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Championship 34
  • Tasmanian Devil at 2015-04-15

    If you are signed up for, or are interested in participating in the next championship round, you are hereby notified that there is currently one single move left in Championship 33.

  • mungo ★ at 2015-10-09

    Congratulations to the new champion BigChicken, or is it too early?

  • ypercube at 2015-10-09

    BigChicken? He seems to be second …

  • gamesorry at 2015-10-09

    www_triceps_at would have a higher son. But still, congratulations to all the players :-)

  • mungo ★ at 2015-10-09

    Well, he seems to be second, but is he really…?

  • gamesorry at 2015-10-10

    @mungo Yes, regardless of the result of the last game…

  • mungo ★ at 2015-10-13

    You are right. Congratulations to www_triceps_at.

    I miscalculated the son… :(

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