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Experimental RoRoRo feature TZAAR, DVONN, LYNGK

3 replies. Last post: 2008-01-15

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Experimental RoRoRo feature
  • FatPhil at 2008-01-09

    If you wish to see what RoRoRo thinks about its position (a score from -1 to +1), and how long it took to think about its move, then just say something to that effect in an in-game message. On reading that, I'll manually need to set a flag for the feature to kick in, as I'm not 100% sure it doesn't leak super-secret information yet. (The times will be in seconds on a P3/700.)

  • FatPhil at 2008-01-14

    As Jan's program is back online, I'd like to have RoRoRo also sign up for the championship. I presume that because of his ranking he'll slot straight into the top division.

    Any objections?

  • FatPhil at 2008-01-15

    New experimental feature that I'm only telling dvonners about as the dvonners tend to be more talkative than einstein and gwg players…

    If you put “noreply” in your in-game message to the bot, then the message will be forwarded to me, but the bot will not wait for me to make a reply.

    Thanks to Jan (and his program) for volunteering to be the test subject - it does seem to work.

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