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Dvonn tournament (RL) TZAAR, DVONN, LYNGK

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Dvonn tournament (RL)
  • XanderN at 2008-08-11

    On October 3rd in Prague there will be once again a Dvonn World Championship. At this moment already 3 LittleGolem top players registered. It would be nice if there would be more coming!

    More information:


  • FatPhil at 2008-08-11



  • XanderN at 2008-08-11



    Come to Prague on the 3rd and stay there for a week - Problem solved ;-)

  • FatPhil at 2008-08-11


    Gotta find some sofas…

  • wccanard at 2008-08-11


  • FatPhil at 2008-08-11

    I don't need sofas in the uk, I need sofas in Czechia, you silly man! And ones where “wccanard said I could kip here for the night” won't get me a free night's accomodation in the local cop shop.

  • Mathijs Booden at 2008-08-22

    I am thinking to go.. the travel reimbursement makes up for just about everything;) Now I really need to practice the other five (skills even poorer than Dvonn)..

    Does anyone know what the registration fees are? I couldn't find it anywhere on the MSO website and Kris hasn't been able to tell me either.



  • XanderN at 2008-08-24

    As far as I understood, there will be no registration fee for the Gipf games. Some games do have a registration fee, but for those, it is specifically mentioned.

    I will be there from Friday morning (my plane will arrive at about 8.30) until Sunday at the end of the day. I will be playing Dvonn and Tzaar. Maybe Yinsh and Gipf as well, still thinking about that.


  • Mathijs Booden at 2008-09-13

    Thanks, I did figure that out eventually, from the registration 'receipt' ;)

    Looking forward to it. It seems like quite a few online celebrities are making their way there.

  • XanderN at 2008-09-14

    The online players I know I spotted in the participants list are:

    Mathijs Booden

    Allan Mertner

    Morten Mertner

    Michael Reitz

    Xander Nijhuis

    Whom am I missing ?

  • XanderN at 2008-10-06

    For those interested, the medals at the Dvonn World Championship were all taken by LittleGolem players:

    1. Xander Nijhuis

    2. Matthijs Booden

    3. Allen Mertner

    We had a nice number of participants: 26 (if I remember well).

    For the other 5 Gipf games, there were typically 20-30 players participating.

    Since I left Prague before the last event (Yinsh) was played, I do not know who won the overall championship. Matthijs Booden was in the lead after 5 tournaments.

  • FatPhil at 2008-10-06

    Thanks for sharing the result - well played!

  • Schaapmans at 2008-10-06

    Congratulations guys! Well done. You've made the LG community proud!

  • halladba at 2008-10-06

    I don't play dvonn yet but congratulations !

  • FatPhil at 2008-10-07

    Looking around that web page, it appears that Mathijs was indeed the overall champion!

  • Mathijs Booden at 2008-10-11

    Yes I had that honour:)

    Xander's win on Dvonn was well-deserved though. Congrats to him and all LG denizens who participated with such success!


  • Jan C. de Graaf at 2009-01-06

    Congratulations too all that went and played! Too bad this event was at the same time as the Dutch Othello Championships which I just couldn't skip. (www.othello.nl for results)

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