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What to do about this? TZAAR, DVONN, LYNGK

13 replies. Last post: 2010-07-16

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What to do about this?
  • FatPhil at 2010-01-21

    The cheating scumbag is MITMing RoRoRo:

    1129147 and


    Resign all games on move 1?

  • Marius Halsor ★ at 2010-01-21

    Yes. For now that's the best you can do. If you can, you should probably program RoRoRo so that he always resigns on first move in every game against every known cheater.

  • FatPhil at 2010-01-21

    I briefly made myself a cheater, and coded him so that he will resign on the first 2 moves only. I think it's safe to have him playing dvonn invitations where the board is random, and 49 moves have already been made.


    1147359 - options file found - contains cheat

    Resigning because FatPhil cheats

    PLAY OK - fir played game #1147359/1 move resign, (t=0.411)

    I should also teach him which games are random (e.g. EWN), and thus not MITM-able.

    I notice in passing that Dvonn invitations say 'Full game' but start post-placement.

  • FatPhil at 2010-01-21

    And I forgot to say:

    Now I'm really pissed off…

  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2010-01-21

    Another idea perhaps, let roro's vacation run on one of the games forcing #1_cheater to also use vacation or stop MTMing. RoRo should not have to worry about his vacation days too much!

  • Marius Halsor ★ at 2010-01-21

    Good idea - if he spends all his vacation days against RoRoRo, it'll be easy to stop him from MitMing against others later this year!

  • XanderN at 2010-01-22

    The same player is also MITMing under a different (very similar) name: Ye_L_o

    See games: #1129151 and #1129153


  • MRUNBEATABLE at 2010-01-22

    also in games 1125256 and 1125253 Ye_L_o is MITMing RoRoRo the bot his game.

    Games are already ended but just so you know FatPhil.

  • FatPhil at 2010-01-22

    Given that there's no way of knowing who he's MITMing against without following every game by every known cheater (which _is_ possible), RoRoRo now has a simple won't-play-against-cheaters policy. Thank goodness for the move-1 resignation. Sorry for letting be abused.

  • Talizess at 2010-07-16


    i am still unsure to call Ja_mai_ca a cheater

    because to me it is not obviously cheating what he does.

    1. LittleGolem-Community

    It is clear to me that most player don't accept that behaviour and for sure I understand that FatPhil is angry because that's no fun for our beloved Bot.

    2. MITMing

    But if you google “MITM"ing or “Man in the middle” you will only find technical sides for network manipulation. So to me and many others that's not known as cheating behaviour.

    3. Other Games/ Similiar Behaviour

    I don´t like chess because as I understood that's the usual behaviour for that game. You try to replay the best players as long as you can. And to be honest for sure in soccer I had a look at tigis and Cwali because I wanted to discover what they are doing better but in soccer it is even difficult to see the little differences and there are nearly never 2 exactly same games after some moves so there it doesn't reduce the fun factor.

    4. Multiple Accounts

    That's the point which I don't like , but on other platforms (BSW) there I read some discussions and as I think in the end multiple accounts are accepted.

    As long as they are not used for cheating what means manipulate rating with games against himself. Having a look at littlegolem rules,FAQ,registration and maybe it is written their but I couldn't find it that multiple accounts are not wished.

    5. My Decission

    To me he is at the moment NOT GUILTY (Perhaps cheating if someone can explain me what's the difference to chess behaviour but there is not any existing note,rule,law about that.)

    6. Future

    I think it would be good to make some clear rules that you can find in the navigation and they should also be marked as “read” while registration process.

    “Behaviour rules” or something like that.

    Just my 2Cents

  • ypercube at 2010-07-16

    Have you read his “sorry” post at main forum?

  • kingofthebesI at 2010-07-16

    Replaying the opening moves a previous game is understandable, you also can't easily prove someone is “cheating” because it is usual to learn by studying the best players (if the move have happened previously it is at least plausible that the play following the previous game is legit).

    MITM you are having someone else play for you! I can legally play the moves of Kasparov in a chess tournament, if I do it from memory, if I had Kasparov tell me what moves to play I would be kicked out of the tournament and banned from competing for a long time.

    While the site has no rule dealing with the behaviour of Jamaica Crew per se, so in sense Talizess you have a point The Tour De Little Golem which he played in did have have rules that Jamaica was found to have broken those rules so he is “GUILTY!” He/She has also said sorry for cheating.

    I suggested that the Tour rules apply to MCs and championships, but that is unlikely to happen sadly.

  • Talizess at 2010-07-16

    So, I read the sorry thread now and I see that he obviously knows that he was cheating.

    To my shame I have to admit that I still don't really understand how he did that

    but hope that doesn't matter anymore.

    Only downer is that Ricardo has now 2 points in advance.

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