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Dameo Strategy
  • Ganelon at 2023-01-01

    I have a question regarding Dameo strategy that I was hoping someone with more experience could answer. All of the other draughts variants I've played start with the pieces spread out evenly across the board, but in Dameo they are arranged in a pyramid shape with more pieces in the center than at the edges of the board.

    My question is, is it a good idea to try to move pieces away from the center in the opening so that the position is more balanced, is it a strong position to have all of those extra pieces in the center?

  • Kirin at 2023-01-07

    In my (rather limited) experience, it pays to strengthen the flanks because there your formations are less susceptible to attack. Central squares are easier to break than flank squares, for example. The board edges offer natural protection, and I think I read on mindsports.nl that Christian Freeling designed the starting trapezoid shape to prevent buildup on the flanks.

    But of course from the center you have more freedom and mobility, and if you move too much force to the sides, it weakens your overall position. In plenty of games I've moved one too many out from the center and then got whipped by a combo punching right through the hole I left in the center.

    So overall I'd say to find the right balance for the game and neglect neither the sides nor center. Adapt to the board situation as it develops. If it were an easy yes or no, strategy would be easy too, but choosing where to put your forces is an aspect of the art.

    I'm looking to play more Dameo so feel free to challenge me if interested to try things out. AiAi is overall stronger than me though, and plays in real time. :)

  • Ganelon at 2023-01-08

    Thank you for the response. I signed up for the Dameo championship so I have quite a few games going right now, but after those games start winding down I will try to remember to send a challenge.

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