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Why is English Draughts double round robin?
  • Ray Garrison ★ at 2017-08-20

    3rd championship has started, 17 players double rr, so 32 games per player!

    I think this is the only championship that is double rr instead of single rr?

  • Maurizio De Leo at 2017-08-20

    Double round robin is needed due to the 3-move opening selection, some of which are not balanced.  This is the standard way of organizing tournament of English Checkers.

    What I don't understand is why 17 players in draughts.cv.ENG.3.1.1 instead of 8 players and creating a 9 players draughts.cv.ENG.3.2.1

  • mmKALLL at 2017-08-21

    The system automatically tries to create a second layer with at least two tournaments. However, 9 players is not enough for two ch level tournaments, so it just puts all the remaining players in first league (which in this case happens to be a large number of players). If I've understood the system correctly, if there had been one more participant, 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 tournaments would have been created.

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