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Game is played on triangular board. Game is played with special stones. Stones have two sides (white and black). Every stone has two different colors. Game could be played on any board size:

  • Number of colors is size+1
  • All combination of colors are in game
  • Number of stones is equal to number of fields on board
  • Size of rack for player's stones depends on size of board (3 for size 5, 5 for size 8)

Every player has own stones on rack. When player is on move, she could put several stones on board. All stones must be connected and they must share one color. After move, player choose stones from a bag.

Is possible to use stones on board, too. One of opponents stone I could turn to my color (if all connected stones are in row all opponents stones are turned).

Who has on end of game all sides of board connected, is winner.