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New Games from the GIPF Project here on LG? TZAAR, DVONN, LYNGK

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New Games from the GIPF Project here on LG?
  • oyamaneko at 2004-07-10


    What do you think about new Games from the GIPF Project here on LG?



  • Rex Moore at 2004-07-11

    I would love to see Yinsh here. I've never played it, but hear it's very good.


  • Gregorlo at 2004-08-23

    I would prefer other 'classic modern games' such as Three Musketeers or Phutball! :D

  • Gregorlo at 2004-08-23

    Anyway, pehaps is Zertz the one I like to see here.

  • Mathijs Booden at 2004-11-22

    Yinsh can be played on www.brettspielwelt.de, if you want to try it.

    btw First post on LG, hi all :-)

  • Schaapmans at 2006-09-07

    I've played Yinsh on BSW. But I'd really like Yinsh on LG as well!

    If any of the other GIPF project games can be added to Little Golem that would be excellent!

  • matjazo at 2007-06-05

    For me Yinsh is the best game out of the GIPF Project. I don't know if you try it, but you can paly YINSH on http://yinsh.biskai.de/. What I like there is that you can simulate yours and opponents moves before you make your “real” move.

  • Berg at 2008-01-14

    I dunno… my friend and I tend to play DVONN the most, but PUNCT secondly. I really like that game. I've played on the biskai site, but haven't been there in a while.

  • Schaapmans at 2008-01-19

    I don't like the setup of biskai. It's lacking tournaments. The UI is good though.

    I would love to see the other GIPF games here. Especially Yinsh…

    Does anybody know what it takes to have other games featured on LG? I think we might have some people that are willing to develop the code here (I might), when we get the relevant sources.

  • FatPhil at 2008-01-21

    Please someone teach me at Yinsh at biskai! I've accepted a challenge from a couple of my drinking pals to play a mini tournament with them, and therefore I need to learn how to play. (I have a couple of weeks to learn.)

  • FatPhil at 2008-01-21

    UI-wise, I don't like the reliance on JavaScript at biskai. That's one thing I love about LG - you don't need JavaScript at all.

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