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What about automatic passing in Dvonn?
  • Michael Reitz at 2003-06-08

    I think it would make sense to change the Dvonn implementation here to automatically execute passing moves. For now you have to wait for your opponent to click on “Pass” (or “Resign” if appropriate), and that makes end games really slow if your opponent does not resign.

    Are there any arguments against “automatic passing”?

  • Allan Mertner ★ at 2004-07-08

    None that I can think of. Who needs to do work? :)

  • Tom Enrico at 2004-07-09

    I agree that this would help end the game quicker when one player has been immobilized. I am currently playing my first game of DVONN here (or anywhere, for that matter), and the game has reached the point where my opponent has no moves. Currently I am trailing, but I need only make 3 or 4 more moves, and I will take over all but one of the remaining stacks. It's frutrating to have to wait to do this.

    Please implement a feature that will pass automatically when a player cannot make a legal move. It seeems like it should be easy enough to check for this after each submitted move. Thanks.

  • Paul Smith at 2004-07-15

    Also, if any other project GIPF games get implemented, which I would dearly love to see, automatic capturing in ZERTZ (when there is only 1 legal move) is a must, and should be included right from the very start :)

    I love this site!

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