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Polyomino is simple board game with polyominoes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyomino). Game could be played as paper-and-pencil game.


  • First player put one blue tile and one orange tile. Both tiles are different.
  • Second player continue in game as blue player or swap sides and forst player continue as blue player.
  • Next tile must be placed so that it touches at least one tile of the same color with corners. Edges of tiles of the same color connot touch.
  • When player cannot play piece, she passes.
  • After two passes game is finished. Player with most squares won game.


Mini. Game on board 8x8. Every player has 1 monomino, 1 domino, 2 trominos and 5 tetrominos.

Small. Game on board 12x12. Every player has two sets from mini variant.

Penta. Game on board 14x14. Every player has 1 monomino, 1 domino, 2 trominos, 5 tetrominos and 12 pentominoes.

Hexa. Game on board 20x20. Game is played only with one set of tiles: 1 monomino, 1 domino, 2 trominos, 5 tetrominos, 12 pentominoes and 35 hexominos.