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Dameo Community
  • T0afer at 2021-07-04

    The forum activity here is low. Is there a place where people talk about Dameo or draughts more broadly or do you guys mostly just play? Like a discord for organizing games?

  • Rex Moore at 2021-07-08

    I was going to mention boardgamegeek, but I see you're already on there (both in the Dameo and abstract forums). I don't know of any other place… and that seems the most logical place to foster discussion.

  • T0afer at 2021-07-08

    Yeah I figured there would be the best bet, but I wondered if the people who play here frequently discussing the game and stuff elsewhere outside of BGG forums or here. It just seems strange that there's something of a community but not a lot of talk here.

    I would love to have a place where at the very least games could be organized live in addition to playing here (like at brainking or iggamecenter).

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