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Gomoku is notorious known paper and pencil game. This game has a lot of another names: 5-in-a-row, Gobang, Five point, Go-Moku, Noughts & Crosses etc...

On Little Golem are implemented three variants of Gomoku: Gomoku Pro, Gomoku Pro 9x9, Gomoku

Gomoku Pro

Gomoku Pro is played on 15x15 board and has special rules for opening moves. Game cannot finished in draw.

  • Opening moves. First player play 1,2,3,4 or 5 stones. Second player continue in game with next stone or swap.
  • Player won if place 5 or more his stones in a row.
  • No draw rule. First player who could pass all his remaining moves is winner.

Gomoku Pro 9x9

Gomoku Pro played on small 9x9 board.

Example of first move:

Example of no-draw rule. After last black move, black could passes all his remaining moves and white player is not able create a row with 5 stones. Black is winner.



  • Black starts in the center intersection.
  • Second move (white's) can be anywhere.
  • Third move (black's second) must be outside restricted area in the center of board (another colour on the board).
  • You won if place five or more of your stones in a row.
  • If game is not finished by 150 move, game is a draw.

    Example of third move: