Abstract Games League 2023, Dameo tournament. Draughts, Checkers

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Abstract Games League 2023, Dameo tournament.
  • Luca Cerrato ★ at 2023-01-10

    Hi All,
    you can register to the Dameo tournament


    More info about AGL 2023


  • Kirin at 2023-02-18

    Hello! This tournament just got started and I'm excited about my first Dameo tournament, thanks for hosting!

    I think I'm encountering a bug for all the games where I'm started as white in this tournament: the game starts with a move I didn't make. Fortunately, it's just b1-b3, which is an okay opening, but I didn't choose it. No big deal but I'm a bit concerned that this may be just one effect of a bug. Any ideas?

  • Kirin at 2023-02-19

    Hello again, I just watched this bug in action while I was considering moves, playing as black. The browser just suddenly jumped to other games: first a Havannah game, then back to the games list. The auto-moving seems specific to the tournament (though I'm not sure), and so far only in early moves (first few moves).

    Just in case someone else gained access to my account, I reset password, but for sure this has affected my openings in the tournament. I'm happy to play things out, but hope the bug can get fixed.

    Has anything like this happened to someone else, or it's just affecting my games?

  • Kirin at 2023-02-19

    Okay, it's not just this tournament. Even after password reset, the system auto-moved on a game in the infinity tournament. It's a general bug.

    It may not even be specific to Dameo. The first instance of phantom action on my behalf was about a week ago when the system resigned me from a Shogi game. I thought maybe I'd done it by mistake, but now it's clearly a general problem.

  • Rex Moore at 2023-02-20

    Wow, I've never heard of anything like this!

  • Kirin at 2023-02-20

    Yeah, it's as if I have an evil twin making moves from elsewhere. Given that nobody else is seeing the problem, it must be a hacker that somehow gained access to my account.

    So now the big problem is that I have no way to kick them out. I can log out local devices but have no way to boot other logins, so even the password change doesn't fix the ongoing “phantom mover” problem.

    I did recently install the app on Android, and not too long after, the problem started, so perhaps there's a security issue with the app ecosystem. I've been on LG for years with no hacks before this.

    Anyway, apologies for the noise, I won't hijack this thread any further, I just thought it was a tournament issue at first.

  • Oakmoss at 2023-02-21

    If it were truly malicious, it seems odd they wouldn't be doing things more frequently and destructively. Is there a possibility moves are being issued and somehow crossing accounts, from someone else in the tournament to you? Is there a pattern to it, like mainly opening moves and resignations? I ask because those are situations where a given instruction and a board position are likely to line up, or at least not conflict–particularly in a tournament where everyone starts together.

    My programming knowledge being poor, I have no idea how feasible that is, honestly, but it jumped to mind.

  • Ok22 at 2023-02-22

    Kirin, as far as I understand, the move is transmitted in the address bar.
    Look carefully at what it contains.

  • Kirin at 2023-02-24

    Cross-referencing; here's the forum topic about the glitch:


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