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score disputes
  • Fred Strauss at 2003-11-22


    What happens when the two players don't agree on the score? For example one player thinks a group is dead and the other doesn't agree. In normal go and on some other servers you can continue to play the game until the group's fate is decided. I see no option on LG to continue playing once both players have passed. Is there a way?

  • Ken at 2003-12-01

    i ran into this once too. fortunately, i convinced my oponent that i was scoring it correctly. if we had not agreed, i do not know what we would have done. how are these disputes handled if continuing play is not an option?

  • Maverick at 2003-12-04

    Negotiate with your opponent the fate of the group by message or by email, using sgf tools to show the variations, or discussing on this forum with high players by plastering the sgf text:), until you both are convienced and agree with as the result. But don't let the game expired.:)

  • Ken at 2003-12-04

    that is a reasonable suggestion. however, in some situations, language barriers may prevent this. shouldn't it just be possible to restart the game and make your opponent (or you) prove that they are alive? that is the ultimate argument isn't it?

  • Nick Wedd at 2003-12-04

    What is alive is not the only problem that can arise here. The automatic counter does not understand the Japanese rule that there are no points in a seki. See, for example,

    Game 105515. Black deserved a 1/2 point win; but the automatic counter assigned a point at G9 to White, and wanted to give White a 1/2-point win. If White (me) had been less familiar with the rules, this might have led to an argument. I think Richard is already aware that there is a problem here.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2003-12-05

    Speaking of score offers, is this the boldest score offer ever?

  • ypercube at 2003-12-05

    It would be “boldest” to accept that offer :)

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2003-12-06

    She accepted it a few minutes ago. LOL!

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