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  • Nick Wedd at 2003-11-10

    I would like to urge Richard to correct the labelling of Go boards to the conventional one, used by almost all aother Go software, in which the horizontal labels are ABCDEFGHJKLMNOPQRST or ABCDEFGHIKLMNOPQRST (omitting either I or J). The longer this change is left, the more painful it will become.

    Today I almost resigned a game which I was winning, having counted it on the usual assumption that column K was the 10th column.

  • xed_over at 2003-12-24

    do you resign games that you are winning when playing on gobans without any labels?

    I agree the labeling is non-standard, but I don't see how that might cause you to misread your position.

  • liso at 2003-12-25

    Interesting! Which game and after which move? And WHY?? :)

    Thanx for answer!

  • Nick Wedd at 2003-12-25

    It was game 91913, somewhere around move 160. I under-counted my territory in the top left group because of where I saw the 'K' kabel. and thought I was losing. Later in the game my opponent tried some adventurous tactics, which put me well ahead.

  • Bill Malloy at 2004-01-05

    If what is stored in the database is the sgf, then only labels need to change and the board display code is all that would seem to be affected. If the games are stored using the displayed coordinates, every game record would have to be fixed for all three size boards. I'd like to see standard labels, too.

  • Andy Olsen at 2004-01-07

    You really almost resigned the game because of that? Seems the upper left count would only change by 2 if you shift K over by one… A difference of 2 in your counting at such an early stage would be the difference between resign/not resign?

  • Nick Wedd at 2004-01-08

    It made me miscount be 7. I don't want to go into the details of the contorted method of Chinese counting that I use, it would be embarrassing. And in this case, it seems it gave me a seriously wrong answer anyway, I was ahead be much more than 7.

    Nevertheless, I think it would be useful if the board labels were corrected. “Wrong” labels are in my opinion worse than none at all.

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