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the best GO books and bad ones
  • pitirre at 2003-11-10

    one book i really enjoy and learn a lot is;

    “reducing territorial framework” by shuko fujisawa

    is very advance and my advice is that while reading try to apply some reducing techniques u learn over and over till u get the idea

    one book that i tought was going to be great and wasnt very good (is not bad, but is not good either) is;

    “positional judgment” by cho chikun

    when i heard the word “positional” my mind was fill with “happy” ideas, but the book is more about counting…

    i learn somethings anyway.

  • Rex Moore at 2003-11-11

    What books would you recommend for a 20 kyu player?



  • oyamaneko at 2003-11-16

    I would recomment “Tesuji” by James Davies. He is a very good writer and I learned a lot from this book. I'm about 16th kyu so it should also be readable for a 20th kyu player.



  • fhayashi at 2003-11-21

    “Tesuji”, as well as “Life and Death” are highly recommended for beginners.

    They're both part of Kiseido's introductory series. The other books in the series are also good, but these two, and “Attack and Defense” are probably the best of the series.

  • Thomas at 2003-11-22

    I want to recommend “Lessons in the fundamentals of Go” by Toshiro Kageyama (Kiseido). It is instructive for players of almost all strengths and also written in an entertaining way.

  • mirror_man at 2003-11-23

    Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go is my favorite book, also.

    “Tesuji”, “Life & Death” by James Davies are excellent. In that series, “Endgame” is also very valuable.

    At a US Open a few years ago I had the great fortune of playing against Mr. Davies. It was really wonderful to have been able to play against him. Back when I read his books, they were without question the best series for beginners. There are loads more Go books (in English) around now, of course, but these are still great.

  • pitirre at 2003-11-24

    mirror man, what is the ranking of davies and do you have that game recorded? how about if u shown it, i would like to see it.

  • mirror_man at 2003-11-24

    I believe we were both playing as AGA 5 or 6-dan at that time. Unfortunately, I don't have the game record.

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