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TZAAR: Visualization of the last two moves
  • Michael Reitz at 2016-02-07


    I'm happy about a new game of the Project GIPF series here, but I'm not satisfied by how the last two moves are marked.

    For comparison: In DVONN the last move is marked by a blue circle around the “from” and “to” spots of the last move.

    In TZAAR only the “to” spots are marked by a red circle and especially when moving with one stack two times in a row only the final spot is marked.

    Currently I'm alyways skipping back to the board before the two moves in order to see what really happened during the two moves.

    Wouldn't it be better to have “from” and “to” marking like in DVONN, but using two different colors?

    In case of moving the same stack twice in a row it could be one color marking 3 spots (from, 1st to, 2nd to) or using the second marking color for the last move (1st color, 2nd color, 2nd color).

    Please add your opinion/suggestion to this thread, if you are playing TZAAR here.


  • z at 2016-02-07

    Or maybe add two hairlines to indicate the move. That''ll work with any color themes.

  • eobllor at 2016-02-09

    I would use the following:

    • a mark on the intersection left by the first piece moved;
    • a mark on the intersection left by the second piece moved;
    • a mark on the destination of the first move (if the piece is still there);
    • a mark on the destination of the second move.

    The best would be that the departure and destination marks be seen whether a piece is on the concerned intersection or not, and be seen both when lying on the same spot. Though, I would not mind too much a departure mark seen only when a piece is not on the intersection.

  • Austral at 2016-03-15

    Hi all,

    I agree, some improvements about this would be nice .

  • Carroll ★ at 2016-03-16

    I agree too.

    Even seeing the first move is not easy.

  • klaashaas at 2016-03-16

    Good suggestions.

    I'de also like to see a 'remaining discs' counter for all three types.

  • Austral at 2016-03-16

    I'm not sure about the remaining disc counter…

    I think it's better to have to analyse the whole board before playing, it's part of the game to forgot sometimes…

  • jugular at 2016-03-16

    I'm all for a remaining discs counter. I go through that process anyway and it's hardly enlightening. Even that doesn't tell the story since some of your pieces may currently be invincible (I don't suggest that should be summarised though).

  • jugular at 2016-03-16

    Oh and hairlines would be ideal.

  • Clark94 at 2016-04-02

    I agree, I don't like how the previous moves are marked.

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