at 2003-10-22

    Mostly A.

    B (few variants on CGoban) only when I feel there could be some combinations which is very important and hard to find. That usually force me to stop game for few days until I find a time to analyze game.

  • Dvd Avins at 2003-10-22

    I think this thread is bad for my game. :) Until recently, I would use jago fairly frequently – maybe once every 10 moves or so. But recently (not really because of this thread) I haven't had the patience to do that, and my game has been much worse.

  • Maverick at 2003-10-22

    Surprise me that most choose A. I feel B really betters my performance but actually hampers my calculation ability. I decide to start to paly by A…:)

  • sm9 at 2003-10-27

    Mostly B (I keep a commented sgf of my thought process for each game). Usually just to confirm the move I liked first, but in one position I went through about 8 moves before finding a winning move.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2003-10-27

    What was the position?

  • sm9 at 2003-10-27

    I think it was this game at move 26:


    Actually only 6 moves. I considered B7, E5, E4, H6 and J4 before deciding on F6.

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