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A variant I came up with
  • Zapala at 2020-06-16

    Hi all!

    I came up with a variant of International Draughts. The guys at BBG abstract subforum suggested me to share it here, and I'm curious about your thoughts.

    The only difference with International Draughts is that, when making a non-capturing move, a king cannot jump over a square on which it could be captured by another king. This is somewhat similar to en passant in Chess.

    For instance, in this diagram the black king can move only to blue squares:

    The endgame theory is much different and there are fewer draws – in particular, two kings versus one is decisive; there are even a few examples of nontrivial forced captures in 1v1 endgames. At the same time, the rest of the game stays the same.

    I'm calling it “constitutional draughts”, as it limits the powers of kings.

  • lguser at 2020-06-16

    nice variant, you could play this on any place you could play normal draughts as long as both players agree to play by these rules.

    i likeĀ https://lidraughts.org/

  • Zapala at 2020-06-16

    Unfortunately, Lidraughts is no good, as it automatically ends a game if its a draw – and the whole point of Constitutional is that it makes many endgames decisive :(

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